Ducey swears in Dems: Proof of AZ GOP ineptitude 

This morning at 10:00 Gov. Doug Ducey will preside over the inauguration of newly elected state officers. The spiffy invitation is topped by a copper-toned replica of the state seal. The text is embossed on high quality, ivory card stock. To the untutored eye, it looks elegantly celebratory.  But the hard truth is, of the five state officers being sworn in, two are Democrats, newly elected to formerly Republican-held posts.

Republican Mark Brnovich was reelected attorney general as was Joe Hart, state mine inspector. Former state senator Kimberly Yee was victorious in her bid for state treasurer.

The debate can rage over what caused the upsets. The striking  #REDSforEd unionist teachers, who abandoned approximately 840,000 students in over 1,000 Arizona public schools for more than a week, claim credit for the eminently unqualified Democrat Kathy Hoffman winning the Superintendent of Public Instruction and Katie Hobbs now a heartbeat away from the Governor’s office. Republicans also lost a seat on the utilities’ rate-setting corporation commission. Five of Arizona’s nine congressional district seats are now in the Dem column.

There’s plenty of blame to be spread around, but as the sign on Pres. Harry Truman’s desk spelled out, “The buck stops here,” meaning with him, since he was in charge. The same analogy can be made with Jonathan Lines, the Republican state chairman. He lives approximately 200 miles away in Yuma, with his wife and 11 children, runs a business in the area and rarely shows his face at Republican headquarters. He is the marionette to string-pulling Robert Graham’s puppeteer. Arizona Republicans need leadership, not someone taking orders from the representative of the Republican syndicate. Frank Thorwald, the backup candidate, conveniently works with GrahamAnd Graham?  He’s been censured, barred and fined $15,000 for alleged violations of Massachusetts  securities laws, according to a consent order from the state’s securities regulator.

Dr. Kelli Ward, a former two-term state senator is challenging the bungling Lines. She’s knowledgeable and familiar with the process. We have the rare occasion to elect a Trump-supporting conservative who speaks our language and is not beholden to the establishment. The statewide GOP Statutory Meeting is Sat. January 26, 2019. If you are an elected state delegate, be sure to cast your ballot for Dr. Kelli Ward.


9 Responses to Ducey swears in Dems: Proof of AZ GOP ineptitude 

  1. State Committeeman says:

    Jonathan Lines has presided over this debacle. He is not deserving of a repeat performance. From what I’m hearing from other state committeemen, the only way he can be reelected is if he pulls a Robert Graham type stunt as we witnessed previously. We need leadership not scheming McCainiacs.

    • PC and State Committeeman says:

      Lyin’ Lines will win pure (not really anything pure about him) and simple (he is a simpleton) by altering the electronic vote who even a Mesa District Chairman admits can be altered and of course leaves no paper trail to show the fraud. We have been had by a band of miscreant Republicrats and they have had a long time to set it up with the alignment they have with the Dems.
      So voting for McSully a true establishment anti Trumper who made no effort to fight the fraud that Sinema used and quietly with a smile conceded. Now by appointment to office she will side with her fellow Commie, bisexual feminist and stab us in the back like McSlime and Flakey Flake did. As for the other two candidates, have we heard what they would do for the Party from Thorwald a long top down do what we (the Party) tells you and keep your mouth shut and on and on, from the other one crickets no plan just rhetoric.

  2. Michael Schmitz says:

    The RINOs run deep and wild in AZ. Coming from California and seeing and suffering the abuse of unfettered liberalism, I thought I would be safe in AZ as a Republican/conservative/2A stronghold. I’m starting to wonder if I should have moved farther east to Texas?

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Ever been to Austin? LIbs.
      Now Antifa has set up “no-go zones” in Nashville, TN.
      Nashville infected with young west/left coasters with their alternate lifestyles.

      Moving, at this point, won’t make a difference.
      Stand and be counted. We, at some point, will have to stand up.
      The body politic developed a cancer which metastasized and turned gangrenous, causing a sewer gas stench.

      You have no idea how bad this is. It’s ALL Broken.

      A world wide horror story brought to us by the Clinton crime family and their off-shoots.
      No where to run. No where to hide.

      (how many people compromised their oaths in order to keep Ruthie Bad Girl alive? Did they cut off old Harry Reid from his “treatments” to give it all to RBG? A horror story.)

  3. JCF says:

    Any others besides me who do not understand S. Sam’s last 3 lines? I would very much like to (understand)…

    • terry dudas says:

      I think Sam is referring to the fact that Harry Reid, who also has terminal cancer, is being sacrificed – treatment wise – on the altar of Ruth Ginsburg’s survival at ANY cost.
      I wondered that myself when I saw a report about Reid and his current condition, last week.
      Correct me, Sam, if I got it wrong.

    • Realist says:

      After what the McCainiacs put Kelli Ward through, it was a testament to her grit and determination when she ran against Jeff the Flake.

      The McMachine, run by his surrogates when he was alive and continues with a vengeance now that he’s finally gone, exists solely to destroy conservatives and our duly elected President Trump.

      Dr. Ward is sharper, smarter and more credible than any of them, but they have the power they have diligently honed. We have to beat them at their own game. This GOP state chairmanship is a critical component to keeping Arizona red. It’s turning purple under the Jonathan Lines, Robert Graham and Bruce Ash cabal.

      Wise up, folks. We are in deep trouble and have a small window of time to extract ourselves, or the fight will be permanently lost.

  4. Braveheart says:

    I attended the outdoor inaugural ceremonies this morning. With the temperature in the mid 40’s, it was curious to see newly elected Democrat Katie Hobbs wearing a sleeveless dress, while others were bundled up. Her daughter was dressed similarly.

    If this foolishness exemplifies the level of thinking we can expect from this woman, we would be wise to expect little of substance from her.

    She did promise that our elections would “represent diversity,” whatever that means. I suspect it’s not diversity of ideas or even diversity of votes, such as is already the case, since that’s what elections and secret ballots are all about. I took it as a promise to deliver more minority votes with the same door-to-door programs that round up unvoted mail-in ballots, vote them for the recipients and then drop them off at the elections department. It’s known as ballot harvesting, and should be illegal.

    I’m happy with all registered voters casting their ballots once they are armed with the facts. To portray collection of unmarked ballots as a helpful aid to mostly non-English speaking voters is actually voter fraud.

  5. Jig says:

    Republicans need some new blood,,,,,not losers from the past or those associated w/ McCain.