Ducey glibly deflects counting illegals with ice cream 

Diversity reigns supreme as 2020 census revs up

While Gov. Doug Ducey, the former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream stores, makes the news with his signing of ‘Ice Cream Freedom Day’ legislation, (H. B. 2178), a much more consequential  executive order flew under the radar.

April Fools’ Day brought a news release informing Arizonans that Ducey, via an executive order, created the Arizona Complete Count Committee (AZCCC).

Full of puffery and numerous whereas(es), his order, complete with a gold seal, forms a 19 person committee — 2 Chairs and 17 government and “outreach” liaisons — who serve at his pleasure, and will be “subject to change at any time.”

 “All members of the AZCCC, except for members one through five, shall each form a subcommittee to work on matters related to the census count that correspond to their specific liaison role. They are encouraged to select subcommittee members [a maximum of 25 each] that represent different geographical areas of the state, have a diverse set of experiences and qualifications, and can represent the perspectives and needs of traditionally hard to count populations.”

Apparently, their overarching duty will be to ensure an accurate head count for the 2020 Census, since it will affect $millions in federal allocations. The Executive Order states, “Each Arizonan who is not counted is estimated to represent an $887 loss to the State in federal funding allocation, meaning that even a one-percent undercount would represent a loss to the State of $62 million per year for a decade, for a total loss of $620 million.”

The Constitutional reason for the census is not money. Its purpose is to determine how many congressional seats are apportioned in the U.S. House of Representatives. Redistricting of Arizona’s state and local legislative representatives is also impacted by the count.

These facts make it mystifying that Gov. Ducey  places an extraordinary premium on “ensuring a complete and accurate count of all those residing here, including those who have historically been hard to count, such as young children, multi-family housing residents, military families, non-native English speakers, low-income residents, minorities, and rural residents.”

Military, minorities, farmers, low income Americans and family groups have always been counted. The non-native English speakers are highly likely to be illegal aliens. Are they now the go-to population in determining our congressional representation and state legislative redistricting? As of the 2018 election, 5 of our 9 congressional seats are held by Democrats and the Republican majority in the state legislature is no longer assured.  Isn’t that enough to suit Republicrat Doug Ducey? 

6 Responses to Ducey glibly deflects counting illegals with ice cream 

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Ducey’s still paying homage to his open borders mentor John McCain. I’m surprised he doesn’t have “liaisons” stationed at the border, registering illegals as new Arizonans as they slither into the USA.

  2. MacBeth says:

    This insulting video, called the “Amazing Apportionment Machine” was produced by the US Census Bureau and treats Americans like the submissive children they think we are. No wonder they’ve disabled comments.

    Nothing here addresses illegal aliens, whose numbers are growing as massive caravans from Central America continue to be assisted by Mexico, our glorious “southern neighbor.”

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Once these people are Bought and Paid For, there is no turning back.
    There is No Way Out for them, especially at the Gov. level.
    Has to Toe the Line. Unfortunately, it’s not a party line, but something much more dangerous to US.

    Meanwhile, there are some true Conservatives in Missouri:

    There is a bill in the Missouri state legislature (General Assembly) which, if passed, will ban all federal gun-control laws by preventing all state agencies and their employees from enforcing any federal law that infringes the Second Amendment in any way, including gun registrations, fees, fines, licenses and bans.

    Sponsored by Rep. Jeff Pogue (R), 37, a Christian and a contractor/carpenter by profession, and co-sponsored by 4 other Republican representatives, House Bill 786: Second Amendment Preservation Act was introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives on January 31, 2019.

    HB 786’s companion bill in the state Senate is SB 367, which was introduced by Sen. Eric Burlison (R) on February 7, 2019.

  4. Sally Forth says:

    The census is Constitutionally ordered for the express purpose of enumeration for representation. When we’ve received the long form wanting personal information such as how many toilets we have, our ancestry, whether anyone in our home is disabled, provides care for another relative, our professions, household income and the number of cars we own, we leave those blank.

    I’m disgusted that Doug Ducey intends to make sure illegals are counted.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Thursday, in Yuma:
    DHS Secretary due in, after El Paso, TX today.

    President Trump will join her in Calexico, CA on Fri.

    Notice that he stays away from AZ.