McCain verified as source to discredit Pres. Trump

Buried in the end-of-the-year news of 2018, was something the adoring Arizona Republic neglected to mention during its inexhaustible coverage of John McCain and his seemingly endless funerals.

Gregg Re, writing for Fox News, a more reliable source than Arizona’s newspaper of record, has a fascinating report that verifies what we’ve suspected about the less than praiseworthy John McCain. Rather than deserving of days of fawning coverage and a rotogravure-like magazine insert commemorating the far less than sterling man, Re uses these words in his opening:

An associate of the late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain shared with Buzzfeed News a copy of the unverified, salacious opposition research dossier alleging that Russians had compromising material on President Trump, according to a bombshell federal court filing Wednesday.

McCain had strenuously denied being the source for Buzzfeed after it published the dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. In recent days, the dossier’s credibility has increasingly come under question, as the Yahoo News investigative reporter who broke news of its existence said many of its claims were “likely false,” and an adviser to ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said Cohen never went to Prague to pay off Russian hackers, as alleged in the dossier.

Nevertheless, the FBI extensively relied on the dossier in its warrant applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court in seeking to surveil Trump aide Carter Page. On four occasions, the FBI also incorrectly suggested to the FISA court that the Yahoo reporter, Michael Isikoff, had written an article that provided an independent basis to surveil Page — even though London court records revealed Isikoff was, in fact, relying on the leaks from the dossier’s author. (Page, who has not been charged with wrongdoing, is now suing the DNC for defamation.)

Earlier this year, Fox News reported that a top McCain associate, David Kramer, had been briefed on the dossier written by British ex-spy Christopher Steele in late November 2016 in Surrey, England. Kramer invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid testifying before House Republicans about his handling of the dossier.


In 2013, SRAZ posted,McCain may support “rock star” Hillary in 2016.” He also referred to Fox News as “schizophrenic.” In retrospect it appears he was setting the stage for his future collusion with the DNC on behalf of Hillary.

Read the entire Fox News report here. It’s definitely worth your time.  McCain is no longer above ground, but his contemptible legacy, exemplified by his vengeful desire to obliterate President Trump —- who attained the position which eluded him —- lives on.  



7 Responses to McCain verified as source to discredit Pres. Trump

  1. Mike says:

    Fortunately, McCain has been put out of our misery. Unfortunately, RINOs are like whack-a-moles – knock one down and another pops up. It will probably only be a matter of time before Flake, like Romney, splits for Utah, where any Mormon can be granted political eligibility just as easily as the McCains/Flakes would grant U.S. citizenship to illegal alien parents of anchor babies. Remember, you heard it here first!

    • Seen It All says:

      McCain’s long tentacles emerge from the grave.

      He has always deceived. That’s been his lifelong modus operandi. He and Cindy were planning their elaborate wedding before his divorce from his first wife was even finalized. Those who knew him best…in the senate and during imprisonment in Hanoi, attest to the fact that he constructed his heroism and question how he, as a former POW would devote so much time and energy making sure the records of our Vietnam era POWs and MIAs were PERMANENTLY sealed. They concluded he was obviously trying to hide his own collusion with the enemy. His Wikipedia page was written by his surrogates and his books were actually ghost written by his longtime associate Mark Salter who constructed the glossy McCain, intended to dupe AZ newcomers and senior citizens into continually voting for him. He gathered so much dirt on others that they eagerly supported his campaigns with mucho dinero to keep him quiet.
      He ran as a Republican, but conspire with Democrats throughout his career. To give his actual turncoat status cover, he called himself a “maverick.” He hated conservatives and worked behind the scenes to try to purge elected precinct committeemen from the AZ Republican Party.

      If you haven’t seen this video, it’s well worth watching.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    no brain tumor? It was a cover. (remember good pal Teddy K.?, can we borrow a diagnosis?)
    Too bad for all who participated in it.
    Licensed professionals and many, many others.

    Why does the media continue to call it a “dossier”? That implies that it was some type of official, important document.

    Why not call it like it was——a fraud.
    They referred to it as “an insurance policy”. But they had other backup plans. What’s the worst that could happen to a president?
    The “other guys” Love Pence. Think of that.

    The REST of what happened, over decades, is what was criminal.
    Syria, guns and assorted heavy weapons.

    Poor Ambassador Stephens was being used, didn’t know until too late, and when he discovered it, well . . . . . . .09/11/12.
    If those contractors had NOT defied multiple “Stand Down” orders, no one would have ever been the wiser.
    Familiarize yourself with the meaning of two words:

    And pray to God for protection over President Trump and his family; his Loyal team, and our U.S. military.

    • Observer says:

      I am definitely no McCain fan, Never was. But why would any medical personnel, especially at Mayo, concoct a brain tumor story? What are you inferring was the actual culprit? McCain was obviously having cognitive difficulties for some time before the diagnosis.

  3. Former GOP PC says:

    No amount of post-death misplaced honors on this wretched man can fool those of us who have been paying attention to his leftward lurches and lies for decades.
    Seen It All who commented above is absolutely correct in pointing out that John McCain was behind the purge of conservative precinct committeemen from the Arizona Republican Party. Kyl also engaged in these undermining tactics.

    My wife and I were victims of the McCain purge. After dedicating years to the AZ GOP (time, sweat equity and money) we were replaced by McCain loyalists who never showed up at district meetings, but were devoted McCainiacs. Their sole function was to turn party leadership in a leftward direction.

    The Statutory Republican state meeting is coming up on January 26th. Current state chairman Jonathan Lines was in charge in November when we lost previously GOP held state and federal offices that are now in Democrat hands. He needs to be replaced by a conservative. Please support Dr. Kelli Ward. I view her as our last hope to get the AZ Republican Party back on track. Wish we could vote for her, but McCain’s operatives took us out.

  4. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Aside from all the well earned vitriolic posts regarding the swamp creature McSlime, which is right on, we knew early on who submitted the fraudulent ill conceived garbage not even close to having a reputable name like dossier.

    His cabal goes on and, as with most evil things like minds ie evil ones, exist to do harm and his followers are agenda driven and will remain so.

    And what do we have to combat that, not much, no good candidates, no agreement of the poor choices we do have and the lack of true candidates says it all. Without a decent candidate we can’t win a thing. The good guys/gals no gender bias here, won’t run and subject themselves to the mud slinging, and attacks that is used them to consider their family, job and life in general. Not to mention the big factor it takes bucks to run, lots of them and who would blame then not to want to subject their families with the attack that the Alinskyite Republicrats use just like their compatriots the Dims use.

    Can we come up with an ‘out of the box method’ probably but will we? Not until we get our act together with thinking informed patriots not in it for themselves or personal gain but to continue our Republic and the rule of law and not social justice or emotional acceptance of likability vs know all the facts.

  5. JCF says:

    S.sam, I was told exactly the same thing a couple months ago from someone very familiar wth glioblastoma and its progression. Furthermore that because of McShame’s latest gambit on his role in the “dossier” the elitists told him he could survive, but his family’s holdings and reputation would be lost, or leave this world at an early calling.
    The same contact suggested that I search Internet for the Podesta ranch in Texas to learn what activities besides hunting were available there. I could not understand why Scalia had no secret service protection there. Why a devout catholic family with one member a priest would choose cremation.

    It always puzzled me how there could exist such a warm friendship between him and RB Ginsburg. But I just recently read of her background with ACLU – kids should have right to consent to sex at age of @ 12, gender ID wrong with celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Other obnoxious items which I cannot now recall.

    Would surely relish discussing your background, how you are so aware and getting comment on so very many of my questions.