Uh oh…Pres. Trump’s polling has tanked

Republicans are warned that Donald Trump will lead them into the political wilderness.  It’s a repeat of the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, when all of the cultural elite asserted with absolute certainty (video) that Donald Trump would never be president.

They were, of course, off by a country mile.

The current polls are reflective of the relentless multi-pronged, media-driven, crusade against President Trump. Those who know little and read even less, are easily swayed and bullied into thinking that the man who was buoyed by a populist wave into the White House has somehow fallen short. 

He hasn’t.

To the delight of his base, President Trump is delivering on his campaign promises. Joblessness is at historic lows, the economy is surging, he has appointed two U.S. Supreme Court justices, with another in sight. His unprecedented inroads with North Korea have been monumental. The Dems are smarting, bruised and broken.  They are also enraged that that “sure thing Hillary,” endorsed by the majority of nation’s editorial boards — including the leftwing Arizona Republic, not only lost, but suffered massive nationwide losses.

Further evidence of the dismal shape the Democrats find themselves in, is shown by the socialists who are gaining dominance in the party that once appealed to many of our patriotic parents and grandparents.  Renown economics professor Dr. Walter Williams, succinctly compares Capitalism to Socialism.

It is the far left educrat unions that are responsible for failing to educate American students in the realities of the disastrous system. Preceding the midterm elections, Investor’s Business Daily ran this editorial, “Millennials May Love Socialism, But Socialism Won’t Love Them Back.“

Millennials supported Socialist Bernie Sanders for president in shockingly high numbers.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Socialist trounced a ten-term incumbent Democrat congressman in New York by courting minorities and the youth vote with slippery deception and technology rather than traditional campaign strategies.

Republicans must regard these phenomenons as instructive, rather than dismissing them as anomalies. America’s future depends on it.

9 Responses to Uh oh…Pres. Trump’s polling has tanked

  1. D. B. Cooper says:

    As pointed out here, polls are meaningless. The only calculation that counts are the votes that are tabulated on Election Day.

    Republicans were not dissuaded by the raucous left, telling us that Trump was a flash in the pan and that the best he could hope for was to have made the list of 17 primary candidates. He easily beat the anointed Jeb! Bush, And the exclamation mark Jeb! had following his name on his signs and ads just made him appear more foolish.

  2. Mike says:

    Some of that tanking could be due to the fact that he just took a major contingent responsible for his election and STABBED THEM IN THE BACK. He’d better hope everything else he does in the time he’s got left in this term is good enough to make up for this blunder. And we’d better hope that Ginsberg leaves sooner rather than later, because after this, Trump may very well not get as many more years to replace her as we had hoped.

    • Maggie says:

      As president, Donald Trump doesn’t concern himself with making popular decisions. He does what he believes is right for the country and his administration reflects that.

      Your obvious glee in demeaning him makes me wonder if you voted for him. Did you?

      • Mike says:

        On the contrary, I have been one of his staunchest supporters and overall remain so, and did indeed vote for him and would do it again. But I am hugely shocked and disappointed at this one decision. Then again, Trump does often shoot his mouth carelessly and then backtrack and do the right thing in the end. But his ability to beat Hillary in the first place hinged largely on the support of a lot of the type of voters that have or stand to lose their jobs thanks to the allowance of these H1B imports – and unless he watches his step very carefully and retracts this statement and plan he is NOT going to have the support of those voters again and he WILL lose.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    This week, at the Farm Bureau’s 100th annual convention (held this year in New Orleans), AZ Farmer Jim Chilton is invited to the podium alongside President Trump.

    AZ Farmer, Jim Chilton, has something to say:

    You may have heard (because it’s being heavily broadcast across all media) that AMAZON/WAPO owner Jeff Bezos has been flaunting his mistress and will be getting a divorce.

    He and his current wife have No pre-nup.

    This news is significant because he knows that his empire will be busted up by the Feds. Antitrust?
    (and that deal with the USPS)

    So, he will be keeping his billions by hiding it through the gift of alimony.

    It’s all a ruse. They have no shame.

  4. Casper says:

    Here are some photos of the Pope’s wall. Amazing that this arrogant mortal would have the gall to tell us how to protect our country! He can’t even protect choir boys from pedophiles.


  5. jake sez says:

    I am worried that President Trump has surrounded himself with bad advisors. His selection of an Attorney General that is from the swamp and is getting great accolades from establishment republicans sounds just like Sessions. His selection of Kavanaugh who’s first vote supported Planed Parenthood does not bode well for his selections. I am still behind him but we need to work to clear the state parties, like Arizona, of the non-supporters now in change.

    Trump is still our best and only shot for the beginning of the fight to shrink government.

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