Scheming leftist Kyrsten Sinema mocks AZ voters in video

October 12, 2018

Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft exposes chameleon Kyrsten Sinema in this revealing video where she refers to Arizona voters as “crazies.”  This is what Sinema actually thinks of the Arizonans whose votes she is courting, as she currently portrays herself as a soft-soften “Independent” who “just wants to get things done.”

What she in fact “wants done” is the Republican Party’s presence in Arizona and in the U.S. Senate, as she runs to replace Jeff Flake.

Watch as she contemptuously scorns us as “crazy,” and calls Arizona the “crazy state.” Speaking to an LGBT group in Texas, where she elicited roars of laughter in response to her scathing comments, she recites the five “Cs” she learned in a song about Arizona in first grade, naming, cattle, copper, citrus, cotton, and climate. Sinema then adds, there are actually six C’s, when you include “crazies.”  That’s us, folks…the ones she wants to vote for her.

SRAZ has written about Kyrsten Sinema’s deceit and radical stances numerous times. Read about Sinema’s devious metamorphosis and the crude words she uses to describe women who choose to stay home to nurture their families. Recently her heart-wrenching story about her childhood living in an abandoned gas station without running water or electricity was exposed as a lie.

Vote smart. Put AZ Congresswoman Martha McSally in the U.S. Senate. Republican McSally is the first woman in U.S. history to fly a fighter jet in combat and command a fighter squadron.  You won’t find her wearing a pink tutu and eliciting support from Code Pink radicals.

Read Martha McSally’s impressive bio.

This is Kyrsten Sinema with former AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano, a far left liberal — when the two were widely regarded as an item:

Crucial Ballot Propositions require scrutiny

October 11, 2018

Pay attention: Ignoring these important issues gives the ability to alter our future to others who view politics through a deep blue lens. Vote  YES on all Propositions EXCEPT 127, which deserves a NO vote.

There are five Propositions on the November 2018 ballot. Those who have signed up for early ballots will be receiving them today or tomorrow.  Propositions are tricky, often leading voters to think a ‘yes’ supports and a ‘no’ vote opposes the individual issues, when the opposite can be true.

It’s important to be aware that the first three Propositions 125, 126,  and 127 are Constitutional Amendments that are effectively irrevocable.  Consider them carefully, since your vote will affect generations of future Arizonans. As an example, Prop. 126 newly imposes taxes on services, on everything from appointments with your doctor, barber, pet groomer to the dry cleaner. This will be an irrevocable tax. We strongly urge a YES vote — which in the deceptive ballot lingo, means no.

The Secretary of State’s Office sent out a 210-page publicity pamphlet including the pro and con arguments written by proponents and opponents of the measures. Since few people are going to take the time to read through the cumbersome verbiage, we are turning to the conservative, family values based Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) for its concise three-page summaries, which are available here.

CAP made recommendations on two of the five Propositions, including a ‘NO’ vote on Prop. 127 and a ‘YES’ on 306.

Seeing Red AZ agrees with those and further recommends a ‘YES’ vote on all the measures except 127.

CAP has done a first-rate job of summarizing the ballot measures.  The website is a treasure trove of information including a 2018 General Election Voter Guide allowing voters to see where the candidates stand on specific issues.

Your vote matters. Make it an informed choice — and you’ll support our Republican candidates.

Kimberly Yee: Clear winner in AZ Treasurer debate

October 10, 2018

The two candidates running for Arizona State Treasurer sparred over issues related to the state budget and finances in a debate sponsored by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission. The candidates are Republican Kimberly Yee, former state senate majority leader, and Democrat Mark Manoil, a retired lawyer.

Heading Yee’s exceptional list of endorsements are five former state treasurers. Yee has no learning curve, having previously worked at the Arizona Treasurer’s office, where she promoted fiscally conservative principles, while advancing laws protecting Arizona’s taxpayers.

Manoil boasted about his endorsements by abortion provider Planned Parenthood and the stridently left National Organization for Women. His website features a photo of Manoil with Barack Obama — hardly a vote-getter in a state that gave all of its electoral votes to Donald Trump in 2016.

A typical disconnected liberal, Maniol says he wants to use the Treasure’s Office to fund “social justice programs” — hardly the purview of the office charged with managing nearly $15 billion in assets. Yet in an interesting dichotomy, the predatory property tax lawyer seized property from people only $50 in arrears on back taxes. Although he’s running for the job of managing $ billions in taxpayer monies, he admitted to having his own home foreclosed upon and his car repossessed.

This recent poll conducted by local ABC 15 and Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights provides the most recent data in the Arizona Secretary of State’s race, the Treasurer’s race, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Attorney General’s races. Although Republicans are leading in every sector, we can take nothing for granted. Be sure to vote to guarantee they win. Early ballots are being mailed today.  Polling places will be open 6am to 7pm on Election Day, Nov. 6.

The AZ Treasure’s debate was moderated by Horizon host Ted Simons.

Watch the State Treasurer debate by clicking this link. This video provides a revealing insight into the candidates, with Yee the obvious winner. Clearly the best qualified for the job, she deserves the votes of all rational Arizonans.

Unhinged anti-Trump Dems seek new remedy

October 9, 2018

Impeachment won’t play out, so despondent Dems turn to abolishing Electoral College as support for the system rises

The thrust for change in our nation’s election process isn’t new. In more recent times it peaked in 2000 when Democrat Al Gore, with the majority of popular votes (48.4%), lost to George W. Bush (47.9%) who won the Electoral College vote 271 – 266. There were renewed calls from the left to abandon the system when Donald Trump (45.9%) was victorious over Hillary Clinton (48.0%) in 2016. The Electoral College vote was 232 for Hillary and 306 for Trump. Clinton also had five defectors. One, from Washington state, voted for Faith Spotted Eagle.

The general election in November is an indirect election, where voters cast ballots for a slate of members of the Electoral College. These electors, in turn, directly elect the President and Vice President. Our nation’s founders put this system, which has served us well for over 230 years, in place for a reason. Each state regardless of size or population has two senators. But states with higher populations are not able to overwhelm less densely populated states. Without the Electoral College, states like California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and New York would have disproportionate influence in the nation’s elections. The number of electors is equal to the number of U. S. Senators and Representatives to which each state is entitled in Congress.

Like spoiled children, dejected Democrats, are flailing about trying to overturn the 2016 election of Donald Trump, who is doing exactly what he promised — to the delight of the majority of American citizens, benefiting from the Trump tax cuts, increased purchasing power and historically low unemployment. His unprecedented meetings with North Korean and Chinese leaders and discussions on nuclear disarmament have opened the door to making the world a safer place.  Facing contentious battles, he has added two justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.

This Gallup poll taken within weeks of the 2016 election of President Trump, shows Americans’ support for the electoral college has risen sharply.

Dissolute Dems have little chance of reining in the Electoral College, which is enshrined in our Constitution. Eliminating it requires a Constitutional amendment. That’s a two-thirds vote in both the House and the Senate and the ratification of three-fourths (38) of the 50 states — a virtual impossibility.

The appalling descent of liberalism

October 8, 2018

As many of our readers are aware, SRAZ occasionally devotes a weekend post to a column we view as particularly worthy of our reader’s time. These are posted under the heading “Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter.” Today is, of course, Monday. That title doesn’t work.

Know this: If you set aside three minutes to read, “The Mean-Spirited Left,” it will resonate with you throughout the day. The points are strong and well stated by Powerline’s John Hinderaker, encapsulating other aspects of the lunacy that undergirds today‘s left. You’ll have a clearer frame of reference when reviewing the spectacles we’ve observed leading up to the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the 114th associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. There have been other contentious battles at this level, but none descending into the raw political muck and mire we just witnessed — all part of a steadily creeping, ruthless, contagion that has overtaken the left.

Hinderaker ends his compelling commentary with these words: “Today’s liberals have no decency. None whatsoever. Perhaps the most depressing fact is that, to my knowledge, not a single prominent Democrat has repudiated his party’s descent into madness.”

A treat for JD Hayworth fans: Mon. 7-10 am AZ time

October 7, 2018

“Red White & Blue” for “Blue Minnesota!”

Longtime broadcaster and former Congressman JD Hayworth — seemingly banned from the Arizona airwaves, unless he is guest hosting a nationally syndicated show — returns to radio tomorrow, again far from the Grand Canyon State.

On Monday, Oct. 8, Hayworth will host on the legendary WCCO, Minneapolis. He can be heard from 7-10 am, AZ Time. Listen live at (click the “Listen Live” box in the upper right corner of the web page.)

Minnesota’s reputation in recent years — Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty notwithstanding — has been “Deep Blue.”  In fact, Minnesota was the lone state President Reagan failed to carry in his 1984 reelection, as voters in the “Land of Ten Thousand Lakes” opted for native son, Walter Mondale…keeping his name afloat in Political Trivia, as the lone Major Party Nominee to carry just one state — the one he called “home.”

Might Hayworth end up calling Minnesota his “Broadcasting Home?” It’s apparently a greater possibility than finding an Arizona station with the guts and good sense to put JD to work.

Blacklisting a Conservative Republican in a supposedly Republican state…of all the things that could be said, we’ll state the obvious: It’s a damn shame.

Latest lunacy from the left invades news, ASU

October 7, 2018

We read the AZ Republic so you don’t have to

The Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper appears to be on a quest to outdo its own excesses.

First, a bit of levity which is deserving of being called, “a good for a laugh” headline:

“As Sen. Jeff Flake stokes White House speculation, his political brand seems in tatters.”

No kidding? Flake is not running for reelection to his single term senate post due to 18% approval ratings, no doubt exacerbated by his relentless brutalization of President Donald Trump. As Trump’s numbers continue to soar, Flake’s have tanked. If he can’t generate support in his home state, it’s unlikely he’d fare better elsewhere, though he’s irrationally been to the primary battleground state of New Hampshire twice recently.

On Saturday, as the Supreme Court confirmation vote was taken, one of the radical hooligans in the senate gallery yelled out, calling Jeff Flake, “a coward.” These are the same people he has actively courted, and are now turning on him. No wonder his eyebrows are down-turned and his perpetual smirk has been replaced by the pained look of a man with inflamed hemorrhoids.

Moving right along, we’ll give you a front page headline under a photo of a person resembling the newspaper’s editorial page editor, Phil Boas, though sporting long hair. You’ll remember him as the man responsible for overseeing the in-tandem opinion pieces — some masquerading as reports — persistently hammering and working double-time to remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from the elected office he held for an unprecedented six four-year terms. Arpaio is Boas’ father-in-law.

But, no. The photo is not Boas, but a person named Natalie Diaz. Below the photo is this headline: “ASU poet gets MacArthur ‘genius’ grant, worth $625 K.”

Turns out the “genius” is “one of only 25 people nationwide to receive such a bounty. And what sets this poet who works in the ASU English Department apart from the academic herd?  According to the report, “Her poetry draws on her experiences as a Mojave American and Latina to challenge the mythological and cultural touchstones underlying American Society.” There’s even more that makes Diaz so deserving of the prize money.

In addition to Latina, Diaz self identifies as ‘queer and indigenous” expressing hope “to offer visibility to queer people and show how they have been hurt and erased. Also how they deserve and express love.”

If you thought the English Department was a safe space for your college students, think again. There is probably an assignment on “Toxic Masculinity,“ which is actually being considered as a course for integration into Minnesota kindergartens.

 The Chicago-based John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is a “philanthropic” organization with assets of approximately $7 billion that supports the promotion of leftist causes such as “over incarceration, global warming and nuclear risk,” as it “continues its historic commitments to the role of journalism in a responsible and responsive democracy.”

Get it?

 Confirmed! Justice Kavanaugh

October 6, 2018

By a vote of 50 – 48 Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has been passed out of the senate. It was likely the most contentious process witnessed, surpassing the calamities that Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas endured. Bork, who was not confirmed, unintentionally added a new word,Borked,to our lexicon. 

In a stunning example of liberal hypocrisy, extreme partisan Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called Kavanaugh, 53, an “extreme partisan.”

This is the breakdown of the senate votes on confirming Brett M. Kavanaugh, of Maryland, to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

With this second appointment following Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump has presided over a dramatic change in the configuration of the high court. We should all be grateful to him and acknowledge that his vow to “Make America Great Again,” was much more than a campaign slogan.  It was a pledge to the American people.

May God bless him and grant him increased length of days.

Former Gov. Fife Symington dangles a senate possibility

October 6, 2018

Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington, a Republican, is considering a possible run for the U. S. Senate seat previously occupied by John McCain. Currently former Sen. Jon Kyl, appointed by Gov. Doug Ducey, Sept. 4, is acting as a placeholder. There will be a special election in 2020 to permanently fill the seat.

One thing is certain. Arizona Republicans have had their fill of untrustworthy senators running as Republicans while comporting themselves as Democrats. McCain and nearly-out-the-door Jeff Flake each used the GOP party apparatus to get elected and then all semblance of the Republicans they claimed to be vanished after Election Day.  It was a charade engaged in by both men, that left Republicans unrepresented.

Symington reportedly began considering the possibility when former Attorney General Grant Woods, a Republicrat who specializes in endorsing Democrats — announced he was thinking about running for McCain’s seat — as a Democrat. The party switch would be the first honest political move Woods has made in years.

Symington, who received a Bronze Star for his Air Force service during the Vietnam War, resigned in 1997 during his second term as governor, following a conviction on charges of extortion and bank fraud — a conviction which was overturned by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, not known for its conservative bent. Pres. Bill Clinton, whose life Symington saved in a near-drowning incident in college, later pardoned him. A popular governor, easily elected to a second term, Symington was a tax-cutting businessman who entered politics in the manner engaged in by Donald Trump in 2016.

Currently, Woods, McCain’s first Chief of Staff, appears in this campaign ad boosting the U.S. Senate candidacy of radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema, angling to succeed his onetime boss.

Among the Democrats Grant Woods has previously supported are Janet Napolitano — his name was prominently displayed on the notorious ‘Republicans for Janet’ list during her 2006 gubernatorial race. Woods also endorsed Democrats Terry Goddard and Felecia Rotellini for AZ Attorney General in two separate races. Leftist Harry Mitchell was Wood’s pick for Congress. He endorsed Dem Fred DuVal for governor. In 2016, Woods endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

A longtime political manipulator and contemptible braggart, lawyer Woods has learned he can generate attention by remaining a registered Republican while supporting Democrats. The washed-up McCain sycophant has nothing else to offer.

Barack Obama: Prime example of the left’s hypocrisy

October 5, 2018

America under Trump reaches new highs that have nothing to do with illicit drugs or booze binges

This video* is worthy of note after the debacle Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been put through in the wake of his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Donald Trump.

Democrats have a far different standard for themselves. Barack Obama, who admitted to being a thug, who got into fights, indulged in heavy drinking and using marijuana and even cocaine, which he called “substances that weren’t always legal,“ never faced criticism on his way to the White House.

-“I was a thug,” a “mischievous child”

-“I got into fights.”

-“I drank and did–and consumed substances that weren’t always legal.”

-“I might have drank a six-pack in an hour before going back to class”

Michael W. Chapman, writing for CNS News compares Brett Kavanaugh’s beer drinking to Barack Obama’s excesses, that Obama cockily brags about and which never became an issue during his presidential campaign. The actual issue for Kavanaugh —- a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit since 2006 —- has nothing to do with him, his unquestioned integrity or his impartial adherence to the law. He has been targeted because the far left is still reeling in disbelief that scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. The contemptible treatment he and his family have endured is based in anti-Trumpism. The adherents to this new mob-mentality dogma are fanatical, extremist zealots who have no sense of rationality.

This morning’s headlines reporting the lowest unemployment numbers since 1969 and President Trump’s soaring 51% approval rating —- dwarfing Obama’s at the same point in his presidency —- are of no consequence to the those who believe in mob rule. The rest of us rejoice in the stellar news.

* H/T Rich Saavedra