Cindy McCain kicks off election eve campaign rally  

The question is, who’s the actual candidate?

Cindy Hensley McCain is not letting any grass grow under her well shod feet. According to the Daily Courier, she appeared at an election eve Republican campaign rally in Prescott, Arizona — coincidentally at the same location where her now deceased husband, John, kicked off his presidential election bid. The Yavapai County Courthouse steps were initially used by former Senator Barry Goldwater to launch his presidential campaign in 1964. Although the territorial capitol moved several times, Yavapai County held that distinction twice.

SRAZ has covered Cindy’s reemergence in two separate posts.

Sept. 9, 2018: Supercharged Cindy Hensley McCain emerges 

Oct. 25, 2018: The “Maverick” is not gone: The hustle goes on

In retrospect, an excerpt from the October article becomes even more intuitively intriguing. We wrote:

In September, when appointed as a senate place holder, former Arizona Senator Jon Kyl made clear his intention to leave in December 2018. This reemergence of Cindy McCain sounds a like a priming of the pump for Gov. Ducey to appoint her to finish out her hubby’s term. Cindy recently endorsed Ducey as he campaigns for a second term, but their relationship is much deeper than the political.  When Ducey first arrived in Arizona to attend ASU, his first job was working for Cindy’s Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship. The Ducey’s have remained close to the McCain’s, even visiting John in his final days at the McCain’s Cornville compound. John McCain encouraged Ducey’s political career.

Clairvoyant predictions have been known to make the hair stand up on the nape of the neck. Few among us are telepathic, but astute conservatives should be excused for experiencing an eerie sense of foreboding. 


9 Responses to Cindy McCain kicks off election eve campaign rally  

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Never Forget:

    The following excerpt was taken from Nathaniel Randolph Snowden’s (1770-1851) “Diary and Remembrances, who was with the Quaker, Isaac Potts when he recounted where he found General George Washington praying alone in the woods at Valley Forge.

    “In that woods, pointing to a close in view, I heard a plaintive sound as of a man at prayer. I tied my horse to a sapling & went quietly into the woods & to my astonishment, I saw the great George Washington on his knees alone, with his sword on one side and his cocked hat on the other. He was at Prayer to the God of the Armies, beseeching to interpose with his Divine aid, as it was ye Crisis, & the cause of the country, of humanity & of the world. Such a prayer I never heard from the lips of man. I left him alone praying.”

    Pray to God and ask Him to defeat the works of satan.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Ken Bennett’s gubernatorial campaign promise was that he would never appoint Cindy McCain to the senate. Unfortunately, he got into the race too late and was unsuccessful trying to get Clean Election funding.

    Ducey is a free agent, since he will be term limited and has nothing to lose by appointing his former boss, Cindy. He survived much deserved fury for giving a 20% salary increase to the marauding teachers who ignored their contractual agreements and abandoned their students for a week while they followed an admitted Socialist Pied Piper. If Ducey had a better adversary than radical David Garcia, he’d be gone.

    I’ve commented before the teachers all should have been fired after a warning, just as Pres. Ronald Reagan did with the PATCO unionist Air Traffic Controllers. The world did not come to an end. Same with the now emboldened teachers who are all members of the left wing teacher’s unions and spend their days propagandizing America’s students.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:


    When President Trump bluntly told Jeff&John that the AZ lanes had been closed, two things happened very quickly: a ?brain tumor? and a statement that the other was not going to run again.


    Money, money, money.

  4. MacBeth says:

    Cindy McCain is an incredibly wealthy woman and has spent a lifetime used to getting what she wants. With Ducey as her longtime friend and onetime subordinate, she can pretty much call the shots.

  5. Tucson GOP says:

    I trust Cindy and her classless daughter as far as I can throw my Dodge Ram.

  6. Jig says:

    You wonder if Cindy will hold the seat for the term and then the daughter run for it next election to carry on McCain name. No way should this happen,

    You also figure that if Sinema loses today she will run for ether the other Senate seat or Governor. These people do not want to leave the public trough because it is so attractive for people with no other skills.

    The Arizona Republican Party needs a good cleaning out and then a long range strategy to elect private sector conservatives without primary fights that cause too much bloodshed.

  7. Hometown Guy says:

    I’m an Arizona native and a registered Republican since I was first able to vote. If Doug Ducey even considers appointing Cindy McCain, I will register as an Independent, never donate another dime to the Republican Party and would actually consider moving, if my roots weren’t so deep and because my business and family are here.

    The mere thought of this treachery disgusts me. Most rational Arizonans reached their McCain saturation point long ago. Ducey owes us more than the creation of a McDynasty.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Problems with voting all over the reddest areas of Maricopa Co.

    Mr. Fontes is either incompetent or. . . . . .

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      I’ll take the “or.”
      Fontes is a liberal Democrat first and foremost. How could he hope to get reelected if he can’t show a mighty Democrat surge?
      I find it frightening to have this extreme partisan in charge of our Maricopa County Elections. There is no attempt to evidence impartiality on his part. County Recorder Helen Purcell was a Republican, but had Democrat Karen Osborne as her elections director for years. Both women knew the meaning the word “integrity.”