Pres. Trump expands border security as invaders persist

Left’s manufactured crisis timed to coincide with midterm elections using a strategy intended to overwhelm immigration authorities

With its obvious liberal bias running at full tilt, Politico accuses President Trump of “whipping up a frenzy” on the issue of the caravan numbering an estimated seven thousand invading our country. The author terms them “migrants,” as though they are swallows leaving Goya, Argentina, making their annual 6,000 mile migration to California’s San Juan Capistrano Mission. Unlike the small birds, these Central American “migrants” don’t leave. The swallows don’t expect handouts of taxpayer money, living subsidies, numerous benefits including health care and education for their children.

Those illegally crossing the border into the United States include waves from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. All are well coached in the necessary jargon of showing “credible fear” of persecution in their home country as they seek “asylum.” They know that bringing children along — their own, or “borrowed” ones, serves as insurance. Many of the children are abused by those purporting to be their relatives.

Another “caravan” is currently making its way through Mexico en route to the U.S.

The average length of schooling in Honduras is 6.2 years, though on average it takes 9 years to complete what amounts to a sixth grade education.

The literacy rate of Guatemalans over the age of 15 is just 75% — apart from Haiti, this is the lowest literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere. Only 35% of Guatemalan teenagers attend middle school.

 In  El Salvador, only 33% of children up to age 14 attend school. Six percent of Salvadoran children never attend any school.

These “migrants” are so grateful at the prospect of entering the United States of America, they proudly wave flags of the nations they are leaving and burn the American flag, for good measure. Their invasion is encouraged by a group known as Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders. According to its website, “border walls are imposed by greed.”

The murderous MS-13 gang, now spreading terror throughout the U.S., originated 3 decades ago on the streets of in Los Angeles, comprised of young illegals from El Salvador.

The United States has a hospitable legal system for immigration. We also have a right to determine who will enter our country.

President Trump has stated the caravan will not be allowed into the U.S., and vowed to send troops to assist in securing the border. He tweeted the U.S. will “begin cutting off or substantially reducing” foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  He is also considering executive actions to prevent the caravan from illegally breaching our nation’s sovereign border.

6 Responses to Pres. Trump expands border security as invaders persist

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    RE: A new home for the now- 14,000 mostly young males headed this way

    Watch the Governor race in FL.
    Gillum, who is already under investigation for political shenanigans, admits he attended the “Soros Academy”. Tons of dark money (no disrespect intended) continues to pour in for Mr. Gillum.

    His choice for Lt. Gov is Chris King (the token white guy).

    Mr. King has announced that if Gillum is elected Gov of FL, he has pledged to take in the entire 14,000 illegals.

    In a campaign rally in North Carolina last evening, President Trump said, more than once, ‘watch what happens next week’.

    This is all orchestrated by the Left with Soros’ bottomless wallet.

    And since we didn’t buy the set-up with the Sayoc guy’s arrest, we now get carnage at a Pittsburgh, PA. synagogue this morning.

    The Left will NOT tolerate Nationalism.
    And there are untold numbers of Sayocs and Bowers waiting to be activated.


    RE: Voting Machines

    From the Dallas-Fort worth Star Telegram:

  2. Michael Schmitz says:

    “border walls are imposed by greed.”

    And here they come for their “fair share”

  3. AZ GOP PC says:

    Not only do we have a right to control our border and who enters our country, we have an obligation to our future generations to bring in those who can contribute rather than sap our resources. There is nothing wrong with wanting younger educated people who are contributors rather than takers.

    We have a couple from India who are both medical doctors,who live across the street. They have young children who are mannerly and studious. They are obviously busy with demanding careers and a family, but they interact warmly with the neighbors. Additionally, they are both Republicans!! The husband commented to me on our “United Nations” yard signs, with Moses Sanchez for Mayor and Kimberly Yee for Treasurer among them

  4. VINOAZ says:

    Take away the foreign aid from those countries, more than enough money to pay for a Great Wall. I would close the border to all trucks heading north from Mexico and only allow folks with US passports north in cars. All the lousy produce they flood our grocery stores with can rot on the roadside. Mexico could have stopped them on the bridge over muddy water. The Mexican government needs to be taught a lesson.

    • Observer says:

      You nailed it.
      The left wants this massive influx of illegals to register and vote in our elections. They have given us “sanctuary cities” and expect a grateful illegal electorate to fulfill their dream of Republican- proofing our elections. The only way they win is by setting up false narratives as fact, overwhelming our resources and then saying only they have a solution. Donald Trump has become their biggest nightmare.

  5. Karen G. says:

    I’m grateful President Trump is sending 5000 troops not just 800 to our border. Personally, I’m scared to death to what will happen if these invaders get through and into our country. Sad our government permits Soros’ and his cronies to commit ‘treason.’