Want news? Failing AZ Republic invites you to write it

Editorial Page editor Boas’ shocking metamorphosis into a beggar 

It’s no secret the Arizona Republic is on its last legs. The situation has turned so dire for the local newspaper, that its parent company, Gannett, Co. Inc. recently laid off its Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist to save a few bucks. The action even threw the newspaper for a loop, featuring an editorial bidding a fond farewell to Steve Benson and his talented but venomous pen. This boot follows previous massive layoffs preceded by large scale buyouts of senior staffers.

A quick Internet search reveals countless publications detailing the company’s layoffs and overall wretched state. The Wall Street Journal recently headlined its report,Gannett’s Loss Widens as Ad, Circulation Revenue Fall.” Its been death by a thousand cuts, with so little coursing life blood left that the anorexic publication relies on vapid ASU Cronkite Journalism School student reporters who write as colloquially they speak. The absurdity could be entertaining, if you enjoy farce.  

But there is a bright light at the end of this darkened tunnel.

Editorial Page editor Phil Boas, is, of course, a deep thinker. Who could forget Boas? He’s the guy who dedicated years of his life to the craven pursuit of taking down popular 6-term Republican Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio — his own father-in-law.  Boas oversaw the endorsement of the problem plagued Democrat with this headline: “Elect Paul Penzone, not Sheriff Showboat.” After Penzone was elected, the new sheriff referred to illegal aliens as “guests.”

Now, functioning with editorless staff, a couple of far-leftwing columnists, and mostly purchased content, Boas has had to become inventive. His latest cost-cutting gimmick is called “Voices.” That’s the slick way he sells what they are not paying for but expect you to provide — previously known as op-ed pages. Those haven’t existed in the left-wing echo chamber for years. Not only can’t the newspaper afford established conservative opinion writers, it definitely doesn’t want them.

But the fact remains subscriptions are continuing to tank because few Trump-supporters can tolerate the elitist radical leftism that oozes off every page of the Hillary-endorsing newspaper. Boas and his like-thinking ideologues are bonded to the policy of insulting the very people who pay their increasingly overpriced subscription rates for emaciated editions.

Yet Boas farcically writes, “…we began our experiment with conservative writers [former Gov. Jan Brewer who pushed Medicaid expansion, was the odd choice]. And for a reason. After Donald Trump won election, most newspapers could not turn to their in-house and syndicated conservatives to express pro-Trump points of view, because so many media conservatives opposed Trump. I fit that category.”

After admitting his own bias against President Trump, Boas doesn’t name any conservatives on the Arizona Republic’s staff —- because he can’t. Even Libertarian-leaning Robert Robb has fallen in with the newspaper’s standard.

Most pathetically, following articles is this plea: “Support local journalism. Subscribe….today.” (We omitted the link the failing newspaper provided.)  The big-time beg should be written on corrugated cardboard with a black marker and held up for passing traffic on Van Buren Street by Editorial Page editor Phil Boas.

9 Responses to Want news? Failing AZ Republic invites you to write it

  1. Mike says:

    Oh this is a tragedy. Whatever will Arizonans do once clowns like E.J. Montini and Laurie Roberts are no longer providing our daily entertainment with their insane drivel?

  2. State Committeeman says:

    Although we haven’t subscribed since the frontal assault began on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it’s still startling to see the depths to which this newspaper has fallen.

    Being startled should not be confused with feeling pity. This nearly dead newspaper brought this calamity upon itself. I thought it might moderate some of its extreme positions after open border supporter Linda Valdez was gone, but that was wishful thinking.

    The AZ Repugnant prints a Spanish language edition, but its readership has to be even lower than the insulting version. I’ve also been told the Journalism students/interns who are supposed to be taking up the slack are allotted no office space and are unpaid. That explains the poor grammar and childish quality. I read it occasionally at my weekend breakfast spot that has “complimentary” sections floating around, but would never purchase it.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Why would a restaurant distribute copies of this puke inducing rag? It strikes me as a recipe for disaster.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Boas obviously knows his days are numbered. If they can’t afford the cartoonist, how much longer will they pay Boas? He’s trying his damndist to remain relevant and save his job. It would be poetic justice if he has to come hat in hand asking his father-in-law for help.

  4. Seen It All says:

    This is a joke emanating from a joke of a newspaper. What a shame this has happened at the once top-notch conservative newspaper. The Arizona Republic was a bright light under the able guidance of Eugene and Nina Pulliam.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Sad thing is—–there are a lot of stories in AZ that need to be told.
    Just the facts, Ma’am, and you decide for yourself.

    Why not start with the reason that the former AG’s building, 1275 W. Washington, is condemned and to be torn down.

    There might still be info to be found on this at the Dept of Administration; Risk Management, and other State agencies.

    They covered it up and now they’re going to plow it under.

    JNap. kept the story from going anywhere.

  6. VINOAZ says:

    Sometimes solutions are so simple, even the morons at the rag should be able to figure them out. Boas needs to be fired. The truth needs to be told. No lies, no spin. Opinions belong in the opinion section. Stop omitting good news by President Trump and bad things about Democrats and the left. Hey rag——the truth will set you free.

  7. Casper says:

    Van Buren,has long been a haven for hookers plying their trade for a price. The amount goes down the more shopworn the prostitutes become. By those standards, Boas wouldn’t do too well standing on the street corner.

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      No one in their right mind would pay for what Boas and his diminished crew are selling, regardless of what corner he’s standing on.