Foolish do-gooders aid and abet illegal invasion

Righteous absurdity of the left

The Easter Sunday edition of the local newspaper devoted front page coverage, including two jump pages, to a 74-year-old local grandmother who opens her small condo to hordes of illegal aliens. The article is headlined, “We are called to welcome strangers…Arizonan opens home, heart to asylum seekers.” A more fitting title would be, “Misguided do-gooder* aids and abets illegal invasion.”

Her home is described as “spotless” although the photos belie that depiction. Truth on any level simply has no relevancy when the topic is illegal aliens. Imagine a neighbor harboring criminals steps away from your home. Yet she and others working in concert with their churches, are extolled for feeding, clothing and temporarily housing Central American illegals now breaching our border by the 100‘s of thousands as they caravan through facilitating Mexico. The illegals, referred to as “guests,” are coddled until they are able to fan out cross the United States and access taxpayer-funded benefits. Any children they have once here are automatically American citizens based on flawed interpretations of the Fourteen Amendment, able to exploit absurd chain migration policies to bring in other relatives.

A pastor acknowledges not all of his congregants are happy with his church’s involvement, with some concerned that “publicity could lead to anti-immigrant protests from so-called patriot groups, which have occurred at other churches.”

Understand that if you believe in legal immigration and respect for the law, you are on the wrong side of this issue and your patriotism is open to question.

These brief insights aim to give our readers a sample of what the increasingly radical left-wing newspaper pushes as it attempts to make aiding criminality an act of faith-based decency. The failing Arizona Republic expends its last gasps of breath struggling to normalize the abnormal from deviancy to criminality, but is fooling no one but itself — evidenced by the fact that subscriptions for the anorexic, poor excuse for a newspaper continue to plummet. Parent company Gannett Co. Inc. continues to fail and has been the subject of hostile takeover bids as profit and revenue fall short of estimates.

For a cogent view on the impending prospects of such irrational tactics, read “Amnesty: Bad Policy, Even Worse Politics,by Bradley Betters — posted on American Thinker.

 * Click on link to read excellent description.

7 Responses to Foolish do-gooders aid and abet illegal invasion

  1. jake sez says:

    The plea for immigration amnesty is like looking at a gift box with its pretty paper and a nice card. It looks good and we are impressed. Once we open the package ad see all of the troubles inside and the cost of the maintenance, it become obvious that it would have been best to leave it on the street.

    In today’s Drudge Report it tells how the Mexican people are becoming tired of the caravans traveling through their towns. The potential trespassers are being given less food and shelter due to the continued need for assistance. One woman with a child stated she had not brought any food for the journey. She felt she would be able to obtain it from the locals. Now that the USA may close the border or make others wait in Mexico until they can be brought before a judge, the wait will put even more pressure on the local Mexican people.

    It is always easier to wave and cheer the travelers when they were just passing though on their way to another country. However, when they have to take care of the travelers it can put a great strain of the locales and no longer became a parade but instead becomes an invasion.

    The woman who gave up her condo to assist the travelers, probably feel great now, lets see how she feels a year from now when she has to repair and replace.

    • MacBeth says:

      She didn’t give up her condo Jake. She moved the illegals in, feeding them cereal and pizza and providing them with donated clothes, throwing their filthy ones out. Her photo should be next to “criminal enabler” in the dictionary. I read as much of this garbage as I could stand at a new neighborhood breakfast spot that has a few editions available to customers. I was afraid I would throw up my omelette.

  2. Kathy says:

    Re; last paragraph – OR when she is murdered by one of the illegals, because many are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Then will family members sue the church enabling law-breakers?

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Take a look at what happened to two little white boys on their way home from playing. And look at the perp.

    HIT AND RUN SUSPECT ARRESTED A boy’s family credits @CBSDenver viewers, and investigators @CSP_News, for helping find the man who allegedly hit young boys with his car in #Aurora. Video showed the suspect circling the area, before allegedly running over the boys.
    #Colorado State Patrol reported the suspect (Oghaleoghene Atuno, 21) was seen circling the cul-de-sac several times before driving on to the sidewalk…hitting two young boys. The young boys were going home from playing

    Bail set at 250,000

  4. Army Of One says:

    Have you read about our “good friends” to the south?

    Armed Mexican troops disarmed two United States soldiers while they were on the American side of the border, according to U.S. defense

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      And this, (imagine tiny violins playing in the background):

      Mexico said on Saturday it had “deep concern” about armed groups that intimidate and extort migrants on the border, shortly after the ACLU and Democratic senators called for a probe into such citizen efforts to block migrants from crossing.
      (from Reuters)

      • Ellsworth says:

        The intimidators and extorters are other Mexicans, who rein terror on both sides of the border. We need a wall.