Kyrsten Sinematic theatre of the absurd

AZ Republic dubs Kyrsten Sinema “Arizonan of the Year’

Count on this recent edition of Sinematic thrall becoming the absurd norm: Accompanied by a nearly full page illustration and a headline blasting, “She’s a real trailblazer,” is the newspaper’s choice for ‘Arizonan of the Year.’ There is entire jump page, replete with more oversize photos, extolling the virtues of former Green Party candidate, foul-mouthed, self acknowledged Socialist with Commie ties, bisexual atheist and practiced liar Kyrsten Sinema — who heaped praise on John McCain to win over Arizona newcomers and less knowledgeable residents who bought into his self aggrandized history. Every vote counts, regardless of the deception used to gain them.

Sinema’s the author of “Unite and Conquer” which details her endorsement of the use of deceptive techniques to reach victory:

“Universal” sounds socialist, so say “affordable healthcare” I’ve become a huge fan of research. It’s helped me as a candidate learn to talk in ways that voters can understand. For example, I used to say that I wanted universal health-care coverage in Arizona, which went over like a ton of bricks. Turns out, Arizonans hear the word “universal” and think “socialism”– or “pinko commie.” But when I say that I want all Arizonans to have access to affordable, quality health care, Arizonans agree wholeheartedly. Same basic idea, different language. Research is what teaches us these differences so that we can relate to voters in ways that are authentic and meaningful for them.” (Source: Unite and Conquer, by Kyrsten Sinema, p.166-167 , Jul 1, 2009)

The foreword was written by her onetime gal pal and radical leftist Janet Napolitano.  The newspaper characterizes the book with these words: “If she continues to follow her own advice, Sinema could be the tonic for what ails America’s body politic.”

Close your mouth.  You might catch a fly!

The aptly nicknamed AZ Repukelick obviously was just revving up with its Hillary endorsement.  It devotedly went to the pre-election mat for Sinema. Nothing she has said or done mattered. The far left extremist concealed her radical and anti-Semitic past, magically transformed herself into a slimmed-down, soft-spoken, stylishly blonde aisle-crosser who deliberately hid her party affiliation and “just wants to get things done.” Her crude language currently in cold storage, Sinema is now suddenly transmogrified into an esteemed Democrat U.S. Senator representing Arizona. The newspaper, subtly acknowledging her propensity for deceit…redefines her as  “reflect[ing] the brand of 100 percent Arizona individualism,” ranking her along with other less than straight shooters, from Republicrats McCain, Sandra O’Connor and yes, Barry Goldwater to leftists Cesar Chavez and Mo Udall.

The AZ Republic is in orgasmic throes at the prospect of Sinema as a U.S. Senator. It even simultaneously published a vicious Benson cartoon mocking far more accomplished Republican U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, recently appointed to the other senate seat, to accompany the Sinematic epic.

The bizarre editorial concludes with this bit of asininity as it calls her brand of politics “revolutionary… representing a refreshing, badly needed change”:

As a senator, she’ll have the biggest stage of her political career. She’ll have the task of delivering political clout to Arizona, which has lost the senatorial longevity and gravitas of McCain and Jeff Flake. We don’t think Sinema will have any trouble making her mark with the kind of flair and substance that reflects well on Arizona – a state with a history of producing impressive public figures who write their own stories.

This April 2, 2017 post will assist our readers more fully understand the increasing intensity of the reporting distortions and psychotic duplicity that drives the failing, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper.

14 Responses to Kyrsten Sinematic theatre of the absurd

  1. Mike says:

    “Longevity and gravitas?” One-term flake-off FLAKE?

  2. PV PC says:

    Another well researched and enlightening post. This is exactly what keeps bringing me back to SRAZ.

    I appreciate the link to Sinema’s book, where her own quote belies the Republic’s praise of her honesty. We cancelled our subscription several years ago. The newspaper, filled with skewed “news” and contrivances is aimed at the voters they consider easily swayed oldsters, evident by the plethora of ads for hearing aids, retirement and nursing home facilities.

    I occasionally see a copy that floats around my office. It appears the Sports section gets a workout and by the time I might happen upon it, the crossword puzzle is already completed. No one takes the “news” seriously and most in our professional firm are Trump supporters.

    • Not Fooled says:

      This leftwing newspaper is in steep decline, and deservedly so. It hasn’t reported in years. The entire newspaper editorializes. It’s two mainstays are bashing Trump and open borders. Actual journalists don’t exist at the Arizona Republic. They have been replaced by ASU Cronkite students who have no offices and scant oversight. Agendized radicals Linda Valdez, Elvia Diaz and Daniel Gonzales, Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and their like minded goons run the show. Even Libertarian Robert Robb has fallen into the abyss. The editorial page editor is Phil Boas, who oversaw the takedown of his own father-in-law, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Does any thinking person actually long to pay the salaries of these mental midgets by subscribing to this rag? I occasionally see sections (intended to be read and replaced) that are on a center table at the breakfast spot I stop at on my way to work. Scanning the distortions posing as news is mind boggling. There is no op-ed page, since the only opinion that counts is their own.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Whatever will the rag and their followers do when the TRUTH comes out?

    The Clinton Foundation. Nuclear secrets sold via the server.
    Poor Amb. Chris Stephens set up as an unknowing mule. The deaths of the entire Seal team in that helicopter.Obama declassifying and selling Davy Crockett M388s to Syria thru Benghazi. Who else was involved? (c’mon you know who) Research davy crockett M388.

    If those few patriots had Not gone to try and rescue Amb. Stephens on Sept. 11, 2012, which was NOT supposed to happen, most of the world would have probably been destroyed by now.

    Swiss bank accounts of over one trillion dollars went to hundreds of names you would recognize (and more names that you would probably not recognize, it’s that deep). The price of silence.
    Why did no one in Congress ever question the billions of dollars “pallets of cash and gold” that Obama shipped to Iran and one other country?

    Did Obama use the broad and powerful powers afforded him by the U.S. Constitution under Art II, section 2 to PARDON everyone involved? Only pertains to Fed crimes. State crimes would be handled by the States, but don’t worry, he had Santa’s ATM on his sleigh as he made his rounds.

    Why did HIllary Not give a concession speech on election night after losing to Trump? Maybe the news caused a Massive Seizure and rendered her unwell for a bit of time.
    The Truth will be revealed.

    Bonus. RE: Syria:

    He helped them more than he Ever helped us.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Some good news! The Dow is surging! Up 600 points this morning!!

  5. durabo says:

    Sinema is now a member of the Amerikanski Nomenklatura, the communist ruling class of the USSA.

  6. Kimball says:

    Technology has mostly replaced home delivery of hard copy newspapers. In another decade, they won’t even exist. I’m likely being overly generous with that estimate. But more to the point, what would possess any thinking person to log on to the AZ Repulsive’s website when news is available 24/7 on countless far more reliable outlets.

    Local news is a joke. Even the valley TV stations are weak, self congratulatory and filled with network generated “feed.” These are bastions of elderly viewers and will be gone when that audience leaves.

    As to sinning Sinema, my hope is she will implode. Lying, her “winning strategy,” becomes increasingly difficult since it’s impossible to remember who was told which story and when. Eventually it will catch up with her.

  7. jake sez says:

    All of this all accomplished by the Democratic party and everyone associated with them working together to get their ideas placed before the voters in the most innocent and appealing style.

    The republicans are still distracted by having the establishment engaged in ongoing war against the conservatives. Tells you were the establishment has put their priorities.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      You nailed it, Jake. Establishment Republicrats are more eager to excise conservatives from the party ranks than they are to beat Democrats.

      If someone had told me this years ago, I never would have believed it, but the facts speak for themselves. The demise of the Republican Party that we witnessed during the last election was due in part to two major forces:
      1: The unionized public school teachers we are supposed to revere and never acknowledge that they are part time workers indoctrinating our kids with liberalism, organized. They demanded and received 20% raises, after abandoning the students in their charge for over a week, and turned the election on its ear with Democrat cronies elected to offices they haven’t held in years.

      2: The Arizona Republican Party was and is a hotbed of McCain and Flake cronies. While he was chairman, Robert Graham showed his true colors by refusing to attend Donald Trump’s campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center. This was prior to Trump’s election, but I knew that day Trump was energizing Republicans in a way I hadn’t seen since Ronald Reagan was President. Now the lackluster and rarely seen Republican chairman Jonathan Lines is running for reelection, after the miserable election results he presided over. He has more nerve than brains.

      We need to unify behind Dr. Kelli Ward and send a strong message to the elites that their tactics will no longer work. If we’re not successful with this effort in January, we might as well fold up our tents and turn the state over to the Dems…not something I intend to do. We all need to grow a spine and kick the remnants to the McCain cabal to the curb.

  8. jig says:

    Very True SRAZ but Sinema is there because she ran a better campaign and has not been called out from the beginning as a lesbian pervert. McSally can’t do that (wonder why)!

    AZ is morphing into California because AZ residents are demanding and getting more govt services and public service employees are quickly becoming the new elite instead of our employees.

  9. jake sez says:

    AMEN, brother , AMEN!!

  10. Kent says:

    I learned a lot under that Barry Goldwater link. Interesting that “Mr. Conservative” wasn’t so conservative, after all. It’s certainly not conservative to support a Democrat in a congressional race, no less, and be on board with abortion.

  11. Nancy Russell Plencner says:

    Well everyone was asleep at the wheel on Nov. 6, no one EVER challenged Sinema’s party affiliation or past. Waiting for our State Newspaper of Record to investigate her was like waiting for the Titantic to dock in NY. I would love to see every conservative Republican, every Arizonan who supports President Trump to immediately cancel their subscription to this garbage newspaper.