AZ GOP chairman’s race, rehab of RINO Brophy McGee linked

AZ GOP in desperate need of new leadership

The Hillary Clinton endorsing Arizona Republic is going to great lengths to give a warm and fuzzy embrace to Kate Brophy McGee, the type of Republican the left-wing newspaper can tolerate. She was recently given prominent coverage including an oversized photo, on Page One of the Valley and State section, proclaimed as a leading advocate for abused children.

The architect of a Machiavellian scheme to replace incumbent conservative House member Maria Syms with fellow RINOcrat, Kathy Pappas Petsas in Legislative District 28, Brophy McGee barely squeaked into office, with a mere 267 vote lead over far left Democrat Christine Porter Marsh. The final tally was 50.1% to 49.9% in the once bright red district.

Shenanigans in the district were given a boost by mailings such as this one, sent out under the auspices of the AZ GOP and shamefully green lighted by chairman Jonathan Lines.

As a result of the malicious machinations, eminently well qualified incumbent Syms lost. Her career includes serving as an Assistant Attorney General, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Paradise Valley Town Councilwoman, and state Representative — in addition to being the only pro-life conservative of the pack.  The subversive tactics had further devastating ramifications for Republican residents of the district. Both House seats were won by Democrats. Fittingly, Brophy McGee’s recruit, agitator Kathy Pappas Petsas, who gained notoriety for wanting todekookifyor purge, conservatives from the party ranks, came in dead last.

Not satisfied with the damage he’s overseen, Lines who lives in Yuma and is rarely spotted at AZ GOP headquarters, is gearing up for another term as party chairman when the state statutory reorganization meeting takes place January 26, 2019. Besides being a party to the despicable mailers, he was in charge as unprecedented statewide Republican losses took place —- resulting in the GOP now being the minority in the state‘s congressional delegation. The Yuma roofing contractor needs to stay at home tending to leaky roofs and parenting his 11 children. If the Arizona Republican Party is going to be resuscitated, we need someone who can breathe life into its now flailing carcass rather than give a second chance to the one who rang its death knell.

7 Responses to AZ GOP chairman’s race, rehab of RINO Brophy McGee linked

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    Conservative Republicans have no support from the weak kneed so-called leaders who have controlled the Arizona Republican party for the past few years. Robert Graham and his recruited toady Jonathan Lines have both been McCain and Flake followers and allowed their misuse of our party to guide us to the current downfall. Due to this miserable “leadership,” I no longer refer to myself as a Republican, preferring to identify as a “conservative.” I’ve kept my GOP registration for voting purposes, but what we get from the state party makes that difficult to stomach.

    I was recently reelected as a state committeeman, and will not be voting for Jonathan Lines.

    • State Committeeman says:

      You speak for many of us. Remember the state meeting when then chairman Robert Graham deceptively slipped McCain and Flake in the back door and they were both greeted with boos and a lot of turned backs? Many elected state committeemen walked out. Graham had previously called a break and allowed a number of Vietnamese into the balcony area. They cheered over the boos.

  2. Realist says:

    McCain was censured at the 2014 annual Statutory Meeting of the Arizona Republican Party. Those who knew him best liked him least. In death he was magically turned into a hero, but those of us who saw his viciousness knew better. He threw salt on the wounds by pushing amnesty for illegals who he clearly preferred over us…first with Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, then Jon Kyl and later Jeff the Flake.

  3. MacBeth says:

    District 28 had Scott O’Conner as it’s previous GOP District Chairman. It was not much of a surprise when he endorsed the liberal Democrat Christine Marsh in this last race. He’s the son of Sandra Day O’Connor, who pulled the wool over President Reagan’s eyes when he appointed her as the first woman on the US Supreme Court. Scott proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Help may be coming. . . . . .

    There is a HEAVY load about to be dumped.
    Guard your soul. This is going to be brutally tough to take for people who have not been paying attention.
    Most everything you know is wrong. You’ve been lied to and enslaved and you didn’t even know it.

    Hope there are some real journalists out there waiting to research and report, because the MSM will soon be seen for what it is—the propaganda arm for those who work to destroy US. Some were born into it (Mika; Anderson Cooper, etc) and some were blackmailed into submission.

    Mueller may go to prison over Uranium 1. He was the mule who toted the sample to Russia. Too bad that they didn’t know that isotopes can lead you back to the very mine from which the uranium was excavated.

    DOJ FBI Foreign intel and others in one big scheme to take US and our current President out.
    Clinton Foundation; Blackmail; Uranium 1; Selling US out to China; Haiti; human trafficking and organ trafficking–it goes all the way to hell and back. One big RICO.

    Little St. James Island and Jeffrey Epstein. Perversions, dark and sick. Satan worshippers. Recorded.
    Only a small peek into the darkness will be allowed. People, worldwide, from every walk of life, every culture would otherwise be unable to function. It’s that bad.

    The bad guys, our bad guys with a little help from foreign assets, are ready, willing, and very capable of burning it all down.
    The MSM is not reporting, but there have been Major Protests across France; Belgium; the Netherlands; Spain, and Britain for the past 3 days. It’s not about gasoline prices.
    They want their countries back. And, interestingly, they want President Trump to save them.
    Buckle up, and expect turbulence.

    Please Pray to God in Heaven. Pray for Mercy. Pray for our President.

  5. Clementine says:

    I see that Christine P. Marsh the Dem in LD 28 was “honored” to be endorsed by EMILY’s List.” That acronym stands for “Early Money Is Like Yeast” meaning its first in to provide money to pro-abortion candidates. If they were as successful as they hope, she wouldn’t have full classrooms of children to teach.
    Public schools are run by radical leftists. If you have school age children or grandchildren, do whatever you can to get them into a good charter school. It’s not only their futures, but the future of our country that we need to protect. Our kids are being indoctrinated each and every day by their union member teachers. They are being taught a skewed version of history depicting our Founders as despicable rather than visionaries and America as an aggressor nation. Most parents are too busy to pay attention to what’s taking place. Read your kid’s textbooks. Pay attention. Ask questions of the teachers. Sit in on a class…if they let you. There is a war going on for our kid’s minds.