$$ sweetens the pot: Adams returns to Ducey

Kirk Adams, who resigned as Gov. Doug Ducey’s chief of staff last month, has mysteriously returned before Ducey’s sweet tweet welcoming replacement Daniel Scarpinato, the Guv’s former spokesperson, was fully digested.

Adams, previously a state legislator earning $24,000, was paid just fifty bucks short of $170,000 a year at the time of his abrupt departure from the ninth floor perch. His latest salary hasn’t been fully disclosed, other than the report from Ducey’s current spokesman Patrick Ptak that Adams will be compensated an additional $1500 a month to “cover expenses.” When he resigned Adams, a failed 2012 congressional candidate, said he was “looking forward to new opportunities outside of state government.”

Obviously those “opportunities” never materialized.

The local newspaper’s none-too-bright Elvia Diaz opined that “it was no coincidence that Gov. Doug Ducey’s loyal chief of staff resigned just after Ducey handily won re-election.” In her convoluted thinking, Ducey would appoint Adams to replace Jon Kyl, who agreed to temporarily fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant after John McCain‘s numerous funerals. Then the dutiful Adams would subserviently act as a placeholder until Ducey completed his final term and compliantly step down.  Diaz actually called Adams “Ducey’s golden ticket.”

She clearly has no sense. No one is that loyal…especially Kirk Adams.

8 Responses to $$ sweetens the pot: Adams returns to Ducey

  1. Seen It All says:

    Scarpinato and Ptak will be negatively impacted by Adam’s quick return. What happens to them? Will Ducey allow them to keep the salaries when he demotes them or will he kick them out the door to keep egos at bay?

  2. Trevor says:

    Never forget that Kirk Adams ran a disgraceful and shameful campaign against Matt Salmon and no surprise McCain was all in for Adams, he would be a crap Senator too.

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    Nitwit Elvia Diaz uses the surname Diaz-Manzanarez when she writes for La Voz Arizona the Spanish language publication of The Arizona Republic (also owned by Gannett) where she’s the General Manager. She lists “immigrant” as her first identifier on her twitter account. Being an Mexican immigrant takes precedence over being an American citizen.

    Diaz omits whether she is legal or illegal.

  4. Realist says:

    The old saying is “There’s no loyalty among thieves.”. That can be expanded to include “the ruling class,” It will be interesting to see how Daniel Scarpinato and Patrick Ptak are treated. It will tell us plenty more about Doug McDucey,

  5. JCF says:

    FYI Rec’d. from Jose Borrajero with AZRRT (Az. Rapid Response Team) request for calls/e-mails re 2 bills to be dealt with in
    AZ this Monday – HB 2522 and SB 1143 – yes votes = no state income tax increase (’18) that would wipe out portion of fed. tax cuts. Super majority would prevent Ducey from vetoing and then claiming he did not raise taxes. Contact members of House Ways & Means comm. for the tax bills.

  6. JCF says:

    Maria and Mark Syms are suing Jonathan Lines and wife and the AZ Republican Party for defamation presented at a district 26 meeting.