Phx elects leftist mayor, 2 radical council members

Phoenix Mayoral and open City Council seats: America’s fifth largest city has only extreme leftist Democrats on ballot

Kate Widland Gallego has been elected Phoenix Mayor, decisively defeating her fellow council member Daniel Valenzuela. Gallego will be running again in 2020, since this “special election” was to fill the unexpired term of former Mayor Greg Stanton, now a U.S. Rep. in CD 9. Stanton succeeded another radical, Kyrsten Sinema, who is now in the U.S. Senate. Phoenix residents had a choice of electing a far left Democrat or a far left Democrat.

Unofficial UPDATED totals:

Mayor of Phoenix

Kate Gallego:

Votes               Percentage

92,816               58.58%

 Daniel Valenzuela:

Votes               Percentage

65,624                41.42%

Council Member District 5:       

Betty Guardado: Supported by AZ Resist Check out theirChants.”

Votes                 Percentage

4,182                    37.19% 

Council Member District 8:

Carlos GarciaCheck out his raised clenched fist, and his comments about former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Votes                 Percentage

3,497                    28.66%

If the newly elected Phoenix Mayor and City Council members make your blood run cold, no one who’s paying attention will try to disabuse you of that creepy feeling. Every one of the candidates and winners are open border proponents. The only losers are Phoenix’ law abiding citizens

See all council candidates and totals here.

12 Responses to Phx elects leftist mayor, 2 radical council members

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Conservative Arizona gave all eleven of its electoral votes to Donald Trump. The cities of Phoenix and Tucson are throwbacks to the former Soviet Union.There was only Vladimir Khrushchev or Vladimir Khrushchev to chose from.

    • Realist says:

      Khrushchev also told America, “We will bury you!” Decades later, Phoenix is fulfilling his vow.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    I just looked at the links provided under the newly elected council members supporters and names. They are chillingly hate-filled and clearly not intending to represent anyone other than their own “community.”

    This is what Carlos Garcia is all about. He appears to think he’s running in Mexico rather than in the United States of America.

  3. D.B. Cooper says:

    Betty Guardado is supported by “Resist.” Who the hell is she resisting — and why???

  4. California Dreamer says:

    Has Phoenix been annexed by Mexico?
    We’ve been considering moving from Mexifornia. This sounds like it wouldn’t be much of a change. Our taxes are astronomical in order to support the influx, many of whom are on government assistance and accessing free health care. Their kids need special language instruction and hold American students hostage to their special needs. Cities are actually bankrupt and crime in sky high. Gov. “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown was horrible. Gavin Nesome will be no better and probably much worse. His ultimate aspiration is the Oval Office and he needs to build up a grateful voting base.

    • Kent says:

      If you’re moving here, the best bet is Prescott. It’s green and still conservative, and not nearly as hot as Phoenix. Prescott residents won’t appreciate even more arrivals, but that’s the spot to check out. It’s got seasons and not far from Flagstaff and snow skiing and Sedona’s fine dining and unmatched scenery.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Add to the mix the sheriff and the PD and you’ve got every reason to stay out of PHX.

    And out Wickenburg way, it has now become California East thanks to the massive Trilogy community being built.

    A lot of residents in the community of Sun City Festival, technically in Buckeye but nowhere near Buckeye, are from CA with a heavy dose of part-time homeowners from Canada. From what I hear, it’s a nightmare.

    Same with the Trilogy community being built in Rio Verde at the end of Dynamite Blvd.

    Bill Gates has apparently bought up lots of dirt in Tonopah (far west valley) for a “smart city”. Be afraid of that. . . .

    Get ready for some hard truths to be revealed as it relates to national politics.
    It was far worse than you know right now.

    • Casper says:

      I distinctly recall the situation I described about the orphaned grandchild, because someone very close to me was a neighbor of the grandparents. The issue magnified the selfishness of the “community.” I misspoke only in saying “grandchildren” It was one grandchild.
      There were people on both sides and some never spoke to others again, an indication of how divisive this was. Most of the residents had grandchildren themselves but you’d never know it from the viciousness that took place.

  6. Jig says:

    In Phoenix, we need a unified city/county govt that does away with all the little cities within a city and results in several times more administrative overhead than is necessary. If you want to have it made go to work for one of these cities……..pensions and benefits galore. Look at the money totally pissed away on firehalls that look like palaces, just for starters.

    Throw them all out!

    • Casper says:

      Is Scottsdale within Phoenix? Fountain Hills? Surprise? Anthem? Ahwatukee? Guadalupe?
      Cave Creek and Paradise Valley have their own mayors and council.

      The warm and cuddly folks in Sun City voted years ago to restrict the ages of people living in their environs specifically to exempt themselves from paying school taxes…though senior citizens living in their original hometowns paid taxes so the Sun City scoundrel’s kids could go to public schools 45 years earlier.There have been cases where the grandchildren of Sun City residents were orphaned and the frisky, golf playing, boozers would not allow their neighbors to move their grandchildren into their own homes, forcing them to sell and move in order to give their grandkids a secure life.

      How do you see dismantling all of the elected positions, fire and police departments, school districts, etc.? Many of these are unionized and and untouchable.

      Why can the unincorporated senior communities that are located throughout the valley restrict what grandparents do in time of need in their mortgage-free homes?

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Not exactly accurate. During the years that Grant Woods was the AZAG, a senior citizen couple living in Youngtown moved in their grandkid. One and then both of the kids parents were incarcerated, thus he was moved into this community, which is across the US60 from Sun City. Youngtown had been an age-restricted community for decades.

        Instead of one couple abiding by the rules, they took the matter to the news media and the AG’s office got involved in record speed.
        And Youngtown lost their age-restricted status.

        Now, Youngtown is a low-income haven for registered sex offenders and other bad guys. The houses are worth next to nothing.

        They lost their police department after hiring a gay female who sued her way up to the position of chief. Yet a white, male police detective who had been with that department for many years was Fired because he was unfortunate enough to get cancer and was trying to do chemo And work. He had school age kids to support. Yet there was no politician to help him fight the system.
        He ended up retiring early, unable to draw a full pension, as he did not have the money to hire an attorney.

        After the female chief destroyed the morale of the department, she left for greener pastures.

        Youngtown was unable to financially support their police department, so it was put under the jurisdiction of the MCSO during Sheriff Arpaio’s tenure.

        Additionally, about half of Sun City West IS in the Dysart Unified School District. This includes the last enclave built, which is called Corte Bella, and is a gated community. You can verify this by using Zillow to check homes for sale in Sun City West.
        Click on the tab “Price and Tax history”. Basically, any home west of RH Johnson Blvd is in the DUSD.

      • Jig says:

        All those little cities you mention are within Maricopa County which should simply become one Metro with the result of huge savings in wasted overhead we have now.

        There is a HUGE waste in overhead in all these little towns within the larger Phoenix. Nashville became Metro many years ago and combined all city/county functions in one and what has happened has been a skyrocketing economy without ballooning debt and the ability of each town to have a mayor and city manager and all the rest…..What is up with the need for Mayor’s and City Managers anyway? Why both. Recent ads are showing firemen (women who all look like cheerleaders) happy and healthy who work in firehouses that look like palaces and cost taxpayewrs $$$$$……what is up with this?