Ed Supe Kathy Hoffman proves too much is never enough

Hoffman’s ‘State of Education’ speech demands additional teacher’s salary increases, as she thumbs her nose at 20% raises

It was easy enough to miss — but Democrat Kathy Hoffman, Arizona’s newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, delivered her fledgling State of Education speech.

A committed leftist, her campaign of smoke and mirrors promised a sound education benefiting Arizona’s school children, many of whom are in ESL classes and not up to speed in the basics. Yet Hoffman regards sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, including clear policies, support groups, and activities for LGBTQ students on the top of her list.  Her campaign website stated, “Welcoming family diversity promotes exclusivity and must be a priority for our state.”

Hoffman’s intransigent opposition to charter schools is abundantly clear, with these irrational words addressing her fears, “I do not support the expansion of ESA vouchers and will be voting NO on Prop 305 come November. If passed, Prop 305 would further defund our public schools. This is terrifying.”

The proposition was ultimately defeated by the public school teachers’ union activists* who couldn’t compete with the proliferation of excellent Charter Schools and want to deny parents choice in the education of their own children. While public school teachers went out on strike, none of the charter or parochial school teachers joined their Socialist-led parade.

Paid month’s long maternity and paternity leave is another of the policies Hoffman advocates, saying such plans would help retain teachers. Apparently working a part-time job, with lengthy holiday vacation days and summer’s off isn’t enough of an enticement.

Kathy Hoffman notes she “proudly voted to walk out” with her fellow #REDSforEd striking teachers who abandoned a reported 840,000 Arizona students for over a week in violation of their contractual agreements as they followed Socialist Pied Piper Noah Karvelis a 24-year-old hip hop music teacher and avowed Socialist. She says she was “inspired by unity within the movement.”

Lacking any leadership experience, Hoffman has spent more time as a student than as a teacher, having taught preschool for two years and two additional years as a years as a speech therapist.

After initially rejecting the outrageous demands for a 20% pay increase for their part-time jobs, Gov. Doug Ducey caved in to their threats while lying about the lack of a tax increase, using inventive language to deceive Arizona taxpayers.

We’ve been had…by politicians of both parties.

* Center for Responsive Politics

10 Responses to Ed Supe Kathy Hoffman proves too much is never enough

  1. Mike says:

    Enough is enough. Any parent sending their children to one of these public so-called “schools” of liberal socialist indoctrination should be declared unfit for parenthood and reported to CPS. It is time for an all-out boycott in favor of private, parochial, or home schooling. Vote no on all override requests and let them collapse under the weight of zero attendance. It is the only way these RedForEd liberal socialist union thugs will ever be thwarted.

    • Realist says:

      I agree. These schools can only flourish with massive infusions of tax dollars if we allow it. We need to become far more vocal. The opposition is driving us out of the arena. Voting, by itself is no longer enough.

      Also, the teachers make their leftist case directly to the parents in the raft of papers coming home in the student’s backpacks. They are using school paper and printer, we paid for, and our kids as mules to get their messages directly in the homes well in advance of elections.

  2. Michael Schmitz says:

    Make no mistake about it, the liberal educational establishment’s promotion of the LBTGQWERTY phenomena is the tip of the spear to promote Christianophobia and further the breakdown of societal norms. ESA vouchers must be opposed at all costs to further the agenda.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    NOW is the time to begin recruiting superior candidates for the next election cycle. We also need to remember that teachers are mostly liberals who are not looking out for our children’s best interests. That this marginal woman, lacking any credentials, would be victorious over either Frank Riggs or Dr. Bob Branch should be enough to get us roused off of our complacency asses and get to work, replacing Hoffman. This is a critical race and should not be backburnered.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      NOW is the time. You are correct.

      Does anyone believe that all of these Libs streaming in from CA; WA; OR; CO and now FL and East Coast states are going to stay silent? No, they will not. They will insist on big government and big spending because they did not see the big picture and never will.
      With the Lib socialists it’s Gimme, gimme, gimme and the budget be damned.

      The gov is a puppet.

      Rally in El Paso, next Monday, President Trump.

  4. Seen It All says:

    The unionist teachers, overwhelmingly leftists, are indoctrinating American kids all across the country, from kindergarten through the university level. Why do you think aged Socialist Bernie Sanders took so many of the youth votes? How did Alexandria Ocasio Cortez get elected to congress in in New York? Why do you think college students tell interviewers they prefer Socialism to Capitalism?. They obviously are not attuned to the realities of the failed system that has been responsible for so much hardship and repression wherever it has existed. Socialism removes all incentive to succeed since everything goes to the government, which then decides what your receive, which is the same as your neighbor who does nothing, though you’ve worked your ass off. Example? A doctor with years of training makes the same as a hobo. In our own hemisphere, look to Cuba, where the once vibrant pre-Castro country is in shambles and the only cars on the roads are fifty year old patched together jalopies. Cubans were slaughtered as they tried to flee following the revolution.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Jeff the Flake likes Cuba, but don’t expect him to leave his gated neighborhood and cushy new liberal network job and move there.

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      These well informed folks have obviously gotten a “splendid” public school education. This is not funny, it’s frightening.