Shaking out AZ’s Congressional, Senate, Governor’s races

First we’ll start with an undeniable truism. Politics is a thankless pursuit. With early voting underway and Election Day less than two weeks off, it’s a good time to take a look at congressional polling.

To call congress unloved is the height of understatement. National polling provided by Real Clear Politics (RCP), indicates a 72.4% aggregate disapproval rating. Only 19.1% approve of the job congress is doing. Despite the animus directed to those who pledged to — but frequently don’t — represent us, aspirants step up to campaign for the job.

Arizona now has nine congressional districts and the red/blue spread is growing tighter with four of the nine baring liberal fangs. In the Republican corner we have U.S. Rep. Martha McSally (CD-2) now running for the U.S. Senate. Incumbents Paul Gosar (CD-4); Andy Biggs (CD-5); David Schweikert (CD-6); and Debbie Lesko (CD-8). Lesko, the former President pro tempore of the Arizona Senate, is having to run again after winning the April Special Election to fill out a partial term of U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, who retired. Arizonans are fortunate to have these stellar men and women actually representing us.

In the Arizona governor’s race, the last poll reflects less recent stats from October 10, but it’s unlikely the numbers have changed appreciably. Incumbent Republican Doug Ducey is up by at least 15.7%. The televised ads showing Garcia saying he intends to raise taxes, halt construction of the border wall and abolish ICE, don’t play well with voting citizens.

The most recent Arizona Senate tabulations show a tight race, referred to as a “toss-up” between Republican Martha McSally and far-left radical Kyrsten Sinema.

Sinema has deceptively misrepresented herself as “independent, just like Arizonans,” while she’s morphed, chameleon-like before our eyes. Just yesterday she lost the support of the Arizona State Troopers Association, which they never should have given her in the first place. As videos have surfaced showing her disparaging law enforcement, they stepped up and away from her. The RCP trend chart, below the polling, reflects the changing dynamics of the race.

Senate terms are six long years. The potential for monumental damage is real. Democrats salivate at the prospect of hamstringing President Trump, leaving him unable to win confirmation of his judicial nominees or cabinet members, while stifling his agenda. 

Remind your conservative friends to get their early ballots in the mail ASAP. Offer to drive those who may need a ride to the polls on Nov. 6th.

It matters.

7 Responses to Shaking out AZ’s Congressional, Senate, Governor’s races

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    I was stunned when the association representing the Department of Public Safety endorsed Sinema, who most rational people regard as a lawless liberal. Granted, she’s dramatically changed her looks, but was this enough to blind them from thinking?

    Finally, someone paid enough attention to Sinema’s own words and the endorsement was withdrawn. But how many votes did they sway with their insane endorsement which she was all too happy to make book on?

    • Jig says:

      The DPS is simply covering their behind in this. They and every other part of Govt should be reviewed for their major pay and benefits that taxpayers are forking up. Ducey is probably not the man who is gonna do this based on his cave in to the teachers.

  2. Maggie says:

    This midterm election is as important as any we’ve witnessed in recent years. It will determine the makeup of the U.S, House and Senate, which President Trump needs to be majority GOP. If you are reading this site, you understand the critical need to vote and keep Arizona in the Republican column. Our children and grandchildren will be the ultimate recipients of our votes now.

  3. State Delegate says:

    Democrats today are not like those of previous generations. Elected Dems like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker and Eric Holder actually incite violence against anyone holding views opposing theirs. This is especially true of Republican leadership and the President’s cabinet members.

    We won’t be given the opportunity for a do-over. If we get this election wrong and embolden these lunatics who have no respect for the U.S. Constitution, we’re as good as finished.

  4. Army Of One says:

    The polling in the McSally-Sinema race is worrisome. It proves that marketing is definitely a driving force in elections, no different than fast food purveyors or merchants.

    Sinema lies effortlessly and when caught, sloughs it off. She initially ran as a Green Party member until she saw that didn’t work as well as joining the Democrats. She has spewed vile language toward stay at home Moms, border agents and our military, though you’d never know that from the self-serving political commercials she’s currently running.

    Sinema previously paid for ads sending out May Day greetings in the Communist Worker newspaper. She represents the worst in our country. Martha McSally is a combat veteran, and the first female pilot in a war zone and to commandeer a squadron.
    The choice is clear.

  5. Jig says:

    Whomever is managing the Sinema Campaign should be hired by the Republicans in the future because they are doing a great job in helping to elect someone who should lose by 90%.

    I am tired of seeing candidates who are totally unqualified wrapping themselves in military service or surrounded by cops and fireman and saying that is a reason to be elected. We don’t need people who have fed at public trough for their lifetime…we need people who know what it means to be successful in the world of private enterprise.

    Hopefully McSally beats the other lesbian but many will hold their nose to vote.

  6. Joe Zona says:

    James O’keefe’s amazing Project Veritas has just put up a video talking undercover to Kyrsten Sinema and her staff!