Pres. Bush “41” dies in Texas at age 94

June 12, 1924   – November 30, 2018

The Houston Chronicle reports on the life and political history of George H. W. Bush, a single term Republican president. Many remember him dooming his second term presidential aspirations with this now famous 1988 statement:Read my lips, no new taxes! It was a pledge he reneged on amid looming budget deficits and fierce Democrat opposition.

Bush “41” was a two-term Vice President to President Ronald Reagan.  During his own presidency, he made a positive impact on the U.S. Supreme Court when he appointed federal appeals court judge Clarence Thomas as an associate justice in 1991.

A World War II hero and patriarch of a political dynasty, he was the father of President George W. Bush and Florida Governor “Jeb” Bush, who lost his own bid for the presidency.

The George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation has his complete biography and his “official obituary.”


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  1. MacBeth says:

    He lived a long and productive life, though I always referred to him as the “Manchurian Candidate,” since he was the ambassador to China as well as the America hating United Nations.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    He is NOT a hero.

    His father, Prescott Bush, a banker, worked closely with the Nazis.

    GHWBush was CeyeA, all the way. Matter of fact (and you can find it now in the newly declassified JFK documents, GHW phoned in a “tip” to a FBI Field Office in TX the day before JFK was killed.
    Asked to be confidential, however the SA typed a detailed memo on U.S. Government letterhead. GHW said he was a private citizen who was an executive at Zapata Oil in TX. Said that two women had told him about a man (a Republican) who was talking about killing JFK when he came to Dallas. The man’s name that was given to the FBI S.A. was Not LHO, nor was it Jack Ruby.

    Strangely enough, GHW was in Dallas on that fateful day. His name was even mentioned in the newspaper was being a keynote speaker for a conference of top execs for oil companies.

    Turns out that he worked for Zapata, but was already a long time SeeEyeAa operative. In a transcript that is now public record information, J.Edgar Hoover held a meeting to circle the wagons immediately after the tragedy. The transcript quotes Hoover as mentioning George Bush as a Clown I(n) America.

    (All documented on official government letterhead and typed on those good, old Smith-Corona typewriters.)

    Yet, several years later, when asked during an interview about where he was on that terrible day, he said that he had “no recollection” of where he was or what he was doing.
    (I bet most of you can remember exactly where you where and what you were doing on that day.)

    Then, in June, 1992,he gave an interview to a long time friend/”respected journalist” from TX, Sarah McLendon. In that interview, he stated, “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the streets and lynch us. . . .”

    Why call him Poppy? Because he was responsible for the poppy field in Afghanistan (get it? Afghanistan, where we Still are today).
    Poppy fields that yield a cash crop. US soldiers Made to protect.

    And then comes Billy Boy Clinton. And Arkansas.
    Mena, Arkansas and a little airfield that brought in the product.
    Well known.

    How many pics can you find of BC and GHWB, going Waaay back?

    Hope those two little boys who were out having fun, playing in the woods that day and happened to see a delivery and were killed over it, brutally, there on the train tracks, Hope that they were waiting there to help St. Peter slam the Pearly Gates shut.

    There’s So Much More.

    He was the first globalist to make a speech actually using the words “new world order”. No one questioned it.

    He met with Obama a few days ago. Passing the torch?

    (And they knew at 7 yesterday morning that he was dead, but the time of death was listed as more that 12 hours later)

    Notice that Dec. 5 has now been planned as a National Day of Mourning.

    Dec 5th. What else was scheduled to happen on that day, and next week, in general, in DC?

    Comey to testify
    Loretta Lynch to testify
    John Huber to give his report to Congress (major bombshell)
    Horowitz, IG, to give report to Congress
    The civil trial of BC’s billionaire pimp, Jeffrey Epstein, in FL.

    So convenient that someone infamous would happen to die in order to prevent so much Clinton dirty laundry from being aired.

    He was NO HERO.

  3. Maggie says:

    Imagine if Jeb! had won in the 2016 Primary Election rather than Donald Trump. The idea of restraining illegals at our border would be a non-starter. He married a Mexican woman who didn’t speak English when he met her in Mexico, and he didn’t speak Spanish. They obviously had a lot in common. I read that he saw her across a plaza when they were both teenagers (he was in Mexico doing aid work) and decided right then that she was the one for him. Nothing like being decisive based on zero information. Their wedding ceremony four years later in Texas was conducted mostly in Spanish because she still hadn’t bothered to learn English. During the presidential campaign, he said they spoke Spanish at home.

    • Kent says:

      Jeb Bush actually said illegally invading our country was a “act of love.” Couldn’t make this stuff up!

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    He was CIA all the way.
    Resp for all the poppy fields in Afghn and our military was forced to guard these. How do you think that the clowns in America fund themselves?

    Running drugs. How do you think they pay for their own planes, ships, subs? Because they have their own.

    He’s dirty. Resp. for JFK.

    USSS code name: Timber Wolf

    Bohemian Grove. Skull and Bones Society.
    so much EVIL.

    The top admiral overseeing US Naval forces in the Middle East, Vice Adm. Scott Stearney, was found dead in his residence in Bahrain on Saturday.

    The US Navy’s Bahrain-based Naval Forces Central Command, which the Fifth Fleet is part of, oversees operations in areas like the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The command is seen as critical to US security interests given the challenges of Iran and Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, both of which the US sees as potential threats to shipping in the region.

    Brennan’s old stomping ground. re: above.
    His twitter accnt. is interesting.


    Stay vigilant. Boy Scout motto time.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Also, FYI

      FAA has sent directives to pilots re: Be alert for GPS Interference on the electronics, and report.

      Military testing going on to see what might happen if there is an event that would affect our grid or a solar “storm”.
      Why were our solar observatories evacuated a few weeks ago?

  5. Sam Fox says:

    Here is more info on GHW Bush & some of his previous activities. No Good at all. I also saw that 0bama visited GHW not long before his passing.


  6. jake sez says:

    My favorite quote of GHW Bush is “Read my lips, no new taxes.” The next thing he did was to raise taxes. Then lost the presidency.