Disgraceful groping of triple-amputee hero at Tucson airport

Gateway Pundit exposes the despicable groping of Purple Heart triple-amputee vet Brian Kolfage at Tucson International Airport Saturday, following the We Build the Wall” town hall.

Brian Kolfage set up a GoFundMe page to build the border wall and it has surpassed $20 million in donations with over 350,000 donors. He is proof that a patriotic American citizen has more commitment to American security than the Democrats in Washington, D.C.  For more information on how you can help, go to We Build The Wall.

After being contacted by The Gateway Pundit, Brian Kolfage said: 

“It’s unfortunate that every time I travel I get a full search and swabbed for explosives. It’s the times we live in. I understand the security concerns but it’s not TSA’s fault, it’s the policy makers in D.C. who have no clue what the real world is like; it’s a joke. It’s the same people who think there’s no issue at our border.”

“It’s amazing how our government is so worried about airport security with a triple amputee veteran in a wheelchair but everyday thousands of illegals are coming into our nation unchecked and killing Americans. I guess they turn a blind eye to them like they have to all the angel families.”

Military Times covered Brian Kolfage and his wife Ashley who married after he returned from Iraq, having suffered catastrophic injuries. They are the parents of two children and reside in Tucson. He graduated in 2014 with a degree in architecture from the University of Arizona, finishing among the top of his class despite having to learn to draw and write with his non-dominant hand.

This video was taken by a bystander at the airport, disgusted by what he was witnessing:

9 Responses to Disgraceful groping of triple-amputee hero at Tucson airport

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    TSA, a bunch of Unionized thugs who like to grope vulnerable persons.

    Brought to you by GWB and Poppy Bush. 9-11-01 took our freedom away, by design.

    This is Awesome: Italy appreciates our President:

  2. Realist says:

    This treatment, intended to “keep us safe,” is a major failure. That this American hero was put through such an embarrassing spectacle is revolting.

    While Brian Kolfage endured this outrageous treatment, hordes of criminal invaders flood our nation each and every day and the Democrats refuse to fund a much needed wall. We have no idea who they are or what they bring into the USA with them— whether diseases already long eradicated here or devices meant to inflict harm. Countless numbers are criminals as we have sadly witnessed far too many times as they have killed American citizens across our country. Once they have gained access, they fan out from border to border like vermin. Then we have to support them in the barrios thye recreate in the United States.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      How right you are! Why the Democrats want us to remain vulnerable to criminal invaders is beyond baffling. You’d think they have no families of their own. All of us, even the self anointed elite, are at risk.

      This website provides an excellent overview of the criminality, with drop down boxes going back for years of horrific criminal activity.


    • Saguaro Sam says:

      What if the cartels and the Dems were business partners?
      Have you been following the Federal trial of El Chapo in NYC?
      One of his deputies testified that millions of dollars had been paid to (at the time) Mexico Prez Nieto. The cost of doing business.

      • jojo says:

        Go to thegatewaypundit.com and watch the town hall. It will open your eyes as to exactly what has been happening for decades. In my opinion both parties are being paid off by the cartels running $$$$ through legitimate means. If we have a secure border it’s ;up to us citizens. Look at McSally the McCain clone. What a loser..

      • Doc says:

        I keep getting e-mails from mcSlimy, all starting with, “Dear Friend”….
        1st, you don’t even know my name!
        2nd, I’m NOT your friend.
        3rd, if, after KNOWING Bloody Damned Well how Freedom Loving Arizonans Despised your mclame-0-mentor, we wouldn’t be talking about this.

        …please feel free to meet with your current mcSkidmark boss, doogie dou*ch-bag and devise a way to fall off th’ side of th’ earth!

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        Doc, I feel much the same about McMcSally. Still we’ve got to come to terms with the current situation, which is Republicans are in the minority in the Arizona delegation and have lost our majority in the U.S. House. We can’t afford to lose another seat, so the best we an hope for is to bring her incrementally to our side. Her military background might be her saving grace.

  3. D.B. Cooper says:

    The town hall meeting is the second link in this post — available for you and everyone else to see. Check it out!!

  4. Jan says:

    STUPID, sick airport employee. I saw Brian at the event Friday night in Green Valley.