Tear gas? Dem hypocrisy, double standard, exposed

The mainstream media would have us believe that President Trump is nothing short of a demonic ogre for allowing tear gas to be used at the border to inhibit rock and bottle throwing illegal aliens from storming our sovereign border.

What a bad guy!  What a corrupt administration!

Yet according to data from the Department of Homeland Security first reported in The Washington Times, the identical tear-gas agent that the Trump administration is taking heat for deploying against a border mob last weekend is actually used fairly frequently — including more than once a month during the later years of President Barack Obama’s administration.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has used 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, or CS, since 2010, and deployed it 26 times in fiscal 2012 and 27 times in 2013. It was still being used in 2016, Obama’s final full year in office.

Border authorities also use another agent, pepper spray, frequently — including a decade-high record of 151 instances in 2013, also under Pres. Obama. Pepper spray, officially known as Pava Capsaicin, was used 43 times in fiscal year 2018, according to the CBP numbers.

The data poses a challenge to the current leftwing outrage over the Border Patrol’s use of tear gas Sunday to prevent a frenzied horde of illegals from breaking through sections of old border fence in California.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, questioned the skewed reporting in the strongest of terms, asking where the critics were when tear gas was deployed during Obama‘s presidency.

This policy that we use was an Obama-written policy and it was used in 2013 at the same port of entry,” he told CNN, wondering in particular about the intense media interest now versus then.

Critics, including Latin American leaders, immigrant-rights advocates and congressional Democrats, have said use of tear gas is “un-American.”

“Un-American”? Maybe Obama was born in Kenya, after all?

Watch as Brandon Judd exposes the facts of the border situation in an interview on The Daily Caller TV:


5 Responses to Tear gas? Dem hypocrisy, double standard, exposed

  1. MacBeth says:

    This is more of the same anti-Trump rhetoric, blathered and spread by the left. When Obama did even more, we could hear the crickets chirping. Dead silence.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Tear gas is too good for these invaders. We have every right to not only protect our nation’s border, but also to decide who comes in through the legal process…such as people who will contribute to our society and acclimate to our nation, its history and language, such as previous actual immigrants. Theybecame proud Americans, rather than leeching off our all too generous system. Those who storm our border or sneak in are not immigrants, they are invaders.

      • Ginger says:

        I’m increasing disturbed by the use of the word, “migrants” to describe the invaders. Even Fox News is falling into using that politically correct language.

        These people are forcing their way in to our country, raging over the border in total disregard of our sovereignty. They are coached to claim they are seeking asylum,though they didn’t ask for it when they entered Mexico. I have not a shred of sympathy for any of these criminals. We need to be shooting more than tear gas. Only force will stop them.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Speaking of Obama, he had a Private meeting with Poppy Bush this week at the Hyatt in Houston. Poppy has always kept a suite at that hotel. For plotting and planning, always.

    Last night, at the tree lighting ceremony in D.C., this happened:


    Something else happened, also, to prompt this:.
    The President and Mrs. Trump left the ceremony quickly and abruptly, leaving the whining press corps behind. (should see their twitters re this: This has Never happened before, blah, blah, blah.)

    Perhaps one day you will see photos of the man called BHO.
    The real person behind the façade. UnAmerican.

    Maybe you’ll also find out that the Harvard years were paid for by
    al Waleed bin Talal, who also funds Harvard’s HUMA (no, not a person).

    Please pray to God in Heaven for Mercy and for protection over President Trump; his family; his Loyal team, and our U.S. military.

    And by the way, it’s not Russia that’s causing the issue with the Ukraine. But some entities are so fearful that the truth will come out (it’s a horrific bag of horrors)that they are willing and able to start a WW.

    Please pray. Think of your children and grandchildren.

  3. jake sez says:

    The double standard that has become common course between the liberals and the rest of us has a striking similarity with the French royal court in the 1600 and 1700’s. Those connected with the royal court could do wrong and acted as they pleased as long as they didn’t cause harm to the king. The common folk could be changed and convicted solely on the word of member of the royal following. People had their belongings or life taken just because someone thought it would be fun or useful The law and the rights of others meant nothing.

    The people finally had enough of this and revolted. They removed members of the royal court with a finality that made their decision irrevocable. Could it be be time to introduce our liberals, media and government to Mr. Guillotine.