Climate change Kelly needs coaxing to challenge McSally

Not surprisingly, former astronaut Mark Kelly, a liberal hypocrite is considering a challenge to Arizona’s Republican Senator, Martha McSally. But according to 314 Action, which oddly identifies as a “pro-science resistance,” the newly coy potential candidate needs coaxing.

The effort to draft Kelly reportedly involves a six-figure digital ad campaign. The ads direct supporters to where they can sign a petition urging him to run as a climate change advocate. The site refers to him as a “tireless advocate fighting for action on climate change, absurdly posing the question, “Who better to tackle climate change than someone who has seen the earth from space?” The site asserts, “Now more than ever, we need members of the US Senate who understand that the most important issue facing our public safety is climate change.” The illegal invasion, terrorism, proliferation of illicit drugs, rampant crime and failing education system take a back seat. The slick tricksters also vow to “fight the Trump administration’s attacks on science.”

Kelly is a Second Amendment restrictionist for others, but not himself.  In 2013, he was caught on a Tucson gun store’s surveillance camera purchasing an AR-15, which he refers to as an “assault weapon” and a semi-automatic pistol. After he was outted, he claimed he intended his purchases to illustrate the need for more stringent gun laws. While awaiting the background check clearance he was unable to take possession of the guns.

Mark Kelly is a friend of Barack Obama and husband of former U. S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), who survived a 2011 horrific mass shooting at a political event in Tucson, taking the lives of six, including Federal Judge John Roll and a nine-year old girl.

Giffords and Kelly have formed a political action committee, Americans for Responsible Solutions, a blandly named gun control group lobbying for universal background checks on gun purchasers and urging restrictions on various gun purchases.

But their restrictions don’t include deadly pets like his daughter’s pit bull that was caught on a cell phone camera killing a baby sea lion on the California beach where Kelly, Giffords and his daughters were vacationing.

Other Democrats considering challenging Sen. Martha McSally are Rep. Ruben Gallego. Republicrat Grant Woods, who backed radical Kyrsten Sinema this year, says he is considering running for Senate — as a Democrat. Woods is McCain’s onetime chief of staff, who has made a career of endorsing Democrats. Newly elected CD 9 U.S. Rep. Greg Stanton, formerly the Phoenix mayor, who ran on a pledge to eliminate a tax on food, reneging on it after the ballots were counted — and who just won election to Sinema’s House seat in November — is also considering launching a senate campaign.

Kelly has already met with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

In 2014 the left-wing Washington Post referred to Kelly as “Democrats’ Dream Candidate.” Thinking Arizonans regard him as an opportunistic, far-left nightmare.

11 Responses to Climate change Kelly needs coaxing to challenge McSally

  1. Tucson GOP says:

    Mark Kelly is an opportunistic liar who gained notoriety through his wife’s unfortunate injuries. He wasn’t even in Tucson through most of her hospitalization and rehab. When the pressure mounted, he moved her to Houston where he was. She was flown in a private jet owned by Kelly’s billionaire friend Tilman Fertitta, who donated to Gabby Gifford’s campaign. No doubt he will be a heavy hitter if Kelly becomes a senate candidate.

    • Observer says:

      It’s always good to have billionaire friends when running for office. Mark Kelly loves the spotlight. The fact that he’s met with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, removes any doubt that he’s running. I hope Republican Martha McSally has a good donor list with heavy hitters to go along with her stellar military and congressional resume. This could be brutal.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Kelly doesn’t need coaxing. He needs to be outed as the liberal he is. What a nightmare it would be for Arizona to have two Dims in the US Senate,

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    All anyone needs to factor into this equation is the fact that the Washington Post views Mark Kelly as a “Dream candidate.” That birdcage liner masquerading as a newspaper endorsed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton!

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    But we knew this was coming, correct?

    Just another guy who moved here (from TX), who has ZERO presence in the AZ community-at-large.

    There have been studies done on astronauts regarding brain and muscle atrophy. Shrinkage.

  5. Trevor says:

    Mark Kelly is a walking hypocrite wherever he goes, I look forward to seeing him having a primary debate with Commie Ruben and Grant McWoods. Watching the left fighting each other never gets old.

  6. jake sez says:

    We need to get a good strong republican to run as well. McSally was appointed only because she lost was a part of the McCain group. Had to keep her employed. Hey, Andy Biggs, what are you doing in the next year or so?

    • Jig says:

      Totally agree. Hopefully it could be a contest and not a bloody fight and the best candidate wins.

      I know its not politically correct to say but I am ashamed of a state that has not one but two lesbians representing them in the senate…just that simple.

  7. Tucson GOP says:

    I’m a big Biggs fan. Because of that I don’t want to risk losing him in what is certain to be a dirty and expensive fight, funded by liberal billionaires. Congresswoman McSally was not my first choice for the senate appointment, but she didn’t fall in with the McCain family and voted with Pres. Trump nearly 97 percent of the time while in the US House. I’ll stay with her as the incumbent senator, rather than buy a “pig in a poke.” That’s a sure way to lose a GOP senate seat.

  8. jake sez says:

    Then you want to listen to her latest. She wants the wall in specific places and wants to open the government so they can resolve the difference between the two parties. Remember she has made a part of her promises to work across the aisle like big John.

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