AZ Sen. candidate Mark Kelly holds stealth DC fundraiser

ActBlue, issuing the invitation, is a construct of Socialist billionaire George Soros

This invitation to Mr. Gabby Gifford’s (aka Mark Kelly) U.S. Senate fundraiser definitely qualifies as unusual. It’s being held today, but the non-committal host committee is still “in formation.” Additionally, the location is secret. The invitation gives a single clue: it’s somewhere in “Downtown Washington, D.C.” The address will only be provided upon the receipt of an RSVP — presumably with a credit card attached. Registrations are taken at an ActBlue email address.

ActBlue’s website promises candidates it will “harness the power of the grassroots,” which raises the question for Mr. Giffords, wouldn’t the grassroots he intends to harness and wants to represent be in Arizona and shouldn’t he be committed to harnessing them himself?

The connection between ActBlue and Socialist billionaire George Soros was revealed here a decade ago. This Kelly/Gifford’s character is not a mainstream Democrat partisan. He’s a far-leftist in addition to being a gun hypocrite who purchased an AR-15, a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol and “high capacity” magazines at a Tucson gun store the day after testifying to Congress in favor of restricting our Second Amendment rights.

12 Responses to AZ Sen. candidate Mark Kelly holds stealth DC fundraiser

  1. Clementine says:

    That invitation has got to win a weirdness award. Whoever is advising him deserves a raise!!

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    That invitation is hilarious! What it omits speaks volumes about the support Mark Kelly is generating. The fact that his host committee is still in formation the day of the event tells me he’s not ginning up a lot of enthusiasm. That’s definitely the case here in their home base of Tucson.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    It would be interesting to know what kind of pressure was applied to Congressman Ruben Gallego to withdraw from this senate race. The Dems are playing hardball for this seat. For some strange reason they think a guy with no political experience is the one to send to Washington.

  4. D.B. Cooper says:

    Obama adoring Gwyneth Paltrow is Obama adoring Gabrielle Giffords cousin. A fundraiser featuring them could generate interest. It would be like going to see a three headed calf at a circus side show.

    • Kent says:

      Great analogy!! It made me laugh!

      If Mr. Gabby Giffords is just looking to “harness” their money and not their votes, D.C. works as well as Arizona.

      • Sally Forth says:

        Mark Kelly has spent too much time in outer space. His brain appears to have atrophied.

  5. Trevor says:

    No surprise Cindy McCain and her clan will be voting for the gun grabbing spaceman

  6. Trevor says:

    I fully expect Cindy McCain and her stooges to vote for the gun grabbing spaceman.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Don’t forget that just last weekend, CONgresswoman and proud Muslim Ms. Omar had a stealth fundraiser with CAIR in CA.
    She told the audience of Muslims to “get loud”.

    Also, another “stealth” deal went down today.
    The Obama friend and B– gay male actor, Jessie Smollet had ALL of his charges dropped. No surprise that the Chicago prosecutor got hundreds of thousands from Soros.

    Yesterday (Monday), the Congressional Freshman were transported via nice bus to meet and be lectured by Obama at an undisclosed “stealth” location.

    Stealth equals secret.
    We still have another “government” operating in the background.
    And they are NOT for our Constitution or our way of life.

    PRAY for God to defeat the works of satan and his minions.

  8. Jig says:

    Gabby will do anything to get back in the spotlight and as AZ melds into a reliable Dem state we may see McLesbo begin to pander to them as Sinema has pandered to Republicans to get elected…..Martha may even come out!

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