Halloween’s over but AZ’s leftist goblins still haunt

Arizona’s Secretary of State is too important to overlook. Steve Gaynor is best equipped for this important post that is next in line of succession to the governor

True to her liberal roots, Katie Hobbs, the Democrat running for Arizona Secretary of State, touts her experience as a social worker as she denigrates successful Republican businessman Steve Gaynor as “unqualified.” 

Social work, a refuge of leftists, is inconceivably one of the jobs that spirited radical Kyrsten Sinema to the U.S. House. Now she’s running for the U.S. Senate.  What a novel career path Dems choose. In the skewed liberal mindset of Democrats working “over 25 years” in a domestic abuse shelter not only qualifies Hobbs to be next in the line of succession to the governor’s office, but is enough to entice RINOcrat Grant Woods to endorse her — one of a long line of liberals he finds appealing.  Like Sinema, Hobbs also had a stint in the state legislature where she cemented her leftwing credentials in every conceivable area as exposed by Vote Smart, whose motto is “Facts Matter.”

Woods, John McCain’s first chief-of-staff, has recently been throwing out teasers about running for the senate seat currently being kept warm by former Sen. Jon Kyl. Gov. Doug Ducey appointed him to fill out McCain’s unexpired term. Kyl has indicated he only wants to serve until the end of the year — leaving open the possibility that Ducey would appoint his former boss Cindy Hensley McCain to fill out the rest of the six-year term which ends after the 2022 election in January 2023.

When Ducey first arrived in Arizona to attend ASU, he worked at Hensley Distributorship, the Anheuser-Busch beer empire owned by Cindy McCain. The Ducey’s and McCain’s have maintained a warm friendship over the years. It was McCain who first encouraged Ducey’s entrance into the political arena.

Don’t be distracted. There is the very real possibility Arizonans are about to witness all hell breaking lose, even though the scorching summer has subsided. Vote for Steve Gaynor to maintain our Republican control of the crucial office of Secretary of State.

2 Responses to Halloween’s over but AZ’s leftist goblins still haunt

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Take a look:


    They have plans.

    Have you not heard the talking points on the MSM this week?
    They have identified the “problem” with our country and come to the conclusion that it is “white men”.

    Every day, there is at least one person from the Left who goes on TV and sends out a coded message to their troublemakers.

    For example:
    On October 26, Gov Andrew Cuomo of New York was on CNN.

    Here is how he answered a question (exact quote):

    “Am I am hopeful that the zebra can change his or her stripes today?
    That’s why I say track 2 let’s start talking to the American people and say we cannot sustain this. We can’t as a democracy .
    We have to be able to debate and disagree. We’re Democrats.
    We’re Republicans. We’re red. We’re blue. But we’re red, white, and blue.
    The day after the election, we’re still America and we have to function as one. I believe the American people are going to respond faster than the President of the U.S.”

    It’s code.

    The CNN host did NOT ask him WTF is “track 2” or what he meant about the American people are going to respond faster than the President.

    This is code talk. Just like James Comey does with Every ONE of his tweets.

    This is a message to the various groups of troublemakers that are awaiting orders.

    Did you see the news media making a big deal out of President Trump supposedly dropping his umbrella outside of the door to Air Force One last week?
    If you watch it, you will see that he very purposefully insisted on carrying his own umbrella, ascended the mobile stairway alone, turned around and laid the umbrella upside down on the steps.
    A clear message to the black hats—we’ve caught you up under our umbrella (of surveillance).

    There is a game of high stakes going on.
    The highest stakes imaginable.
    You have no idea.

    Please stay vigilant.
    Prayers to God for HIs protection are always beneficial.

  2. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Regrets to all who tried to post comments earlier today. Irate, truth-hating hobgoblins must have been gumming up the works.