Jeff Flake auditions for leftist CNN

Flake not even above defending George Soros and calling Pres. Trump‘s “fear mongering unseemly and sickening” as Flake supports illegal caravans flooding U.S., which the president and the majority of American citizens find unacceptable

Jeff Flake, at the end of his political career — due to unprecedentedly low 18% approval ratings in his home state that kept him from campaigning for reelection — is busying himself auditioning for a new job. Among the obvious choices for the renegade Republicrat would be the networks that salivate over the prospect of a brazen defector.

Watch (Video) as Flaky Flake, who preposterously describes himself as a “conservative” fills the bill, grinning as he dutifully supplies GOP antithetical answers to Wolf Blitzer‘s loaded questions. Listen as he says he recently went to a church in his neighborhood where members brought food and clothing for 22 families who he called asylum seekers. “It was very refreshing,” says Flake. The families are illegal aliens who unlawfully invaded the United States.

He has also become an apologist for multi-billionaire Socialist George Soros, defending him against charges of being a “globalist” — since Flake has embraced that same word to describe himself.

Most disturbing is Flake’s denial — on Soros’ behalf — of Soros’ involvement in turning Jewish neighbors over to the Nazis as a teen in his boyhood home of Hungary. In this interview with Steve Kroft, Soros himself acknowledges that he aided the Nazis in the confiscation of their property and ultimately committing his neighbors to certain death in the concentration camps, but has no conscience over the hideous acts, saying, “No. No. It was not difficult. It created no feeling of guilt.” He compared the experience to being in “the markets“…presumably the stock markets, where the hedge fund investor made his $ billions, saying, “If I wasn’t there, someone else would have been.”

Apologist Jeff Flake is as soulless as George Soros. That lack of character makes him a an ideal fit for one of the leftist networks he’s trying so diligently to convince he’ll be a winning asset in broadcasting their agenda.

Breitbart News covers the Friday video interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” where relentless Trump detractor Jeff Flake said President Donald Trump’s “tone” on illegal immigration was “just wrong and sickening.”


7 Responses to Jeff Flake auditions for leftist CNN

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Another spot on post revealing the RINO Jeff Flake.
    Those of us who know him longest, like him least. His arrogance is the ideal companion to his ignorance.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here’s what George Soros had to say to Steve Croft of 60 Minutes in 1998,

    No alarm bells went off at the time.

    Ann Coulter weights in regarding Flake and Soros:

    “On CNN, Jeff Flake just called this a “conspiracy theory”: Steve Kroft: “You went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.” George Soros: “Yes. That’s right. Yes.”
    60 Minutes, CBS, 12/20/98″

    Flake has aligned himself with a man who is all about destruction.

    Did you collect your “thirty pieces of silver”, Jeffry Judas?

  3. Realist says:

    Jeff Flake was recruited for what turned out to be his single senate term by his mentors McCain and (retiring) Kyl who obviously considered him weak and malleable, and eager to do their bidding. Right out of the shoot he partnered with McCain on the Gang of Eight, another of McCain’s amnesty schemes which also had liberals Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer and Robert Menendez as members. Marco Rubio and McCain’s reliable toady Lindsey Graham were also part of the mix. Fortunately for America this amnesty to eventual citizenship scheme failed as has Jeff the Flake.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Never forget and never forgive that Flake and the traitor have gotten US to this:

    If anyone gets hurt or injured, from either side of the border,
    it’s on Flake and McCain.

  5. Ellsworth says:

    Flake is a thoroughly despicable man. He has never had conservative core principles, though he pretended to in order to get elected. He was spoon fed his only issue of “earmarks,” when he initially ran for the U.S. House, since that was simple enough for the not very bright Flake to grasp. He even admitted he lied about term limiting himself to three consecutive two year House terms, when he decided he wanted to remain in DC. He stayed for six terms and must have envisioned a lifetime in the senate, before reality hit.