Dying AZ Republic still fronts for undead McCain

It’s no secret the ever shrinking — both in staff and content —- Arizona Republic is on the skids. Its parent company Gannett Co. Inc. with stock prices continually falling, has been the subject of a hostile takeover bid by outside investors known for gutting newspapers. Recently Gannett, which owns nearly 100 other newspapers including USA Today, fired Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Steve Benson in a cost-cutting measure. Its last resort is to go all digital, which it knows will result in cancellations it can ill afford. The newspaper admitted cancellations spiked following its Hillary Clinton endorsement.

A major problem for the Arizona Republic is its propensity to continually insult its remaining readers. In a state that gave all of its electoral votes to Donald Trump in 2016, and where as president he remains popular, the newspaper stays bonded to its anti-Trump agenda. Its latest effort, headlined, “John McCain and Arizona likely to remain a Donald Trump obsession,” begins with these words:

President Donald Trump’s barrage of attacks on the late Sen. John McCain over the past week landed with a thud in many quarters.

Exactly which “quarters” was left unstated. Like the proverbial elephant in the room, the Republic omits the obvious, as it slathers praise on the less than exemplary McCain and omits his key role in trying to undermine President Donald Trump by acting as a facilitator of the salacious and fraudulent “dossier” supposedly linking Trump to Russian collusion. The 675 day investigation by Special Council Robert Mueller, concluded Friday with no indictments brought against the president or members of his family.

Exhibiting his widely known classy style, McCain defended his actions with these words: “I discharged that obligation, and I would do it again. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell.” This tirade came despite the fact that he knew the dossier aimed at discrediting President Trump was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Arizona Republic’s Sunday front page report — again marginalizing President Trump — quotes Rachel Bitecofer, a professor of political science who “specializes in campaigns and polarization,” at the unknown Christopher Newport University in Virginia:

“Trump will likely spend time during the 2020 presidential campaign in Arizona talking about his long-promised border wall, and he’s ignored pleas from Republicans in the past to not discuss his views on McCain. He gets into those rallies and he just can’t help himself.”

The newspaper omits the fact that Bitecofer is the author of a decidedly anti-Trump book titled, “The Unprecedented 2016 Presidential Election.” This is the bizarre summary of the book:

This book explains the 2016 presidential election through a strategic focus. In the primaries both parties faced challenges from insurgent outsiders riding waves of populist fervor in the electorate, but only the Democrats were able to steer the nomination into the hands of their establishment favorite. Why weren’t Republican elites able to stop Donald Trump from hijacking their party’s nomination?  Why did Hillary Clinton come up short on Election Day despite the fact that nearly everyone expected her to win after her opponent ran a haphazard campaign plagued by scandal after scandal? The research presented here argues that the Clinton campaign conducted the nearly perfect execution of the wrong electoral strategy, costing her the Electoral College and her chance to become America’s first female president.

The essence of President Trump’s animus towards McCain is not shrouded in mystery. The envious and malevolent McCain ran for president twice and lost both times. Donald Trump attained what McCain never could, and McCain was more than willing to engage in any nefarious actions to take Trump down for his achievement. Trump’s popularity remains strong because he is fulfilling the campaign promises he made to voters. This is not rocket science.

9 Responses to Dying AZ Republic still fronts for undead McCain

  1. Observer says:

    What a surprise that the local newspaper would conceal the complete identity of the professor it sets up as an authority on the political scene. Of course the newspaper would select an author of an anti-Trump book. This deceitful Trump-bashing bent explains why the AZ Repukelick is dying.

  2. State Committeeman says:

    I honestly don’t know a single person who subscribes to this radically leftwing newspaper.

    This probably has to do with the fact that my friends are intelligent individuals…meaning they are active conservatives. We supported Dr. Kelly Ward for AZ GOP State Chairman and stood against the cell phone voting farce that would have kept McCainiac Jonathan Lines at the AZ GOP’s helm. He was put in place and mentored by Robert Graham, another McCain toady. Graham was repaid for his allegiance with an academy nomination for his son, doled out by McCain. Let’s hope young Graham fares better than McCain, who graduated at the bottom of his Naval Academy class. He would never have been admitted to Annapolis, had his father and grandfather not been admirals.

    • Trevor says:

      I was at that meeting in January, granted I could not vote in that election I’m no state committeeman, but watching the Pro Lines Teens cry their eyes out was amazing. Not to mention I joked to Congressman Gosar that Senator Flake is throwing a tantrum over Lines defeat, same with those two frauds Dustin and Jennifer who screwed Kelli over.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    I always learn something coming to this site. Thanks for all you guys do. My brother-in-law introduced me to SRAZ and I have carried on the favor. I live in liberal land.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Everybody else knew, but US:


    President Trump knows ALL of it.

  5. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The one who has no place to go is Martha McSally. After losing the senate seat to the reconfigured Socialist Krysten Sinema, she was appointed by Gov. Doug (Mc)Ducey to fill the seat unoccupied for the last year by his patriarch John McCain. He refused to step down desirous of being accorded a state funeral.

    McSally was happy to take President Trump’s endorsement, but now says she “loves John McCain.”

    In one swell foop, she’s kicking a good portion of the Republicans who begrudgingly supported her in the teeth. This is a fight she can only lose. Is she trying to ensure a Democrat occupies Arizona’s second senate seat? Why bother to involve herself in this? Whatever position she takes will harm her. Trump carried Arizona and few if any of the conservative base were McCain fans. If she doesn’t shake the McCain taint instead of currying it, she will be jobless.

    • Mohave Mike says:

      Your assessment is right on target. Arizona conservatives will never vote for a Democrat for Senate, but will will withhold our votes. If McSally takes us for granted, she’s a fool. She’d better decide which side of the fence she’s on or get ready to be shown the door. Time is running short for her. She previously campaigned on her ovaries. She better start campaigning on her huevos,


    • Trevor says:

      Kirk Adams would have been a far far worse appointee, McSally thankfully did the right thing by supporting the President on the national emergency, but she does need to be careful saying stuff like “I love John McCain” will hurt her.

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