Gov. Ducey’s magical “fee” is actually a tax

Teacher pay hikes that “wouldn’t raise taxes,” find their funding source: YOU

Remember when Gov. Doug Ducey, vowed he would not be held hostage to teachers’ demands for a 20% pay hike, and then acquiesced, though promising no tax increases would be needed to fund their excessive demands for their part-time jobs?


Beginning Jan. 1, 2019 there will be a new, deceptively namedpublic safety fee(notice it’s not called a tax) that will be tacked on to vehicle registrations. The newspaper headline says it takes effect Jan. 1, but the ADOT press release declares Dec. 1.  Which one of these charlatans to believe?

ADOT’s website is full service, providing a choice among 103 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu, and even has a readily accessible Civil Rights Division, in case your feelings were bruised during your work day. If that isn’t enough, it also hawks specialty license plates, “for that person who’s impossible to shop for.”

The $32 fee/scam, originally touted as $18, was projected to raise either $149 or $185 million yearly. The numbers fluctuate wildly depending on the “fee” and who made the projections.  When the word “stakeholders” is used, your suspicion antenna should be on high alert. ADOT itself announced it would actually be $265.6 million! Good luck in finding that news release now. This is the enabling legislation, signed by Gov. Ducey. The purpose of this “fee” is to free up highway safety money tapped into for educrats, according to this revealing news report.

On July 13, 2018 leftist editorialist Linda Valdez wrote, “What’s wrong with Phoenix raising taxes?” one of her loads of drivel passing for a column.  Valdez is a staunch cradle-to-grave advocate. With liberals, having the government provide for you throughout your lifetime is a core belief comparable to the religious fervor she so disdains. Of course, “the government” is us.

The rest of us hold the belief that taxes are our money, necessary for maintaining infrastructure (pipelines, utilities, roadways, bridges, and military preparedness), but often misspent. President Trump’s tax cuts have, in fact, spurred economic growth. Tax cuts, not tax increases, are the means of energizing the economy and empowering Americans.

Tell that to da Dems and da Ducey.

4 Responses to Gov. Ducey’s magical “fee” is actually a tax

  1. Mike says:

    Yet another ploy to keep in mind in future elections. Always, but always, vote AGAINST any way, shape, or form of support to public so-called “schools” whenever you actually ARE given the choice. NO EXCEPTIONS. To HELL with these liberal cesspools and their whining union thug redforeducrats. And send your children to charter and private schools where they will obtain diplomas worthy of more than serving as bird cage liners.

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    The unfortunate truth is conservatives had no choice in the governor’s race. We had to go with Doug McDucey, who was the lesser of two evils against radical open border fanatic David Garcia.

    I was hopeful well qualified Ken Bennett could mount a successful gubernatorial campaign, but he sadly fizzled.

    The Arizona Republican Party is in the worst shape I’ve ever seen it in. We are lacking leadership and instead get platitudes from McCain and Flake surrogates, Robert Graham and Jonathan Lines.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe for his next act, he’ll follow the lead of the female Gov in Oregon, who is about to spend 4 million dollars of taxpayer money suing President Trump. Four million might just be the retainer fee for those outside attorneys who love to help.

    To Lift your spirits, here is the Army and Navy Glee Clubs singing our National Anthem yesterday: