AZ Rep. Stringer outed as child molester, resigns

By now, Arizonans who aren’t living under a rock know the stomach-turning facts behind David Stringer’s abrupt resignation from the state legislature this past week, where he represented LD 1. Stringer, a 71-year-old Republican, was elected in 2017 after previously having served on the Prescott Planning and Zoning Commission.

The revelations are so disgusting the March 29, edition of the Phoenix New Times report on the recent disclosures concerning Stringer, carries a “Content warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of sexual assault involving children.

Imagine. Someone with the responsibility of enacting laws that the rest of us must abide by, isn’t even able to be trusted to have a normal interaction with kids. He repeatedly paid young boys and a disabled teen he picked up in a Baltimore park for sex. He was charged in 1983 in Maryland, though his record was inexplicably expunged.

David Stringer’s campaign website —- oddly still up —- lists him as “PRO-FAMILY.” It’s a sure bet families with young sons wouldn’t agree.

The unmarried Stringer devotes an entire page to a report titled,Representative Stringer Responds to Reports of 35-year-old Arrest.It was published in the Prescott eNews, in which he holds a financial interest. A disclosure of the relationship is contained in the report.

He has been persona non grata since making bizarre comments such as “black people don’t blend in,” when speaking with a group of ASU students. Stringer has resisted bi-partisan calls for him to resign. 

The arrogance of this criminal to seek public office after moving to Arizona is astonishing. Also puzzling is how he was able to retain his legal credentials and be listed as a member in good standing since 2004 with the State Bar of Arizona.

The New Times has been on top of this since January, when it printed a redacted copy of Stringer’s 1983 criminal case history. He was charged with multiple sex offenses, including child pornography.

11 Responses to AZ Rep. Stringer outed as child molester, resigns

  1. Observer says:

    What a vile and disgusting man. His arrogance in running for public office after moving to Arizona is appalling. This creep must have several screws loose.

  2. Kimball says:

    Stringer belongs behind bars, not in the Arizona Legislature. His fellow prisoners would be more than happy to take care of him.

  3. State Committeeman says:

    All along I thought the worst thing about him was that awful toupee. Obviously I was wrong. It actually concealed his demented brain.

  4. Kent says:

    The New Times, a tabloid newspaper given away free, was way ahead of the AZ Repukelick on this major story. I’m sitting in my favorite weekend breakfast spot which has several copies, floating around for customers. I see it’s a front page story today.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      The shrunken AZ Republic is operating with a skeleton crew and mostly student reporters who work out of their cars. It’s on its last legs. ‘Breaking News’ is not on the front burner. It lives solely to print political endorsements of leftie Dems and a few Republicrats prior to elections. Even there it fails. It endorsed Hillary Clinton!
      The few Republican candidates who seek the newspaper’s endorsement are regarded as fools or traitors.

      I expect the AZ Repulsive to endorse Gabby Gifford’s husband for the US Senate. That should help Sen. Martha McSally.

      • Trevor says:

        That would not surprise me the AZ Repugnent would endorse the gun grabbing spaceman hell I bet if the choice was Flake or Sinema the Republic would still go for Sinema even though they adore Flake on open borders.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    You would be shocked into the next solar system if you knew the extent and depth of sexual perversion among people in Government, worldwide. Covered up.
    Why do you think that President Trump rags on Liddle Adam Schiff?

    You should follow the resurrected matter with Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire bud of Billy boy Clinton. Little St. James Island, a private hell for victims of sex trafficking. He was convicted over what he did to teenage girls at one of his many mansions (FL). Why would a grown, unmarried man have a full dental suite set up in that massive master bathroom? And why the photos on the bathroom walls of very young female children with a tooth partially pulled and hanging out, bleeding? He was convicted, but allowed out of jail to “work.”
    No one really knows how he really became a multi-billionaire.

    Now, finally, people started to wonder why he was never treated like other sexual predators and asked to court to open the records.

    Funny thing about that. The judge who was to hear the matter has suddenly died last week. Well, he was 93.

    Watergate was Not about what you think. Tricky Nixon knew what was going on and was trying to get the evidence to use for his own reasons of blackmail.

    It’s been known for decades that the State Dept peeps were/are deep into crimes against children. There was an investigation, but then Hillary was put in charge of State and shut it down.

    When you finally find out what has happened to the children (and teens and adults), you will be ill.

    The Children of HAITI, HAITI, HAITI (just one group).

    People without birth certificates are easily “lost”.
    Think about the caravans.

    It is Much Worse than pedophilia. (you probably think that that’s impossible. . . . )

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Perverts are the lowest of the low. Child molesters are even beneath them. Having such lowlifes being paid by our tax dollars is the ultimate betrayal of public trust. For Stringer to think his evil acts could escape exposure speaks to his arrogance. Perhaps the answer is to run an in-depth public records check on all candidates for public office.

      I’m repulsed by reading of his evil acts.

  6. veraanderson41 says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind believe anything written in the vile New Times. Do you really think they would write something good about anyone calling themselves Conserative”

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Do you think think that perverts are OK if they are Republicans rather than Democrats? Obviously you didn’t bother to read the copy of the police report that was linked to in the New Times article. As to the New Times, it’s not my cuppa tea any more than the local newspaper is. But this was substantiated information all contained in the report.

      Why do you think Stringer resigned? He never denied the facts and saw the walls closing in on him. At the time, the court ordered him into a sex offender treatment program. Even Republican leadership went after this pervert when the facts were undeniable.

      Next you’ll say the young boys were willing participants.

    • Clementine says:

      WHAT?? This has been reported nationally as well as locally. The facts are facts. If your young son was victimized by such a pervert, would you not believe him if the molester was a Republican? Would it be OK if you were a Catholic and the molester was a priest, cardinal or bishop? Grow a brain! Perverts come in all stripes.

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