Skewing & spinning news to fit anti-Trump agenda

February 28, 2019

Historic summit merits no coverage; pre-prison congressional testimony of convicted perjurer tops front page

In a blatant fit of pique, the local daily once again provides spin rather than news. With its anti-Trump loathing prominently displayed, the Hillary-endorsing local newspaper teaches its ASU Cronkite J School student reporters, lacking professional guidance, a thing or two about the importance of placement.

Case in point: On the cusp of President Trump’s historic follow-up summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, with the aim of denuclearizing the Korean peninsular, the coverage was found tucked away on page 15, in the USA Today single page insert. 

Worthy of Page One coverage, complete with three full-color oversize photos — one including school children singing “Happy Birthday to the Grand Canyon,” this headline topped the front page and jump page article: “Happy 100th, Grand Canyon National Park.”

It’s a good bet the singing students have never heard of Korea.

Arizonans are appreciative of our uniqueness. We’re proud to be known as the Grand Canyon State. We’ve hiked it and taken countless visiting friends and relatives to marvel at its majestic beauty. But celebrating its anniversary of being declared a national park is not even near to being on par with this crucial summit. Donald Trump is the first American President to even attempt to make inroads in this isolated, impoverished, unstable and nuclear-armed empire.

In May 2018, President Trump facilitated an unprecedented peace summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in that resulted in the leaders vowing to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons and declare an official conclusion to the technically ongoing war between the two nations after more than 70 years of saber rattling hostilities that have destabilized the region and worried world leaders.

President Trump met with Kim Jong-un last June with a follow-up meeting yesterday in Hanoi, Vietnam. “We’ll ultimately have a deal…that doesn’t mean we’re doing it in one day, in one meeting,” Trump told reporters shortly before concluding talks early.  

Once again, the Arizona Republic front page completely ignores the unprecedented meeting. The only mention is on page 8 of the single page USA Today insert.

Grabbing sweeping front page coverage of the failing left-wing newspaper is the pre-prison testimony of convicted perjurer Michael Cohen, trying to save his own ass by throwing red meat to the congressional Democrats in their desperate, staged pre-impeachment circus.

This quote from Cohen, previously convicted of lying to congress, sits above the headline, “Cohen‘s Counterpunch.”

“Donald Trump is capable of behaving kindly, but he is not kind. He is capable of committing act of generosity, but he is not generous. He is capable of being loyal, but he is fundamentally disloyal.”

Get it?


ERA 2019: A solution seeking non-existent problem

February 27, 2019

Competency has long trumped gender as qualifier for women achievers, rendering Equal Rights Amendment irrelevant

As the ERA resurfaces in the Arizona Legislature, and marches on the state capitol are planned, it’s worth examining the facts regarding the need for a constitutional amendment to enshrine equal rights for women.

For the third year in a row, women outnumbered men in law school classrooms across the country in 2018. Ditto medical schools, with higher female enrollment. Women serve in record numbers in congress. In a historic first, Arizona is represented in Washington D.C. by two female U.S. Senators Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema.  Ironically, it was Democrat Sinema who viciously slurred women.

Four of Arizona’s last six governors have been women, dating back to 1988. We were also one of the first states to send a woman to Congress, when Isabella Selmes Greenway won office in 1932. Not only was Sandra Day O’Connor — appointed by President Ronald Reagan — the first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court, but the trailblazing state of Arizona had the first female state Supreme Court Justice, when Lorna Lockwood — born in 1903, in the Arizona territory — ascended to the Arizona Supreme Court.

Justice Lockwood is notable for being the first woman in the nation to become Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court serving in that capacity twice — from 1965 through 1966 and from 1970 through 1971. She passed the bar in 1925 and was a state legislator and Superior Court Judge before ascending to the Arizona Supreme Court in 1960 — paving the nearly identical career path Sandra O’Connor eventually took to the U.S. Supreme Court. O’Connor was elected to both the state legislature and as a Maricopa County Superior Court Judge (prior to the 1974 advent of “merit selection”) before being named to the Supreme Court.

Women are also entrepreneurial. According to these 2017 figures, which have no doubt grown since they were released, more than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating $1.7 trillion in sales.

So why is the political left reviving efforts to pass the obviously unnecessary Equal Rights Amendment? Women have served in Presidential Cabinets, as spokespersons and advisers. Female Democrat 2020 presidential aspirants are already outnumbering their male counterparts.

Women obviously are not in need of amendment to ensure equal rights. The rights have been in place for decades as Arizonans are well aware, exemplified by Justice Lockwood, who passed the bar 93 years ago, beginning her stellar career path.

In 1998, five Arizona women known as the ‘Fab Five’ were simultaneously elected to the state’s top government positions. Governor Jane Dee Hull; Secretary of State Betsey Bayless; Attorney General Janet Napolitano; Treasurer Carol Springer; and Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham-Keegan.

Soon after statehood in 1912, Arizona amended the state constitution to grant women’s voting rights and ensure their ability to hold public office. That occurred a full eight years before the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting women’s rights.

What exactly would the ratification of the obviously antiquated notion of an Equal Rights Amendment accomplish in 2019?

Marxist Pope Francis oversees sexual abuse, corruption

February 26, 2019

The U.K.‘s Guardian newspaper, reports on the global sexual abuse scandal that is rocking the Catholic Church. These vile acts against children have been perpetrated by numerous leaders throughout the hierarchy, from parish priests to bishops, including archbishops and cardinals, to close advisers to Pope Francis. Cardinal George Pell, until recently the third most senior figure at the Vatican, is facing prison time for serial abuse of minors. Last June, Francis accepted the resignation of three Chilean bishops over their handling of abuse cases, including one he had vigorously defended a few months earlier. The recent list of degenerate clergy can be found in the Guardian link in the first sentence of this paragraph.

When Pope Benedict XVI was swiftly removed from the papacy in 2013, the first pope in over 600 years to “abdicate,” speculation ran rampant, but most often returned to the corruption he exposed at the top levels of the $8 Billion-asset Vatican Bank. Benedict’s rushed departure followed by immediate and permanent seclusion eerily coincided with the banking scandal exposé.

Enshrouded in secrecy for 6 years, no one except Vatican insiders know whether Benedict, who was elected pope in 2005, is above or below ground.

Polish-born Benedict witnessed the atrocities of WWII firsthand and valued liberty. Francis, an unconcealed Marxist, is the first Jesuit pope. Born in Argentina, he is the first pope from outside Europe since Gregory III, a Syrian, who led the church in the 8th century.

Pope Francis claims unusual skills, such as the ability to see into the heart of others; declaring prior to the 2016 presidential election that Donald Trump is not a Christian, as he clearly attempted to influence the outcome of the U.S. election.

Francis, who lives in opulence behind massive Vatican City walls, ridicules the United States for constructing a much smaller barrier on our southern border than the 50-foot-tall, ten-feet-deep wall surrounding the fortress that protects him, along with the Swiss Guard that function as a private military force. He frequently chastises America on the hot-button issues that drive the left, consumerism and global warming. Worst of all, he has concealed the rampant sexual abuse in the church until he was forced to hold a 4-day “summit,” where he apologized for the systemic perversion, calling the very clergy he protected, “instruments of Satan.”

His summit has been described as “vague” and “too little too late.” It’s time for Francis to get the same treatment given to Pope Benedict XVI — a righteous man who did not deserve to be banished.

Francis, who has spent his adult life living off the generosity of others, is clearly opposed to capitalism. In 2015, he issued this statement maligning the United States: “The ideology surrounding environmental issues is too tied to a capitalism that doesn’t want to stop ruining the environment because they don’t want to give up their profits.”

As we noted in Aug. 2016, Dems to enlist Pope on illegals, voter base expansion, his provocative mastery of Marxist, anti-capitalist buzzwords is disturbing, with redistribution of wealth one of his frequent themes. His “Inequality is the root of social evil,” set off a heated debate in which he was criticized for increasingly driving a wedge between conservatives and the Catholic Church. Francis previously blasted ‘trickle-down’ economics, a basic tenet of President Reagan’s economic policy as a “crude and naive” theory.

He obviously prefers the failed Marxist redistributionist model.

AOC to critics of her Green New Deal: “I’m the boss”

February 25, 2019

Answer to constituents?  Ya gott’a be kidding…

Twenty-nine-year-old Socialist U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the widespread criticism of her Green New Deal: “I’m like, you try. Until you do it, I’m the boss! How about that?”

The New York Post reports that where AOC actually lives is anyone’s guess. She’s never been seen at the address she reportedly lives at in the New York district she was elected to represent.

Still, the former Bernie Sanders volunteer was elected by energizing young and minority voters who thought she was cool. She beat 10-term Democrat incumbent Joe Crowley, the 4th ranking House Democrat in a massive upset, winning 57.5% of the primary election vote. Crowley had not faced a challenger from his own party in 14 years. He was often mentioned as a replacement for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It’s past time to pay attention as the new, undereducated Left rises.

Why is ICE taking illegals to Phx. Greyhound station?

February 24, 2019

President Trump undermined by Dems who abhor building a wall and agents providing illegals free travel within U.S.

The local newspaper reports that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents dropped off groups of illegal aliens at a Phoenix Greyhound bus station Saturday afternoon. Numerous buses arrived to pick up the illegals, who crossed our sovereign border from Mexico.

The report further states that members of a local church set up tables with soup, muffins and an assortment of fruit near the Buckeye Road station to feed the illegal aliens while “mapping out warm places they can stay.”

It’s a safe bet none of the good church folks were bringing any of the illegals back to their own homes.

A spokesperson for ICE confirmed the agency dropped the illegal invaders at the bus station, saying the organizations it normally works with couldn’t accommodate them.

Could it be that they’ve had their fill?

Obviously proud of aiding and abetting the criminal invasion of our country, the church members, described in the news report as “humanitarians,” requested the newspaper’s reporters not use their names. Many illegals are previously deported felons whose crimes included homicides, sexual assaults and drug trafficking.

If the overuse of the terms illegals or illegal aliens stand out as odd, we are intentionally emulating the newspaper’s repeated use of the word “migrants.” We still came up short.

In 2014, under a policy sanctioned by President Obama and his Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, ICE officials acknowledged, “Scores of undocumented immigrants from Central America were released at Greyhound bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix,” over several days, after they were flown to Arizona from south Texas. Not only did they fan out across the United States, avoiding detection, other illegals have been encouraged by the ease of which they were able to move freely without fear of being apprehended — after getting an assist from the very agency that is charged with deporting them back to their countries of origin.

Nineteen states and the territory of Puerto Rico have offices listed on ICE’s website. Some states have multiple offices. Presumably they are all staffed. We are paying their salaries and benefits, while the invasion continues unabated, with a warm assist from ICE officials, as they continue to recruit new agents.

What’s going on?

Pro-life victory! Life prevails in Arizona

February 23, 2019

Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

This past week saw a resolute victory for life as Democrats in the Arizona Legislature sought to emulate infanticide legislation that was recently heralded by beleaguered Virginia Gov. Ralph  Northam — shockingly a pediatric neurologist, who put leftist politics above life.

Arizonans are fortunate to have Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy to get the truth out and assemble opponents to protest the horror of abortion up to the moment birth which HB 2696 — introduced by Democrat state Rep Raquel Teran — would have accomplished by repealing the fetal resuscitation law.  That law required doctors to provide aid to babies born alive during abortions. Teran’s bill prioritized providing dressing rooms for staff and patients, “appropriate” toilet facilities and areas for pre-procedure hand washing. The babies received death sentences.

SRAZ stresses that pre-election endorsements reveal a lot about candidates. That’s certainly the case with Raquel Teran. Scroll through her endorsements page and you’ll see that she was the choice of pro-abortion advocates and unions including the left-wing Arizona Education Association, which must think they are overburdened with too many Arizona students.

Lifesite News covers the facts with this in-depth report, BREAKING: Arizona committee scraps Democrat’s bill lifting infanticide ban.

We urge you to read it and be brought up to speed on the increasingly amoral liberal agenda and the fact that conservative activism brings results.

Smollett’s bogus “hate crime” exposed; No MAGA component & Update

February 22, 2019

By now we’re all past the point of nausea with the ongoing saga of Jussie Smollett, a character most of us had never heard of before he staged his racially based charade of being the victim of a hate crime —- perpetrated by, you guessed it — two guys wearing MAGA caps.  They tied him up, beat him, poured bleach on him, put a loose noose around his neck, for ultimate effect and derided him with racial and homophobic slurs. Smollett was victimized because he is black and homosexual. Leftist celebrities and politicians raced to his side, using the incident to castigate Trump supporters.

Except no such crime occurred. 

Jussie Smollett concocted the bizarre hoax to bring attention to himself with the ultimate goal of boosting his salary in the televised series in which he co-starred. Smollett was paid a paltry $65,000 per episode for his role in the “Empire.”  There are 18 episodes per season. No wonder he was dissatisfied.

Smollett, 36, initially sent a threatening note to himself. When that didn’t do the trick, he hired two Nigerian brothers for $3,500 to stage the attack.

Obviously, Smollett doesn’t watch ‘Forensic Files,’ or he would have known his scheme would unravel and he’d be found out. Police work is exemplary in the 21st century.

Smollett was arrested and released Thursday after posting $100,000 bond. If convicted of the Class 4 Felony, he faces up to three years in prison for his role in this hoax, finally gaining more notoriety then he did for his role in the program, which in all likelihood is his career finale.

Read the full bond proffer here.

The best part of this pathetic charade in which he purposely blamed the fake assault on supporters of President Trump, was this stellar press conference featuring Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. And whaddaya know? it’s been blasted by Smollett’s defense attorneys.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Grand Jury indicts Smollett on 16 counts

A Chicago Grand Jury has indicted “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett on 16 counts of disorderly conduct and lying to police about being the victim of a racist and anti-gay attack.  When he story became suspicious, His character was written out of upcoming episodes.

Following his false reporting of the crime, extensive investigations of video footage of the purported crime scene showed no attack occurred.

Two brothers Smollett paid $3500 to stage the hoax came forward with evidence that Smollett was angry because he was not being paid what he thought his talents were worth. He might be able to read lines, but he has major trouble with staging. He described the non-existent attackers as wearing MAGA hats and other Trump gear, and yelling racist and anti-gay slurs at him

If found guilty, each charge carries a sentence that could range from probation to four years.

AZ Republic touts fetid, incestuous, sham award

February 21, 2019


Leftist news skew brings honor to newspaper

The anorexic, continuing to wither and fail Arizona Republic has mustered enough energy to continually hammer a major target: charter schools. They not only operate independent of the public school system providing parents with choices for their own children‘s education, but they excel at doing it. This drives the liberals running the newspaper apoplectic to the point of publishing countless hit pieces on charter schools that have waiting lists for admissions.

It’s worthy of note that charter school teachers did not participate in #Reds for Ed, the mass union-backed walkout, demanding 20 percent raises, as they abandoned 840,000 students statewide for a week — in violation of their contractual agreements — as they followed a 24-year-old, self-proclaimed Socialist leader.

Now the newspaper proudly proclaims it has received a “top honor” for the charter school reports winning the George Polk Award for Education Reporting. The award was conferred by the obscure Brooklyn Long Island University that notes a focus on environmental reporting. The school’s Global Institute hosted Bill Clinton — who doesn’t come cheap —- as he “addressed the sold-out crowd of more than 2,200 people for nearly two hours, touching on international affairs such as North Korea and the Middle East, as well as gun legislation, education, and the broader issue of democracy.” To the best of our knowledge, he left his cigar at home.

Clinton was introduced by former Congressman Steve Israel, who enthused, “President Bill Clinton’s historical impact and experience cannot be understated. His worldview is especially appreciated during this time of global uncertainty and complexity.”

And the elephant in the room is…?

Contrary to the self-congratulatory headline in the local newspaper, “Republic gets top honor for charter schools reports,” it was one of myriad recipient in 16 categories praised for leftwardly skewing the news. One winner excelled in bashing President Trump. Another alleges to have “amassed evidence of ballot fraud in a disputed North Carolina Congressional election.” 

Except for the bracketed sentence, this is an exact copy of the distortions the Polk Award praises:

A team of reporters in Louisiana showed that convictions from split juries disproportionately impacted non-white defendants. Another team in Arizona combed records to reveal false claims and insider deals in the charter school industry. A third converged on the southern border and then spread across the country to show the traumatic effects of separating children from parents and other relatives under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of immigration.” [Unworthy of mention is the fact that the policy they are so outraged over was used extensively during the Obama administration.]

It continues, “Reporters analyzed a voluminous trove of documents to trace President Trump’s personal wealth to gifts from his father rather than to his own business acumen.”

The awards ceremony featured a “special panel discussion on the role of the press moderated by Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan.”

Is there a newspaper more deeply mired in leftist ideology than the Washington Post?  Only the shriveling Hillary-endorsing, Trump- despising, Arizona Republic.

The fish wrap has outdone itself.

“JD RADIO” Tomorrow! Thurs. 8-10 am

February 20, 2019

You can again hear JD Hayworth on Thursday Morning…

But on two radio stations far from Phoenix…and close to where he was raised in the Carolinas.

He’ll guest host on a simulcast from WBT, Charlotte and WORD, Greenville/Spartanburg.

Airtime: 8-10am, Arizona Time.

Listen LIVE at

Dems propose paying for votes

February 20, 2019

Showing up at work with an “I voted” sticker on our chest has long been a proudly worn badge signifying fulfillment of civic responsibility. Others voted on their way home. Washington and Oregon have forsaken polling places in favor of mail-in only ballots. Arizonans have mail-in ballots as an option, as well as polls that are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. — providing a wide array of choices.

This process has worked well for us, our parents and preceding generations.  But the Democrats, specifically newly minted 2020 presidential candidates Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and retread Bernie Sanders, fallaciously claim the numerous voter accommodations exemplify, “voter suppression.” In their bizarre thinking, the only way to circumvent this obvious contrivance said to keep minorities from voting is to give everyone paid days off — regardless of whether they have mailed in their ballot or chose not to vote. Perhaps follow-up paid days off should also be considered to allow a rest period following the arduous effort that was expended exercising their right to vote.

Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell minced no words as he went to the heart of this foolish and costly proposal, in a senate speech, with this question and response: 

“This is the Democrat plan to restore democracy? A brand-new week of paid vacation for every federal employee who would like to hover around while you cast your ballot?” McConnell asked from the Senate floor.

“Just what America needs, another paid holiday and a bunch of government workers being paid to go out and work for I assume … our colleagues on the other side, on their campaigns,” McConnell added.

Sanders, currently a registered Independent who caucuses with the Democrats, closing in on 80 in 2020, became a Socialist in college. He’s had several political incarnations including being a member of the far-left Liberty Union Party of Vermont. The other declared leftist presidential candidates mounting challenges to President Donald Trump, are radical fringers who run on free universal healthcare, child care and college for all, though still lagging behind the new crop of Socialists elected November 2018, notably Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) and Rashida Tlaib (MI). None of them explain how the free-everything-for-all will be paid for, but they all want to impose punishing tax rates on those they consider “the rich.” AOC wants a 70% tax rate on job creators to redistribute as Karl Marx envisioned. His mantra was the basis for the failed Socialist system which has brought suffering and devastation wherever it has been instituted, pledging: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”