Cindy McCain outed as a human trafficking liar & Update

Claim of witnessing human trafficking incident disputed by Phoenix Police

Arizonans, and the nation, were well aware of the duplicity and arrogance of John McCain, a man who was raised in the shadows of brave military men. Both his father and his grandfather were admirals in the U. S. Navy.  As John Sidney McCain, III, he carried their names and had a big legacy to fill. Instead he graduated at the bottom of his Naval Academy class, was a renown womanizer and crashed three jets. When he was shot down, captured and imprisoned during the Vietnam War, his embellished saga was disputed by others on congressional committees along with former POWs. After returning as a hero, he ditched his wife who waited patiently for his return to marry the much younger rodeo queen and Anheuser-Busch beer heiress Cindy Lou Hensley, now morphed into a philanthropist.

Now his widow after McCain’s 2018 death from brain cancer, Cindy, who has also had problems with veracity, is now integral to the grandly named McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University, where Cindy serves on the Human Trafficking Advisory Council and the board of trustees. This scheme has vaulted them both to iconic stature. Cindy made human trafficking her focus. Opiate abuse a topic with which she has personal familiarity would not have served her nearly as well.

During a Monday interview on KTAR‘s ‘Mac & Gaydos’ show, reported by the Washington Post, Cindy recounted an incident which she claimed took place at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport — which, of course, now has a McCain terminal.

“I came in from a trip I’d been on and I spotted…it looked odd….”It was a woman of a different ethnicity than the child, this little toddler she had, and something didn’t click with me. I tell people, trust your gut. I went over to the police and told them what I thought, and they went over and questioned her. And by God, she was trafficking that kid.”

The radio show hosts were aghast.

“No way!” one said.

“And you said a toddler?” the other asked.

“Yes,” McCain said. “A toddler. It was a toddler. She was waiting for the guy who brought the child to get off the airplane.”

Cindy McCain is the co-chair of Gov. Ducey’s Arizona Human Trafficking Council. The Ducey and McCain families have been close since Doug Ducey first arrived in Arizona and was hired at Hensley & Co. while attending ASU. Years later as a businessman, John McCain encouraged him to run for state treasurer and he is now serving his second term as governor.

The McCain worshiping Arizona Republic newspaper has so far been mute on Cindy McCain’s fabricated human trafficking tale, on which she has now backtracked since Phoenix Police refuted her story on Wednesday as reported by KTAR News.

Fri. Feb. 8, 2019:

The Arizona Republic, several days late and a dollar short, as the saying goes, finally addresses Cindy McCain’s fabricated tale of saving a toddler from human trafficking — burying it on page 13.  The banal headline: “Cindy McCain steps back from report of trafficking,” sits atop a brief article tucked in among a full page of ads for discounted zoo tickets, window blinds and resale jewelry. Bringing embarrassment to the widow of the Machiavellian man the newspaper obsessively reveres, would never do, even when Cindy McCain’s acknowledged motive for contacting the airport police was based in racism. Imagine the placement and coverage this preposterous claim would have received if the person making the false allegations was First Lady Melania Trump.

12 Responses to Cindy McCain outed as a human trafficking liar & Update

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    The McCain Institute.
    What a farce.
    What if these institutes and foundations are really about the Opposite of what they claim to fight?
    Think Haiti.

    It IS about Human Trafficking. Children and adults forced into sex slavery. It’s about Organ Harvesting. It’s about Deeply SICK depravity that I will not disclose here.

    HERE IS SOME TRUTH regarding human trafficking that happened in Atlanta during Super Bowl week.

    NINE children rescued and over 150 adults arrested.

    Here you go:

    The thing about Democrat governors forcing the infanticide bills moving through many State legislatures is DIRECTLY tied to the massive amount of arrests, worldwide, regarding human trafficking.

    Make no mistake. They have to get their supply. They need to feed their depravities.

    Hey Blondie, how’s your good friends the Bronfman’s doing since the NXIVM arrests in upstate NY and Mexico? The Seagram heiresses.

    • Seen It All says:

      Cindy learned how to lie from the best at the craft. She and John were planning their elaborate wedding and her father was contacting caters before John and Carol’s Florida divorce was even final.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    When John was shot down was he disobeying orders and flying where he was not supposed to be?

    • Army Of One says:

      McCain crashed three U.S. Navy jets out of sheer incompetence and ineptitude, including two during non-combat training sessions. He was routinely written up on drunk-and-disorderly, fraternization, disobeying orders, and insubordination charges — more than two dozen times in less than three years.

      Despite all of that, he was promoted to squadron commander of the air field named after his own grandfather immediately after crashing his third plane. Yet as a U.S. Senator and ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, McCain was in a position to have all the of the military records that cover his time in Vietnam and all disciplinary actions against him censored and permanently sealed “as a matter of national security.” Family members seeking information about their missing loved ones presumed to have been POWs or MiAs were treated rudely by McCain, who was known to have walked out while they were pleading with him before his committee, many of whom followed him out the door, since he chaired the committee.

      He insulted Dolores Alfond, the chairwoman of the National Alliance of Families for the Return of America’s Missing Servicemen and Women, who spent her life trying to get answers that McCain refused to unseal and make available. As a former POW why would he not want to do all he could to assist these families? You’ll find the answer here: Read “McCain and the POW Cover-Up“ on American Conservative. It’s lengthy but filled with verifiable facts.

  3. jake sez says:

    How dare we, the commoners, cast dispersions on the story, true or not, that one of the special people, who give us pleasure by just being among us. If she said she saved a child because she was worried about a child being with a different ethnicity adult, we should just accept the story and give out blessing and adoration to them. Heaven forbid we should look at people of different races with any suspicions, but they know better than us ignorant people.

  4. Maggie says:

    Imagine if First Lady Melania Trump had made such a comment about someone holding a child of a different race making her suspicious that the child was being smuggled for nefarious purposes. The Trump’s would be out of the White House so fast their heads would spin.

    Republicrats like the McCain’s feel they are above any such scrutiny. The McCain and Flake families made it known that they would not vote for Donald Trump. The other candidate for President was Hillary Clinton.

    They lost. We Won!

    • Ellsworth says:

      The McCain family believes it’s royalty. Even crude, tattooed and mega Meghan has no concept of reality. Money doesn’t automatically confer class. She’s as vulgar as a street person, although one who found winning lottery ticket. Money doesn’t care who has it.

  5. Braveheart says:

    Cindy McCain has an adopted daughter Bridget from Bangladesh whose skin color is black. Her son John IV (known as Jack) married his longtime girlfriend, Renee Swift, a black woman. So Cindy Lou is a mother and will likely be a grandmother of dark skinned children.
    Has she no sense? Someone could accuse her of being a human smuggler of her own relatives. Let’s hope son John IV and his wife think through Momma’s mindset before they let her take their kids to Disneyland.

  6. Frankly Speaking says:

    Here’s Cindy McCain trying her damnedest to reign in her own words. Of course there’s no actual apology just a waffling for her own actions. McCain’s don’t stoop that low.

  7. Anthem Al says:

    Cindy’s a McCain, what else is there to say? If lying’s not in their DNA they get it through inoculation.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    R.I.P. Don Bolles.
    Never forget.

  9. realnewz says:

    Killed more Americans than Vietnamese?
    Forrestal Fire – eyewitnesses refute the official record which Admiral McCain ensured exonerated his son.
    McCain was individually rescued by a dinghy boat from his dad’s ship. Was he being rescued from his shipmates who were furious at him?