Who cares what Mega McCain thinks?

It’s impossible to miss the impending demise of the once well-read and dependable Arizona Republic newspaper. It hasn’t been reliable since Eugene and Nina Pulliam were the conservative publishers, in the pre-Gannett glory days. News was written by reporters, not student interns lacking editors. Journalists were regarded as trustworthy, and like Clark Kent, who spent time as a reporter at the Daily Planet, their clear eyed integrity was unquestioned.

What a novel concept. 

Today’s newspaper is emaciated and filled with leftist spew.  Seasoned reporters and editors have taken early retirement, had their contracts bought out or been axed, as was the case recently with Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist Steve Benson, who rose to prominence when he held a conservative perspective later degrading to brazen Trump hatred.

Sappy columnists have morphed into bomb throwers for the anti-Trump and open border agenda. Ditto the former Libertarian minded columnist who has veered into Liberal-land for job security.

Tuesday’s edition was so lightweight in both heft and content, that only the word “pathetic” is appropriately descriptive. In an interesting placement choice, an impending LGBT rights case to be heard in the fall before the U.S. Supreme Court is given front page prominence, though high arsenic levels detected in various identified bottled water brands is relegated to page 9. The entire news section, national, international and local, rated 14 pages sparsely tucked in among ads. Sports took 8 pages, including obituaries — which now abut athletic scores. ‘Things to do,’ also a section, is a hodgepodge including movie listings, hiking trails, restaurant reviews, comics, puzzles and Dear Abby. Five full pages are devoted to hearing aid advertisements, since the remaining reader base consists of senior citizens.

Mega McCain has somehow become newsworthy. One headline roars, “Meghan McCain: Bernie Sanders not fit to lead.” Another, “I still can’t go back home to Arizona,” is a commentary on her inability to cope with father’s 2018 death.

She was controlled enough to ensure that she insulted purposely uninvited President Trump and his family during her anger-laced eulogies at three separate, week-long funerals.  Among the A-Listers were scandal-plagued Bill and Hillary Clinton and the part-time president and full-time vacationer and golfer, Barack Obama, who first denied and then admitted delivering $1.7 billion in cash payments to Iran in 2016. For those with short memories, Iran is the country that routinely assembles screaming mobs yelling, “Death to America!”

Coarse, tattooed and untalented, Mega McCain has briefly held a succession of television gigs only because of her recognizable last name. Her opinions influence no thinking American, making her the ideal person for the failing newspaper to cover.

Michelle Malkin provided an exemplary review in her column reprinted here in the Philadelphia Inquirer, ‘Vulgar exercises in self-indulgence’: Aretha Franklin, John McCain funerals showed how not to depart with dignity.

Malkin succinctly summed up the tastelessness using these words, “graveyard narcissism intertwined with crass partisanship.”

7 Responses to Who cares what Mega McCain thinks?

  1. Mike says:

    “Can’t go back home to Arizona?” Sounds good to me!

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Was it ever her “home”?
    Regular folks never saw/see the McCains.

    Her CA condo, decorated in only black and white, with walls of glass, was supposedly her home, according to the magazine that splashed the story a few years ago.

    Now, in NYC on The View, where she alternately cries, weeps, screams, goes ballistic, hugs Joe Biden(yikes!) and apparently spends her spare time tweezing those eyebrows (lessons from my mommy).

    Britney Spears gets committed for similar behaviors.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      The McCain’s mistakenly think money buys intelligence and class. They stand as a testament to the fact that neither is the case.

  3. Casper says:

    At first I thought “Mega McCain” was a typo when I read it in an earlier post. Now i see the intention and it fits her increasing bulk and big mouth to a “T.” She’s a bleached blonde sow who has inherited her crass father’s inflated ego and lewd garbage mouth.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:


    The McCain family endorses Joe Biden for 2020.

    That’s great. When C.Lou’s half-sister was interviewed years ago, living in poverty here in AZ, she clearly stated that the macStains were Dems and dropped another bombshell about a religious affiliation.

    Let’s revisit all of the Many official photos and videos that in the White House and other places where Biden goes out of his way to touch, nuzzle, smell children and adult females. Only seen him touch and put his face right in the face of a young boy.

    Little known is the fact that he likes to humiliate his USSS female agents and female military guard by walking around and swimming nude when Jill, Ph.D., is not around

    At a holiday party a few years back, he got all touchy-feely with a female was attending. It was so bad that a USSS agent stepped in to come to the damsel’s aid, and the USSS agent got suspended for a significant length of time.

    Jeff Sessions was the ONLY one was swatted Biden away when he tried to put hands on Session’s little granddaughter. There’s video of it—-it was at an official WH ceremony—you can clearly see Biden zero-in on the child and walk five or six steps to get to her.
    Sessions saw Biden, as Biden reached out to the child from behind, and swatted Biden’s hands away.

    All of the many Dem candidates are highly compromised, tainted.

    Are they “placeholders” for someone standing in the wings?
    (look here—-don’t look there. . . . )

  5. Kathy says:

    “Mega” refuses to admit who her Father really is – a snake, traitor, liar, vile man who was responsible for the deaths of many sailors as well as POW’s, etc. All her spewing will never change those FACTS!