Illegal alien crisis reaches breaking point

Overburdened Border Patrol is releasing illegal aliens on to city streets in Arizona and Texas, a fact the Arizona Republic buries on page 11

The Trojan Horse symbolizes a saga in Greek mythology describing the strategy used by ancient Greeks to overtake the powerful city of Troy that had remained unconquerable during a decade long war. Finally the Greeks constructed a gigantic wooden horse in which they hid an elite fighting force. The horse, considered a victory trophy by the Trojans, was wheeled into the walled city as the Greeks appeared to retreat. According to legend, using the cover of darkness, the soldiers stowed inside the horse, crept out, opened the gates and let the rest of the army enter. The result was the destruction of Troy followed by a takeover by the invaders. The war ended, and so did Troy.

The United States is now in a similar position. There is no wooden horse, but there are determined invaders —- and we, like the Trojans, appear to be aiding and abetting our own demise.

John Binder, writing for Breitbart News, citing facts and figures from government sources, reports the United States is projected to add about 1.5 million illegal aliens to the American population by the end of the year, if current rates of Catch and Release border crossings and the 300,000 to 400,000 visa overstays remain consistent.

These numbers are in addition to the unverifiable tens of millions* of illegal aliens who are already fanned out across our country. This incalculable range represents the fact that we have lost control of how many invaders have breached our border. Their birth rates surpass native-born Americans.

Additionally, the astronomical numbers don’t factor in the estimated 500,000 illegal aliens who successfully cross into the U.S. undetected by Border Patrol agents. They are typically deported only after committing crimes in the U.S. —- initiating a cycle of repeated returns and deportations.  These are recent Border Patrol statistics.

The unskilled and uneducated Central American and Mexican hordes who have no respect for our sovereignty and are loath to assimilate, recreate the barrios they left behind after arriving in the USA.  Once here, they are able to access taxpayer-funded benefits as they fan out across our nation, all too often aided and abetted by unconscionable churches desperate to fill their emptying pews with grateful invaders.

President Donald Trump ran and was elected on his promise to build a border wall. Congressional Democrats have thwarted his efforts at every turn, denying the funding needed to complete construction. They tout technology that has been a costly failure since it was initially implemented. SRAZ posted,Virtual fence is a virtual flop,“ andVirtual fence “looks good” to Homeland Insecurity Chief Chertoff,” nearly a dozen years ago. The only thing that has changed is the invaders now boldly arrive in caravans, knowing that the leftist dominated U.S. House of Representatives refuses to advance funding President Trump has repeatedly requested. The visceral hatred they have for him trouncing Hillary Clinton in 2016 supersedes any rational thoughts of providing security to America’s citizens.

This Roy Beck video is not new, but remains as relevant as when it first introduced.

* Recent study by researchers from Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

8 Responses to Illegal alien crisis reaches breaking point

  1. Maggie says:

    Why any thinking American votes Democrat today remains a mystery to me. They are increasingly socialist and are undermining our Constitution at every turn. We have so much to be grateful for, though the Dems don’t appear to grasp that. I’ll vote for President Trump again in a heartbeat!!! His judicial appoints alone have endeared him to me. He is pro-American and is unflappable.

  2. LD 23 PC says:

    The Trojan analogy is a good one. We haven’t learned anything. Teachers are too busy striking and wiped out recuperating from their long vacations to teach.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    From Congressman Steve King (R) (IA)
    today, via Twitter:


    “An average Congressional district = 710,000 people. Illegal aliens are counted the same as U.S. Citizens for redistricting. Result: at least 2 Congressional seats are co-oped by illegal aliens this year, notwithstanding those we didn’t interdict. . .”

    • Braveheart says:

      That’s the entire Democrat game plan. More congressional seats filled by their own “America Last” traitors.
      That’s why they are doing all they can to bring down “American First” President Trump.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The information contained in the Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology study is fascinating. Those schools and Bloomberg are definitely not noted as conservative, yet their findings clearly state the number of illegals living in the U.S. could be double what the generally accepted estimate is.

    “The U.S. government and most groups put the number of undocumented immigrants at around 11 million to 12 million, but researchers from Yale and MIT give a “conservative” number of 16. 7 million in 2016 and an average of 22 million, according to Yale Insights.”

    Bloomberg also reported the study could validate claims made by President Trump that the real number of illegals in the country is as high as 30 million and could offer ammunition for the president and immigration critics to take a harder stance on the issue.

    Amazing! Could it be possible they actually care about the America their children and grandchildren will be faced with in the future??

  5. Patriot Mom says:

    Pres. Donald J. Trump is leading. He’s drawing huge. appreciative crowds. His recent tweet addresses closing our border. Mexico, which has been enabling the caravans from Central America needs to feel the heat for its actions in facilitating the invasion.. We need to round up and deport everyone as they trespass our border and set their illegal feet on our soil.

  6. Matt DeGennaro says:

    I’m so proud to call this man our president. I previously regarded Ronald Reagan as my favorite. Donald Trump “trumps” him.

    • Seen It All says:

      I Agree!!

      We can’t lose sight of the fact that Pres. Reagan signed the horrible “bi-partisan” Simpson-Mazzoli Act allowing a supposed a “one time” mass of thousands of illegals to gain legal status in 1986. They were supposed to jump through the usual never implemented hoops of learning English, becoming knowledgeable in American history, paying fines etc. which was an unenforceable farce. Reagan caused many of the problems we are now experiencing.

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