Fmr. House Speaker Boehner goes to pot, makes $millions

First, a bit of background. Former House Speaker John Boehner, a heavy smoker and rumored alcoholic, known to weep easily and talk about the impoverished family in which he grew up as one of eleven kids. After leaving congress, the Ohio Republican, found a smokin’ deal of a job in 2016 with a hefty salary increase and free cigarettes. He was hired as a director at Reynolds American, the tobacco company that makes his preferred smoke: Camel.

Last year, he sold his soul and those of millions of mostly young Americans, as he’s moved on —- joining the advisory board of Acreage Holdings, a company that cultivates, processes and dispenses marijuana, now going by the less incendiary moniker, “cannabis,” in 11 U.S. states where dispensaries flourish. This move came after he previously noted he was “unalterably opposed” to marijuana legalization then ultimately “evolved.” Money has been known to change unalterable positions. Prostitutes weren’t born into their trade.

Boehner has also become an investment counselor, holding seminars to hawk the enormous opportunities to become wealthy investing in marijuana — er-r —- cannabis. Now he says, “Cannabis is here to stay,” and is hosting the American Cannabis Summit: Countdown to Legalization, touting job creation and new tax revenues. Of potential investors in what he calls a “golden opportunity,” Boehner declares, “They’re dying to get in.”

Being nation of stoners will put us way ahead of what Roman satirist Juvenal derisively described as “bread and circuses,“ as he deplored the declining courage of his fellow citizens after the fall of the once vibrant Roman Empire…and the diversions the ruling class employed to distract the attention of the populace.  “Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses,” observed Juvenal. The government placated the Roman populace by distributing free beer and food while staging huge spectacles to entertain the once heroic citizens.

After you inhale the dope from Boehner, readMarijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence,” by author Alex Berenson which opens with a stunning conversation he had with his wife — Dr. Jacqueline Berenson — then a senior psychiatrist at Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Institute in New York.  Chances are, you already receive a free issue of Hillsdale College’s Imprimis in your mailbox each month. If not, do yourself a favor and sign up.

6 Responses to Fmr. House Speaker Boehner goes to pot, makes $millions

  1. Kent says:

    Boehner resigned as Speaker because he was unable to lead. He said he got the courage to leave because he was so moved by Pope Francis’ speech to congress, but he used that as a cover to exit due to his inability to act effectively. He boozily wept throughout the pope’s address.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    SRAZ and Folks,
    This is nothing new.
    ALL of them were on the take or being bribed or under the thumb of the Clinton/Soros blackmail machine.
    Mitch McConnell is another one.

    What if some of them are paid by the cartels?(not just a theory)

    No one here has mentioned that lengthy Federal criminal trial regarding
    El Chapo Guzman in NYC. It’s in the hands of the jury, now.

    (How safe do the jury members feel? Especially after the brutal MS-13 murder of a young man on the subway platform of the #7 train a few days ago. Whole thing caught on video. No one intervened to help the young man, though it was in the daytime with hundreds of people around.)

    Did you hear the testimony from one of El Chapo’s deputies?

    He testified that El Chapo had paid former Mex Prez Nieto over ONE MILLION Dollars in cash so that the cartel could continue to
    operate unobstructed..
    RICO all their azzes.

    Here is a list of the guests (with bio’s) that President Trump will have at the SOTU tonight.

    Worth your time.

    Where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? (dead since Dec6/7 and on ice)

  3. PV PC says:

    So glad to SRAZ included the Imprimis link and uses that stellar article in today’s post. It exposes the pot/marijuana/cannibis/stonehead industry and the disastrous effects of this supposedly benign drug on young minds.

    That John Boehner is promoting and getting incredibly rich from this mind altering drug is unconscionable. Does he think his pope is on the same page with this ravaging of American youth?

  4. MacBeth says:

    How Boehner managed to get elected and then become Speaker is beyond reason. He is far from an intellect, and is an obvious alcoholic.

    I wonder if he would advise his own children or grandchildren that smoking dope will benefit them.

  5. Rambling Rose says:

    Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal she regarded Boehner as a drunk. She should know. She often appears discombubulated herself.