Jeff Flake’s new career move revealed

The Arizona Daily Independent (ADI) newspaper has used SRA’s sobering recent post, titled, “Narcissist Jeff Flake continues to scam Republicans,” as a basis for its spot-on Sunday Comic.

The clever cartoon is an illustration masterpiece, guaranteed to elicit a much needed weekend chuckle on the heels of lame-duck Flake’s destructive temper tantrums.

Seeing Red AZ appreciates ADI’s link to our post.

5 Responses to Jeff Flake’s new career move revealed

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Although Jeff Flake has been replaced by a leftist radical now concealing herself as a soft spoken and thoughtful “bipartisan aisle crosser,” she can’t be much worse than he has been. We know Kyrsten Sinema from her days as a self outted bisexual, atheist who refused to take her oath of office with her hand on the Bible, sending May Day messages to the Communist Worker’s newspaper and ridiculed stay at home moms with gross language. Only the easily conned voted for her. But that’s exactly the switch Jeff Flake made from his days representing the East Valley in the House. He veered far off course in the Senate, and the overwhelming national support putting Donald Trump in the White House,pushed him over the edge of sanity. Flake was quoted as saying, “He can’t and won’t win.” He was not only proven wrong, but VERY wrong

    The Red Pill cartoon couldn’t be more on target!

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    “Suicide by Stupidity” is a perfect epitaph for flakey Flake.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Obviously we could have done a better job of replacing Flake in the Senate, but Arizona’s Republican Party so-called leadership did nothing to rein him in or expose his increasingly leftward lurch. National RNC Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel attempted to tug on his arrogance, without success,

    We’ve got to replace the anti-conservatives running the state party, meaning puppet Jonathan Lines and his McPuppet Master Robert Graham.

    All of you who are elected conservative State Committeemen, pay close attention. Don’t accept the platitudes that will be dripping from the lying mouths of these Republicrats.

    Vote for Kelli Ward for state chairman. She’s not part of the McSyndicate. She has challenged it…TWICE. McCain might be gone, but his rage against us lives on. We need to fight or become irrelevant.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Kelli Ward needs a website. Few Conservatives still use lyin’ leftist billionaire Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook. Why make him richer when claiming to support conservatism?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Need an appropriate cartoon for this:

    “On Friday, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke woke up on the wrong side of the Twitter feed and decided to accuse one of his critics in Congress of being a taxpayer-swindling drunkard.”

    “The argument began when Congressman Raúl Grijalva of Arizona penned a USA Today editorial in which he called for Zinke to resign, citing a string of scandals and promising to further investigate the interior secretary if he is named chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. Currently, he is the ranking member of the committee and will most likely be tapped to lead when the Democrats take over the House.”

    ”Grijalva concluded his piece by writing, “federal agencies cannot function without credible leadership, and he offers none. He needs to resign.”
    In response, Zinke wrote, “It’s hard for him to think straight from the bottom of a bottle” and called for Grijalva to resign and “pay back the taxpayer hush money.”

    Zinke’s attack stems from a $48,000 payment that Grijalva made to a woman in 2015 after she accused him of being drunk and “creating a hostile work environment,” first reported by the Washington Times.

    Rumors of Grijalva’s drinking problem have swirled for decades, ever since he was convicted of a DUI in 1985. But he claims that he’s cleaned up.

    The settlement includes a non-disclosure agreement, making it clandestine and the subject of a lot of speculation. Grijalva has said that he wants that clause removed so that people can see the language.

    Grijalva characterized the payment as a “severance package,” though the woman had only been working with him for a month. The Arizona congressman managed to make the payment without going through the Office of Compliance, which handles such grievances. The office is a shifty body that raised a lot of eyebrows when we learned that they’ve paid victims of congressional misbehavior $17 million since the ’90s.”

    (story found on

    On Saturday, the 305th Military Police Co. received orders to deploy to GITMO for 400+ days.

    refer back to Kavanaugh’s hearing when Sen. Graham specifically and directly about U.S. citizens and TREASON, etc.
    Worth reviewing.
    Enemy combatants.

    [Pay attention to Comey’s and Brennan’s tweets. Heavy code]