AOC to critics of her Green New Deal: “I’m the boss”

Answer to constituents?  Ya gott’a be kidding…

Twenty-nine-year-old Socialist U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the widespread criticism of her Green New Deal: “I’m like, you try. Until you do it, I’m the boss! How about that?”

The New York Post reports that where AOC actually lives is anyone’s guess. She’s never been seen at the address she reportedly lives at in the New York district she was elected to represent.

Still, the former Bernie Sanders volunteer was elected by energizing young and minority voters who thought she was cool. She beat 10-term Democrat incumbent Joe Crowley, the 4th ranking House Democrat in a massive upset, winning 57.5% of the primary election vote. Crowley had not faced a challenger from his own party in 14 years. He was often mentioned as a replacement for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It’s past time to pay attention as the new, undereducated Left rises.

7 Responses to AOC to critics of her Green New Deal: “I’m the boss”

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Read the linked “Green New Deal.” It takes only two minutes and sheds much needed light on this calamity proposed by Ocasio-Cortez.
    Also, the link under the “undereducated Left” is an excellent explanation of how the far left educrats have deliberately sold our American students short on the evils of Socialism, by revising the reality of history. It was originally published by the Heritage Policy Foundation.

    I just read them both and am armed with knowledge for the day!

  2. Braveheart says:

    This is what the poor, supposedly underpaid teachers do with their money. Remember, they work part time jobs, with summers off and long holiday vacations none of the rest of us get. Scroll down to “Party Split” and you’ll very clearly see that the teacher’s unions give overwhelmingly to the most radical leftists in the US House and Senate. These are the same people who subtly and not so subtly propagandize our kids. Gov. Ducey should have fired them when they went on strike instead of bowing to their outrageous 20% pay hike demands. They showed their true political bent as they followed a 24-year-old Socialist on a week long, statewide strike and lost whatever community goodwill they had.

  3. State Delegate says:

    I hope Ocasio-Cortez is a flash in the pan, but with a growing number of millennials schooled to be dumber than stumps, I fear for our future.

    I remember seeing bumper stickers that said, “if you can read this, thank a teacher.” Someone ought to make more accurate ones today that say, If you fear Socialism replacing Liberty, thank a teacher.”

    They’d sell like hotcakes. I’d buy a dozen with the understanding that I would be the one to put them on friends’ cars. That’s the only way to ensure bumper stickers don’t end up in a stack of papers and not on cars. I learned that as a PC and carrying bumper stickers for candidates.

  4. Patriot Dad says:

    Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” to fight climate change won’t be cheap, according think tank led by a former Congressional Budget Office director.

    According to calculations, the cost to implement this destructive boondoggle will range between $51 trillion and $93 trillion over 10-years, concludes American Action Forum, which is run by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who directed the non-partisan CBO from from 2003 to 2005.

    These figures include between $8.3 trillion and $12.3 trillion to meet the plan’s call to eliminate carbon emissions from the power and transportation sectors and between $42.8 trillion and $80.6 trillion for its economic agenda including providing jobs with generous benefits, free college, free child care and free health care for all.

    The goal is to eliminate all cars and air travel which use fossil fuels, Also on Ocasio-Cortez’ agenda is the destruction and reconstruction of all buildings to adhere to her mandates. Also headed for the trash heap of history are cows, whose grass-based diet produces too much farting that fouls the atmosphere. Seriously.

  5. jake sez says:

    I had the opportunity the other day to listen to a group of teachers and students discussing the new “Leadership Course” being taught. The entire course dealt with self worth and had sections about name calling and how to accept other for what they were. This all led up to the guest speakers who were a trans-sexual couple. They answered questions and sat and talked with the attendees. A couple of students that had attended the class made comments like “they were just like us” and “they answered my questions and made me feel like we were all the same”. One of the teachers stated it taught the kids not to make judgmental opinions. She whished more adults would attend.

    Our education system at work. Wonder what level their SAT scores were at the last testing?