AZ 2018 General election: Wed. morning musings

In a tight race U. S. Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD 2) with 99% of the precincts reporting, has been victorious over radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema as the two battled for the U.S. Senate seat left open when Jeff Flake polled too low to realistically campaign for reelection.

 Gov. Doug Ducey trounced Democrat David Garcia, who ran on the preposterous issues of raising taxes, doing away with ICE agents and not completing the border wall.

The race for AZ Secretary of State, next in line of succession to the governor, has Republican Steve Gaynor comfortably leading Democrat Katie Hobbs.

GOP incumbent Attorney General Mark Brnovich maintained an easy edge over January Contreras. 

Republican Kimberly Yee, a former state senator, leads the Democrat in the state treasurer’s race by over 10 points. She’s a shining star who was tapped to speak at the Republican National Convention in 2016.

Frank Riggs, the Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, holds a 6,720 vote lead over his Democrat opponent.

Although the Hillary-endorsing newspaper advised its remaining readers to split the Corporation Commission ticket between one Democrat and one Republican, the advice was disregarded, and both Republicans Justin Olson and Rodney Glassman took the two spots on the utility rate regulating commission.

Being behind a smear campaign didn’t help Kate Brophy McGee (R-LD 28). Her devious scheme backfired. She barely squeaked into the state senate, running neck-in-neck with the Democrat. Too slick by half, Brophy McGee’s unconscionable actions, aided and abetted by the AZ GOP hierarchy, resulted in a Democrat win over Maria Syms, the well-qualified conservative House incumbent. McGee’s cohort Kathy Pappas Petsas came in dead last.

Arizona now has nine Congressional Districts and the breakdown favors the well-funded Democrats who were boosted by out-of-state financiers, such as liberal activist Tom Steyer, shoveling mega $millions into liberal campaigns.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9 are now blue, while Rep. Paul Gosar (CD-4), Rep. Andy Biggs (CD-5), Rep. David Schweikert, (CD-6), and Debbie Lesko, (CD-8) held their Republican seats. This election should prove that we can take nothing for granted. The Dems are angry and energized. We can no longer think putting a yard sign in our lawn three weeks before an election is enough.

Nationally, with the tireless aid of Pres. Trump, Republicans won Senate seats in Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota to maintain an advantage. The House, however, picked up Dem seats, which will be problematic. Trump’s campaigning on their behalf helped Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis win. Republicans also won the governors’ races in Iowa and the key state of Ohio — a state that is crucial in presidential elections.

14 Responses to AZ 2018 General election: Wed. morning musings

  1. State Delegate says:

    One national loss that was upsetting was that of conservative Kris Kobach Kansas’ Secretary of State who was running for Governor of that state. He is a brilliant man who deserved to win, but the liberals view him as a potential national challenger down the road. He lost to the Democrat by just 4 points! Arizonans will remember his able assistance in writing SB1070.

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    Kate McGee has exposed herself as even worse than the RINO we knew she was. Voters in LD 28 should get behind a payback campaign against her…AND Kathy Petsas, if she has the nerve to run again. RINOcrat state chairman Jonathan Lines must be very proud to have replaced conservative Maria Syms with a liberal Dem.

    We will never make another donation, either in time, effort or money to the AZ GOP. The state party is a joke. They don’t have anyone answering their phones and the outgoing message doesn’t even identify that you reached Republican headquarters. We win in spite of them. My wife and I discussed last night re-registering as Independents.

  3. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Longtime, maybe you can tell me what good it does to re register as an indy??? How the he!! does leaving the Party to the RepublicRats help the cause of freedom? Really!!! ???
    You can’t vote in a primary, you can’t be a voice against the rinos you can’t do a damn thing but complain about the GOPe. I say stay the course and fight like HE!!.
    The Indies are nothing but a bunch of quitters who have become a nebulous group of do nothings. Only good at messing up votes with their waffling and lack of thinking ability to engage in the battle against the establishment swamp.
    Who do you think helped the loss of the house, those same little Indies who have joined the ranks of the non party herd.
    It is up to the good guys (no gender slur intended) in the Party to stand tall and take it back, The founders must be flippin’ in their graves to see the weak willed bunch the Republicans have become to just slink away with tails between their legs. If all those losses don’t make ya mad enough to fight then there is no hope for our nation.

    • jojo says:

      Anyone registering as an I is spineless. I went from I to R just to vote against McCain in the primary. We’ve got to break the McCain machine that gives us RINO’s like McSally along with leftwinglea in Pima County. I not only joined but became an elected PC so I could vote against the machine in the AZGOP. Never give them any $$$. Donate directly to a candidate that supports PDJT and get off your a$$ and work for ’em.

      • Longtime GOP PC says:

        I don’t know how long you’ve been an elected precinct committeeman and/or state committeemen. but we have been for nearly 30 years, working hard for the party as well as candidates since our 30’s. Don’t tell me what we should do.

        Are you aware that both Jon Kyl and John McCain tried to purge conservatives from the party or were you too busy drinking Kool Ade?

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      I understand your ire about re-registering. It’s close to what I might have said at an earlier time. My wife and I are conservatives. The Arizona Republican party, under the loosership of Robert Graham and now his chosen sycophant Jonathan Lines has become a major disappointment. We’ve been elected Precinct Committeemen for years and worked our tails off for the GOP. We will still support Republican candidates, but our days of busting our butts and opening our billfolds to these treacherous RINOs are over.We do and will continue to donate to candidates who share our views.

      By your comments, I have to believe you were OK with the state GOP working against conservative incumbent Maria Syms, omitting her name and picture from numerous campaign mailings sent to LD 28 voters,while including troublemaker first time candidate Kathy Petsas, who has called conservatives, “Kooks” and publicly stated her desire to “DeKookify: the Republican Party.

      Will you at least blame the state party for the election of a Democrat in that district?. They worked with McGee and Petsas and against Syms, which has now resulted in a Democrat House member from the District.

      Also, you did give out some faulty information.
      Independents CAN vote in Arizona’s Primary Elections. Independents are allows to vote for candidates of recognized parties in a primary election by requesting a recognized party’s ballot. In Arizona, the recognized parties are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Green. Check your “facts.”

      • PC and State Committeeman says:

        You bet I blame the state Party and a lot of things and I have never agreed with anything Robert or Jonathan did or do, nor am I ok with any of it. As for my facts (none) independents don’t campaign for Republicans and you are right nones can vote by pulling either or ballot in the primary but NOT in the Preferential. So I don’t want to argue with you or any of the nitwits that left the Party. And yes you named the right Party’s and note there is no Independent they are called none.
        And as one of the few remaining who are fighting the good fight I don’t want to argue about all those that left the Party. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

  4. Judy Flowers says:

    JCF Meaning of PDJT???

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    President Trump did everything possible to bring US into the light.

    The MSM even refused to air ads that President Trump tried to run.

    Today we have illegals proudly claiming to have voted yesterday.
    There is widespread proof of illegal activity at the polling places, including Maricopa County.

    In PIttsburgh, at polling places, there were signs plastered on the doors of those places reading “Vote Democrat”. Photographic proof.

    In Illinois, stupid white people in Red areas were told to deposit their ballots in a LIBRARY DROP BOX—–and there is photographic proof that they DID!

    In Montana, where elders from the Crow Nation sat in attendance at a Trump political rally last week, they have apparently STILL voted for Jon Tester who has repeatedly agreed to Govt regulations to keep these people from the natural resources that are on their land.
    There is a 90% unemployment rate on the Crow Nation.

    Michigan and Minnesota have each elected a female MUSLIM to Congress. Ms. Omar, last night, tweeted praise to her allalalah and to Palestine, with negative remarks about Israel.

    Serial abuser, Congressman Keith Ellison is now the Attorney General-elect for the State of MN, despite multiple police reports in different States regarding his physical abuse and threatening behaviors. Also, a Muslim who gets photographed with Louis Farrahkahn.

    MN and MI are lost to people who hate the US.

    Watch Romney.
    He’ll probably squeeze his big clown feet into McShame’s tasseled leather loafers for his swearing in.
    Nex-gen troublemaker.

    President Trump, today, stated that the Senate was the objective. And specifically good riddance to Flake and Corker.
    Think about this:
    If a member of the House is no longer able to serve—-let’s say, for crimes——who would fill the vacancy? State Governor.
    Let’s not go there, too risky.

    However, if a member of the Senate was unable to serve—let’s say, for crimes—–who would fill that vacancy?

    In the meantime, people in California voted to KEEP their huge gasoline tax anthey voted to only be able to purchase eggs from cage-free hens. Even though they repeatedly vote to put Themselves in Cages owned by their State govt.

  6. Al says:

    Good news can’t believe this was a close race

  7. Jig says:

    If Debbie Lesko does anything but self promote I will be amazed.

    • Observer says:

      What a crass thing to say. Debbie Lesko worked diligently in the state legislature and was well regarded by her colleagues who voted to give her a leadership position.

      In her short time in DC, she’s gotten a bill benefiting veterans passed and has an excellent voting record, even as she had to turn around immediately and run against the well funded “doctor” with a stethoscope around her neck in her campaign ads… despite the fact that she stopped practicing medicine over ten years ago due a malpractice lawsuit.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    ANTIFA has surrounded the home of Tucker Carlson (FOX host) in DC. (He’s at the studio).
    After dark, of course, like rats and roaches.

    Chanting, as usual, threatening words that rhyme.

    Along with “. . . . no border walls, no USA at all.. . .”

    Mr. Carlson is married with four young children.

    No Metro PD in sight.