AZ GOP needs oxygen not smoke

In the recent post, “Harsh truths underscore internecine AZ GOP battles,” we touched on the internal battle raging between the establishment and conservative wings for the heart and soul of Arizona’s Republican Party.

The battle has become a full-fledged war playing out in Republican Briefs, Frosty Taylor’s well respected political go-to site. Taylor is a retired newspaper reporter who worked in the profession when integrity mattered.

The escalation is epitomized by Bruce Ash, Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman since 2007 and conservatives, who are fed up with the weak GOP control that allowed our previously bright red state to veer purple under its less than watchful eye.

In District 28, the party actively participated in the takedown of a well-qualified conservative incumbent, who was replaced by a Democrat in the General Election after the irresponsible meddling. This past November also saw myriad previously Republican statewide offices won by Democrats and the loss of a U.S. Senate seat to a bonafide radical who magically transformed herself from a onetime Green party candidate to a Democrat, albeit one who never mentioned her affiliation during the race.

Jonathan Lines was chairman when we lost a U.S. Senate seat, Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and one of the two seats on the utility rate-setting Corporation Commission. Greg Stanton, the left-wing former mayor of Phoenix won in Congressional District 9. Dems now hold five of Arizona’s nine CD seats.

Two former Maricopa County Chairmen Lyle Tuttle and Rob Haneyboth conservatives, have addressed this debacle in letters to Ash. He has remained mute — never according either man the courtesy of a reply. Copies of their letters appear in Briefs and can be read by clicking on their names.

The Arizona Daily Independent weighed in with this Sunday comic and accompanying article, exposing the threats that typify the instability of Bruce Ash, who is not only inept but appears to be unhinged.

When the Arizona Republican Party is in dire need of resuscitation, we are receiving smoke rather than oxygen.

The intraparty reorganization county and state meetings are fast approaching.  The Maricopa County meeting takes place Jan. 12. The statutory state meeting is Jan. 26.  New officers to guide the party forward are desperately needed. Former state chairman Robert (Mc)Graham relishes his role as the puppeteer manipulating the strings of current chair Jonathan Lines, who is running for reelection despite having overseen an unprecedented statewide Republican fail.  But Graham has a backup plan. Frank Thorwald, who works for the puppet master is waiting in the wings as ascendant of the Plan B strategy.

Dr. Kelli Ward, a former two-term state senator, is the conservative running for Arizona Republican Chairman. SRAZ supports her candidacy. Read about her and her unifying vision for the Arizona Republican Party moving forward to the 2020 elections. 

7 Responses to AZ GOP needs oxygen not smoke

  1. State Committeeman says:

    Unless we rid ourselves of the establishment takeover that has led to ruin, and kick out know-nothing Jonathan Lines and his manipulative mentor Robert Graham, we are doomed.

    We also have to end the once well-intentioned policy of allowing proxies to take the place of voting state committeemen. When they stand for election they are told this is a mandatory statutory meeting. Occasionally state committeemen are unable to honor that commitment, but proxy votes should no longer take their place. That’s how we ended up with the massive problems we now face as we head into 2020. I would limit proxies to elected committeemen spouses only.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    When will we put on our yellow vests and show up?

    There was an interesting Twitter exchange a few days ago.

    Bill O’Reilly posted a very short tweet about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and that Trump may have an opportunity to nominate another SCJ.
    It was merely his observation. Nothing negative.

    In response, Meghan McCain’s account posted a tweet that included a lot of fancy words strung together. Hhhmmm, was that you, Ben?
    It ended with words to the effect that ‘we are all Christians, aren’t we Bill?’
    (Are “we”?)

    When you’re all warm and cozy this week, consider this week back in 1776. Patriot General George Washington made the gamble of his lifetime and OURS, on Christmas night.

    If you have never had the opportunity to visit Washington’s Crossing, PA., just know that it leaves no doubt that we need brave men to step forward.
    As General Washington wrote before making the crossing of that treacherous river, “Victory or Death”.
    And that’s exactly where we are today. Victory or death.

    Please keep our Commander in Chief and the members of our U.S. military in your prayers this Christmas.

  3. Trevor says:

    I do not live in LD28, but why in the world were the AZGOP pushing for Petsas not to mention she refused to vote for Donald Trump at the convention in Cleveland. She is up Flake’s butt big time.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    This site is full of important information. I don’t receive Republican Briefs, but come here every day. The frustration I feel is evident in this post (and others). The Arizona Republican Party has become not only a shadow of its former self, but a not so funny joke. I gave serious thought to not running as a precinct committeeman (and ultimately state committeeman) again after years in the trenches, due to the Republicrats that have manipulated the party to the left.

    I finally decided that abandoning the only option we have is ceding control to the left…within and without the AZ GOP and ran again. I do have to admit to being disheartened.

    • Seen It All says:

      You’re not alone in your frustration. The numbers of GOP precinct committeemen are down for the reasons you mentioned. But there has also been a concerted effort going on below the radar to replace conservatives with McRINOs. McCain operatives and even the “sainted” Kyl engaged in this deceptive practice. I can only assume Jeff the Flake was also onboard with the vile scheme. It would be right up his ally.

      I saved this SRAZ post from 2012, so I could occasionally remind myself (and others) what we’re up against. This anti-conservative agenda is not new, it’s just more blatant.
      Please read this and see the underhanded practices that have not aged and shriveled, but have become even bolder. This effort of Jon Kyl was directed to a single precinct where the newly elected Maricopa County Chairman and his wife lived. Once he was taken out through this deception, he could not remain as county chairman.

  5. jake sez says:

    I have sharpened my pitchfork and oiled my torch, where are we gathering prior to the convention?

  6. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane as we have many new and uninformed folks who have no idea just how Vile Kyl was involved with the McCain cabal.
    Which leads me to mention how many PCs we have, of the few remaining, that have no clue as to what is going on not only here in AZ where they should know ALL THE FACTS, but basically through out the nation.

    As for the frustration, yes, we are all very frustrated and even more so by the many who have abandoned the Party leaving only a handful of us fighting the good fight to oust the SOBs that have taken over so that we could bring back the principles that made us different from the Dims and certainly then when the elected followed the Constitution then and can we count on our representatives to do the same now?

    That train too has left the station with all the weak kneed squishes we have riding in the front car waving at the folks (chumps) that voted for them just because they had an R after their name though it did not represent Republican but in most cases RINO. We were lucky to have Flake, Ryan and McSlime finely gone but have we replaced them with quality people??? not on your life!!! Do we really trust Lesko, Schweikert, McSally?

    Gosar could have beat Sinema he had the name and face recognition, good donors and experience to beat the Commie card carrying, bisexual Dim witted Dem. But no, so we are in the crisis mode and no decent candidates stepping up at all, but who could blame them when our numbers have sunk to the 2008 level and we get pcs that no longer want to do much and know even less.
    So have a Happy New Year even if you have to fake it.