VA Gov. Northam condemnations miss the mark

Horror of infanticide takes a back seat to racial insensitivity

We’ve reached a bizarre point in our history when an objectionable medical school yearbook photo in which the subject’s face is obscured, is deemed more offensive than condoning infanticide.

Comparing the vileness of aborting a human baby up until the moment it draws its first independent breath to a 35-year-old photo taken in another time and context and which the subject alternately admitted and then denied it was him, has become the rallying cry for demanding Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam resign.

Incredibly, Northam, who condones abortions up until birth, is a medical doctor specializing in pediatric neurology. Did we mention, he’s also a Democrat? Somehow that fact was obscured, as CNN in its zeal to besmirch a Republican, misidentified Northam as a member of the GOP.

But the revelation of the clearly offensive photo deemed to be Gov. Northam is what has brought the swiftest condemnation. Showing more spine for holding onto his job than for standing against infanticide, he has so far dug in his heels, refusing to acquiesce to the calls to step down, though the list of Democrat officials demanding his resignation continues to grow.

National Democrats including 2020 presidential wannabes Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, Julian Castro and Kamala Harris have called for Northam to resign. They are joined by former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, under whom Northam served as Lieutenant Governor, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Governors Association, former Vice President Joe Biden and even Hillary Clinton, who has made a career of lying — have all jumped on the bandwagon. The NAACP and MoveOn, a Soros-sponsored leftist mega-fundraising group have united behind the calls for Northam’s resignation. U.S. Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine along with U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott, all Virginia Democrats, joined in the voices raised against Northam.

Despite his resistance, it’s a good bet Northam’s more astute wife, Pam, is already packing in anticipation of vacating the Governor’s Executive Mansion.

7 Responses to VA Gov. Northam condemnations miss the mark

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Gov. Ralph Northam is “dead an walking.”
    I predict he’ll be gone before midweek. The walls are moving in faster than if he’d been caught with a bloody knife in his hand at a crime scene. .

    Well, actually, as a doctor condoning infanticide, he has….

  2. Anthem Al says:

    There is no question times have changed. At one time blackface was a popular form of entertainment, not intended as derogatory as it is by today’s standards. Al Jolson was well regarded by blacks in America during the 1930s and 40s. He personally opened many doors for black entertainers, who were grateful for his friendship.

    Another view:

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    The State of Virginia also has a Lt.Gov.
    He is younger African American fellow.

    Interestingly, and perhaps telling, it that Northam did Not include the African American Lt. Gov. candidate on Northam’s campaign literature.

    Meanwhile- – – – -For Anyone Considering to a trip to CA, especially Los Angeles:

    This is a fact: There is a Typhus epidemic (which has been going on for awhile, now) that has gone full tilt.
    Typhus is found in unsanitary situations, such as homeless encampments, which causes rats to flourish.

    Note that Los Angeles city employees have contracted Typhus because of (4 legged) rats in City Hall; City Hall East, and the Civic Center.
    It can be fatal.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    One of the most thumbed through books in my library is “A Nation of Victims,” by Charles Sykes. It was published in 1992, but the premise is even more true today, where it seems everyone finds a reason to be offended. The cry of the victim, “It’s not my fault,” has become the loudest and most influential voice in America, and now used to effect lasting personal and political change.

    Among the book’s examples are a former school district employee who was fired for consistently showing up late for work. He sued to get his job back, claiming he is a victim of “chronic lateness syndrome.” It would be beyond his sense of reasoning that he should set his alarm earlier.

    Another instance was when then-Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry claimed he was a victim of racism after he was videotaped in a hotel room with a prostitute as he puffed on a pipe filled with crack cocaine. There were others steeped in the victimhood mentality, who actually came to his defense.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Off Topic, but worth taking a look:

    Here is the commercial that Mark Geist, one of the Benghazi hero survivors, tried to buy air time for during today’s Super Bowl.

    REJECTED by the network.

    • Standing Tall says:

      No wonder the network rejected this inspirational Super Bowl ad. It honors patriotism and honorable men who stand, rather than kneel for our flag and national anthem.

      I’ve been a lifelong football fan. Colin Kaepernick and his overpaid cohorts turned me away. Most of these players would be street thugs if they weren’t playing football. I will do nothing to make them wealthier and embolden them against the United States that has given them so many opportunities.

  6. Frankly Speaking says:

    Here’s rabid leftwinger Joy Behar dressed up as a “Beautiful African Queen,” when she was in her 20’s. Seems to me she should be kicked off “The View” ASAP. What’s “good” for the gander should asp b good for this goose.