Jeff Flake’s flaky farewell obscures nefarious past

The Hillary Clinton and Kyrsten Sinema-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper is in full-fledged grief mode as their amnesty-for-illegals promoter Jeff Flake gave his final speech before the U.S. Senate chamber Thursday.

The mournful gnashing of teeth is evident by the newspaper’s printing of the full text of Flake’s prepared remarks. Filled with self-serving pretentiousness and his own version of history, especially as it relates to his time spent in Africa where he lobbied as a registered foreign agent in D.C on behalf of a uranium mining company with ties to Iran. (A fact he obscured as he campaigned.) In his speech, he now claims he was drawn back to Africa (after serving a church mission there) to “evangelize for democracy and democratic values,” and “trying to ensure that Namibia emerged from the process of gaining its independence as a democratic country.”

He neglects to mention his generous $7,000+ per month salary — hardly chump change in 1990 — paid by Rossing Uranium for his efforts on its behalf. As a senator, Flake has received nearly $200,000 in quid pro quo contributions from mining interests and reliably voted against penalties on Iran.

While bashing President Trump, Flake also blurs the truth on why he’s leaving the U.S. Senate after a single term. It had everything to do with his bottom dragging 18% approval ratings in his home state. So  unpopular, he is even unable to garner support in his hometown community of Snowflake, Arizona, named after his ancestorsArizonans overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for President, delivering all 11 electoral and the majority of the popular votes to him.

With his days numbered, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, egotist Flake has insolently continued to block President Trump’s federal judicial nominees, who will be stonewalled by the Democrats after January.

Referring to his initial senate speech, which he identifies as his “maiden” speech, Flake pompously concludes his self-serving finale with a few veiled, and then more blatant, gag-inducing jabs:

“I noted then that it was an affirmation to me of the tumultuous seas through which our ship of state has sailed for more than 200 years, with many brilliant and inspired individuals at the helm, along with personalities ranging from mediocre to malevolent.  But our system of government had survived them all.

My colleagues, to say that our politics is not healthy is something of an understatement.  I believe that we all know well that this is not a normal time, that the threats to our democracy from within and without are real, and none of us can say with confidence how the situation that we now find ourselves in will turn out.”

Then comes the politically expedient, waffler Flake’s near admission of an upcoming political defector gig on Trump-hating CNN or MSNBC:

“Over the past two years, I have spoken a great deal on that subject from this chamber, and there will be time enough later to return to it in other settings.”

A threat?  A promise? Or both?

11 Responses to Jeff Flake’s flaky farewell obscures nefarious past

  1. Mike says:

    Good riddance to Arizona’s junior RINO. Maybe he can get Mitt Romney to take him on as a page in Utah.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    The best thing this self absorbed jerk can do is just “fade way.” Of course he can’t be compared to an old soldier. He never served in the military, where he couldn’t be the center of attention.

    • Doc says:

      mcFlake?!?!?! Oh My Lord! That limp, milk-weed coward wouldn’t get through th’ first 24 hours of Basic Training!!!


  3. Kimball says:

    Flake can’t be gone soon enough to suit me. He was a con job originally put into action by McCain and Kyl who knew they could easily manipulate him.

  4. Attila The Hunny says:

    If you need more proof that Flake really is as dumb as a stump!! Check this out:
    “Ouch! Jeff Flake makes two embarrassing errors on his way out. One was announcing his farewell on Twitter”

  5. Kathy says:

    In my opinion, Flake is part of the treasonous cabal. Will he be brought to justice? Those who scream the loudest.

    A scary thought – will Ducey appt Flake to fill McCain’s seat??

    Hopefully, you all know at SRAZ, Ducey will appoint a McCain approved RINO to inflict even more damage to USA.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    And Kyl is gone as of Dec 31.

    PACER shows that there are ten of thousands of sealed Federal indictments, way above the normal numbers.

    Listed by State, Arizona apparently will have some unlucky winners. Maybe some new silver bracelets for Christmas or the New Year.

    RE: Africa
    National Security Advisor John Bolton has announced that President Trump’s new policy will be this:
    Any monetary aid sent to African nations by the U.S. (us) will be directly tied to those nations being able to show measurable, visible improvements.

    Pay attention to what’s going on in South Africa. The MSM won’t tell you.

  7. D.B. Cooper says:

    How nice to know the inbreeding in Snowflake, AZ hasn’t dulled their senses. Those cousins, aunts , uncles, nieces and nephews of Jeff Flake’s have no use for him. Great link, SRAZ…even if it took us to the despised local newspaper.

  8. Realist says:

    At least we will no longer have to be embarrassed when the Flake is introduced as the senator from Arizona. “Former” has a much better ring to it.

  9. Tucson GOP says:

    I doubt lunatic liberal Sinema can be much worse. We expect garbage from Dems. It’s the ultimate insult to have someone who used the Republican Party to advance himself to kick us in the teeth.

  10. Ajo Joe says:

    I’m an Arizona native. Can’t recall anyone as mean spirited ever being in DC representing AZ. Flake was a nothing elevated because he was seen as a useful commodity to the McCain and Kyl establishment faction. After he was safely in the House from a supportive LDS district, he reneged on his promise not to serve more than 3 two year terms. He glibly said, “I lied!” and that was the end of the discussion. He should have been tossed out on his ear back then and we wouldn’t have had to suffer through the flaky Flake embarrassment. I’m so sick of him berating our president I can hardly stand to see his face.