Sen. Sinema: AZ Republic applauds voting for plumbing over competence

Capable women have long impacted Arizona politics, with voters sending Isabella Greenway to Congress in 1932. Lorna Lockwood was the nation’s first female Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court in the 1960’s, Jewel Jordan was elected Maricopa County Sheriff in 1944.  Ana Frohmiller was elected State Auditor in 1926. Read more:

The front page of Sunday’s edition of the local newspaper is topped with a large photo of select past and current women elected to statewide office in Arizona. Centered among them and more prominent than the others in bold color — not muted or in the gray tones used for some, is Kyrsten Sinema their latest heroine, in a bared-shouldered dress. Sinema is the far left, newly elected U.S. Senator, the first woman in that role in the history of Arizona. 

Arizona has been in the forefront of electing women for the better part of the century, since our 1912 statehood. Countless women have served in the state legislature, including Polly Rosenbaum, a Democrat from Gila County, who was in the House of Representatives for 46 years (prior to term limits), until age 95, when she lost due to redistricting.  Republican Barry Goldwater lamented her defeat. Until her last day on the job, she was still taking the stairs rather than using the elevator.

We’ve had had a long list of female Arizona governors, including Rose Mofford, Jane Hull, Janet Napolitano, and Jan Brewer. Five women have held the office of Secretary of State, next in line of succession to the governor. The courts are filled with female judges. Arizona’s Supreme Court has been populated with women, including several who have been Chief Justice.

Lorna Lockwood is notable for being the first woman in the nation to become Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court — serving two terms in that role — after being elected in 1960. Lockwood was born in 1903 in the Arizona territory, passed the bar in 1925 and was a state Legislator and Superior Court Judge before ascending to the Arizona Supreme Court — paving the nearly identical career path Sandra O’Connor eventually took to the U.S. Supreme Court as the first female justice. SRAZ covered this history in 2012 complete with a photo of Justice Lockwood.

Arizona didn’t just fall off a repressive election train. In fact, back in 1944 Jewel Jordan was elected Maricopa County Sheriff. The state treasurer’s office was led by Carol Springer, elected in 1999. It is currently held by Eileen Klein and soon will be under the capable leadership of former state senator, Kimberly Yee.  However, before any of them where ever heard of, Anastasia “Ana” Frohmiller (1891-1971) was elected Coconino County Treasurer in the 1920’s. She became the first woman to serve as State Auditor, an office to which she was elected in 1926. She held that office until 1950 when she ran an unsuccessful campaign for governor against Republican Howard Pyle.

Karan English, Gabrielle Giffords, Ann Kirkpatrick, Martha McSally, Debbie Lesko and Sinema have all been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. But, Isabella Greenway (1886-1953) preceded them all as Arizona’s first female U.S. Representative. She was elected as Arizona’s sole at-large Representative to the 73rd Congress in 1932. She won reelection in 1934. Greenway Road and several schools are named in her honor.

Yet despite the fact that Arizona women have held elected leadership roles for decades, the Arizona Republic treats the election of Kyrsten Sinema — clearly not the one to brag about (links to a series of revealing posts) — as though electing women is an anomaly.

Elections should be based on ability, not on plumbing. Once again, the Arizona Republic reveals its foolish leftist bonding to political correctness, when Arizona has clearly not fallen in lockstep with that contrivance. Accomplished Arizona women have ably represented the state long before the word “bi-sexual,” Sinema’s chosen identifier, was ever heard of.

16 Responses to Sen. Sinema: AZ Republic applauds voting for plumbing over competence

  1. Michael Schmitz says:

    Senator elect Kyrsten Sinema dresses like a street walker. She must be trolling.

    • Maggie says:

      That began as soon as the votes were counted. Election night signaled she was back to her previously revealing outfits. She obviously regards professionalism as being strictly for Republicans.

    • Jig says:

      No doubt, because a leopard doesn’t change its spots and neither does a lesbian. Did Sinema celebrate election win with a tryst with Big Sis Napolitano?

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Not only can I rely on SRAZ for a consistently conservative perspective, but I get a history lesson as well. Interesting information here. Thanks, guys! You make me better informed. I had no idea we ever had a female sheriff or the first woman state Supreme Court Justice in the nation.

    Glad to be rid of Jeff the Flake, but cringe at the thought of Sinema. I wouldn’t be surprised if he voted for her, just to stick it to Arizona conservatives, who he knew despised him.

  3. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Funny that the reference to plumbing was made, I have always maintained that voting for indoor plumbing (women) vs outdoor plumbing (men) rather than principles and competency which excludes potty practices was crazy. Whether they stand or sit for the job is not important and for sure we have had many women in AZ in most offices, but how unfortunate that the AZ Senator milestone has to be this bisexual card carrying communist dim so I guess she was right on one thing Arizonans are really stupid since they put her in office. Much to our dismay. Putting all that aside, consider how fast the other sit downer was so darn fast to concede to tutu girl. Even before the counts were verified and we all know fraudulent practices were rampant in AZ. And yes we had some pretty flawed candidates.
    Haven’t heard much from our top cop ie Brnovich seems like we are not fighting as hard as the good folks of Florida did. Welcome to our blue blue world. Oh well, we tried. Hope y’all are gearin’ up for 2020!

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Jan Brewer’s name has been on the lips of many in DC over the past two weeks. DHS or AG(??).
    Please, No!

    • Seen It All says:

      Jan Brewer is not eligible to be Attorney General, since she is not an attorney. Exactly what credentials would she bring to the Department of Health Services? She attended a community college where she became a radiology tech. Such an appointment would make President Trump a laughing stock. He’s far smarter than that.

    • Jig says:

      Please no Jan Brewer!

  5. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Yeah….Brewers medicaid expansion went well for us, NOT!!! sure she is a shoe in for the estabs. Just like Cindy McFemme who will demand quid pro quo of McDucey to further Juan’s agenda spelled amnesty for illegal aliens and their little dreamers, who to quote another loser candidate for CD “deserve the humane thing of a path to citizenship”. Are we dreamin’ of a blue blue Christmas??? Speaking of which anyone listen to FM99.9 KEZ Continuous Christmas music? All secular carols not one mention of Christ nor the old traditional Holy night, and blessed babe alseep in the manger it’s all about holly, snowmen, Frosty, Rudolph, hippos, cozy fire places and sleigh bells etc. This is one person not going to take the kiddies to see the Grinch. So let me say it Merry CHRISTmas and Bless us one and all.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    News (not being reported) Haiti
    US military in control of airport in Port-au-Prince
    (remember the Clintons installed the lap dog govt there and HRC’s brother got the rights to the gold mines there)
    State Dept issued alert to all American non-military personnel on the ground to shelter in place.

  7. Braveheart says:

    Bottom line? The AZ Repukelic is bonded to Sinema regardless of her (ahem) excesses. The newspaper endorsed her, so expect that she’ll remain its darling despite the fact that she’s a dangerous loose cannon, with zero control mechanisms.

  8. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Yup you said it zero control mechanisms AC-DC types get pleasure from any source no control, no principles, just hedonistic pleasure.

  9. Kent says:

    Arizona has a long history of elected women in public office, which I am just learning about in this post. I know we’ve had several women elected as Superintendent of Public Instruction. After her election, Carolyn Warner was discovered not to have had a college degree. In the years before the Internet, she quietly took a correspondence course to obtain a quickie degree. My parents were friends with her and her husband, Ron. They owned an upscale furniture store and design studio at the time.

  10. Clementine says:

    I learned a lot reading this post. Never knew we had a congresswoman nearly 90 years ago! Never knew Maricopa County had a female sheriff! We might have been the “Baby State” (as I was taught in school) until the admission of Alaska and Hawaii, but we’ve been a trendsetter.

    • PC and State Committeeman says:

      Just having a woman in our history means what? What did those AZ women do??? knowing the facts of history is the important thing and I would rather know the details more than about trends like what they actually did. Just sayin’. Talking about gender is just like taking about skin color means nothing but their actions mean everything.

      Now we have a woman in the senate are ya happy about that? The only thing is that either (woman) candidate was and is, flawed not because of their gender but because of their politics.
      Makes one scratch their head at what people find important which is the loaded deck of identity cards being played rather than competency and principles. Just sayin’ again. Character matters.

      So unless we have a Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Joan of Arc or Madame Curie who as a physicist that discovered radium which lead to the xray, how is that for a bit of history?? Many others that escape my memory at the moment, whom I believe we would vote for because of their principles and competency and not their gender. Again just sayin’.

      I have nothing against women and there are many I would vote for but it has nothing to do with their gender. And I don’t expect any men to comment on this for fear of something or other, most likely the wife.

      • Jig says:

        Totally correct, a woman or Hispanic or black or asian for name sake means nothing. Same for military,,,,,,,,totally unqualified just because they wore a uniform and took orders for 20 years and walked out wit a pension.

        The previous and new Governor of Tennessee were nusinessmen…one operated gas stations and one operated an HVAC company…..they have made it one of the most successful states. I don’t want a politician or a retired soldier….I want someone who started and ran a successful company that hired people and was successful.