Skewing the news Arizona style

No wonder the Arizona Republic is dying

With its last gasps, the dying, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper continues to spew venom at Republicans. On Jan. 1, 2019, the newspaper was described as ahomeless vagrant on borrowed time,” after having been forced, by declining readership and following massive layoffs, to sell the building and parking structure it has occupied for decades.

Limited vocabulary when describing Republicans is de rigueur. It spikes into incendiary high gear when conservatives are the topic. 

A classic example is a column by sob-story aficionada turned bomb thrower, Laurie Roberts, who describes physician Kelli Ward, the newly elected state Republican chairwoman, using these intended to incite words: “Ward is the reigning queen of the far-right fringe.” Columnist Robert Robb described Dr. Ward’s election as “meaningless.” The backdrop for Robb’s assertion is border security, which his pro-open border and amnesty supporting employer, The Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) adamantly opposes. He now sings its tune like a trained parrot.

What Laurie Roberts refers to as the “far-right fringe,” are actually the majority of grassroots Republican elected state committeemen who elected Dr. Ward, a former state senator, while strongly objecting to the prospect of reelecting the ineffectual phantom chairman Jonathan Lines. He was put in place by his slippery predecessor Robert Graham, who still ran the party since Lines resides 200 miles away in Yuma, runs a roofing business and has 11 kids to parent.

The newspaper also has former state senate president Russell Pearce in its sights again. He is referred to as a “hard right conservative.“ In AZ Republicese, this is no compliment. His current job is listed twice in the same article, just in case rabble-rousers missed it the first time.

The report veers off the charts by referring to groups labeled “extremist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The group which the newspaper refers to as “monitoring hate,” has itself been outed as a source of vicious hate. Watch this 5-minute Prager University video for a healthy dose of truth.

The agenda driven newspaper continues to harp on the Mueller report as if President Trump had been found guilty of obstruction of justice or Russian collusion, when exactly the opposite conclusion was reached. Though dying of a thousand self-inflicted cuts, it follows many of its articles with these words, “Support local journalism. Subscribe to (gives an email address.)”

Hari-Kari is an ancient Japanese form of ritual suicide by disembowelment. The Arizona Republic is taking the slower path, but the result will be the same. Insulting its remaining subscribers is not a successful business model, yet it is the one to which it is bonded.

Newspaper Death Watch is a web site chronicling the demise of hard copy newspapers, including a section called ‘Works In Progress,’ listing major metro dailies that have cut frequency or adopted hybrid online/print or online-only models. It won’t be much longer before the anorexic, radically left-wing local daily joins the list.

8 Responses to Skewing the news Arizona style

  1. Army Of One says:

    We cancelled our subscription to the Arizona Republic several years ago.

    My wife had an unhealthy habit. She smoked. I had a equally foolish habit. I actually paid money to read the sewage passing as news in the local newspaper. We decided to save the money she spent on her coffin nails and I flushed on the leftwing paper. The money we saved eventually provided us a great vacation cruise to Alaska. I recommend it and the means of saving to achieve it.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Whatever will the AZ rag do, now that the snowbirds are fleeing the heat in their RVs pulling cars carrying kayaks and bicycles on the roof?

    Interesting news lately about the SPLC that you won’t see reported in the propangandized pulp.
    Seems that the Southern Poverty Law Center has a net worth of Tons of $$$$, and it keeping about half of it in offshore accounts.
    And their head honcho just stepped aside after a nasty harassment allegation caused him to scurry away without a fight.

    If you want to know how Obama weaponized the media—printed and otherwise—-look up the Smith-Mundt Act and what he did to it.
    For starters:

    And then, of course, it’s all that $$$ from Soros.
    Money going into the pockets of people who are talking heads on TV news. Several dozen are on the payroll and have been for years.

    Additionally, there are approx. 14 “journalists” who were being fed directly from Mueller’s trough of treason. Direct communication.
    Valerie Jarrett’s young daughter, who skipped over earning her stripes by being in the inner sanctum of OWorld, is one.
    What happens when you conspire with traitors?

  3. GOP PC says:

    I couldn’t be prouder of casting my vote for Donald Trump for President. I intend to do so again in 2020. This time I will be bringing a lot more Americans along with me. Not only are many waking up to the fact that the media have joined with the Democrat Party in spinning lies as truth, but I have become a precinct committeeman.
    I spend Saturday late mornings recruiting new Trump voters as I go door-to-door speaking to residents in my precinct. I have very persuasive talking points based on Trump’s accomplishments and have been very well received. The first thing I tell them when introducing myself is, ” I am your neighbor.” That is the great ice breaker. I also step back from the door after ringing the door bell and wear a name tag with the name of of precinct on it. We definitely need to focus on recruitment of others to join us.

  4. Michael Schmitz says:

    These best part of watching the AZ Rag fold was when they laid off the neurotic Steve Benson who was fixated on Trump’s hair.

  5. Mike says:

    Laurie Roberts, E.J. Montini, and the rest of the Repugnant’s cabal of Erebusic liberal marplots (thank you Mychal Massie for helping me expand my vocabulary) would define the “far right fringe” as including ANYONE to the right of Bernie Sanders.

    • Rio Rico Rick says:

      The entire crew still employed at the AZ Repukelick are no better than those who would sell their own mothers for a buck. They obviously have no consciences. Even the liberal democrats I know are enraged about the caravans of illegals and think we need a wall. They don’t say that in unison, but in one on one conversations, it’s a recurring theme. I think they are all afraid of not publicly sticking to the party line in front of one another. The Dems must have some type of gestapo that metes out punishment for making these views known.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Will the AZ rag report this?

    Being reported that Mexican armed military have detained two members of the U.S. military in EL PASO, TX.
    Mexican military on American ground detaining our soldiers at gunpoint.

    (the cabal needs an international incident to deflect from the nothing-burger of the Mueller dossier, while they contemplate how to roll out impeachment proceedings)