AZ educrat Pres. Joe Thomas instructs in “Thugocracy”

Educating students takes back seat to educrat’s intimidation agenda

Breitbart exposesvia video — the ruthlessness and intimidation techniques advocated by Arizona Education Association (AEA) president Joe Thomas. He was caught instructing teachers who act as union liaisons in their schools how to intimidate any colleagues who refuse to participate in future walkouts planned by #RedsforEd at the State Capitol in Phoenix.

The Arizona Daily Independent initially uncovered the video instructing teachers in bullying of their colleagues.

Scroll through the notoriously left-wing Teachers Unions* site funded to the tune of $millions by dues paying teachers. Bear in mind,  the “underpaid” teachers, who work 81/2 months a year, are able to support the far left unions which almost exclusively support liberal candidates and causes.

In May 2018, Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a position reportedly paying over $500,000 yearly, came to Phoenix to rally the acquiescent teachers against the 20% pay increase/bribe foolishly offered by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Weingarten does double duty as a Democrat operative who gave impassioned speeches introducing Dem presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at both AFT’s 2016 convention and the Democrat’s national convention.

During the strike Joe Thomas, president of the Arizona Education Association (AEA) was front and center issuing statements about the need for more money for the teachers — who care so much for their students that last year they abandoned 840,000 of them for over a week in violation of their contractual agreements.

Paid by the union, Joe Thomas received in excess of $400,000 in compensation each year from 2011 through 2016. That swank sum has no doubt been upgraded in the past three years. Thomas and his teacher wife are Democrats. Following the Nov. 2018 General Election, we posted, “If you like AZ’s leftist election results, thank a teacher

In January SRAZ posted, Educrat thugs promise “Armageddon,” as AEA Pres. Joe Thomas threatened another strike. We described Arizona teachers, who received 20% pay increases —- and are now demanding more —- as resembling emboldened thugs pulling a heist.

Passage of ballot propositions — 301 in 2000 increasing the state sales tax and 123 in 2016 a grab from the state land trust — guaranteed more money for education, which apparently is never enough. School districts routinely hold budget overrides and bond elections to “get more money into the classroom”— eduspeak for bolstering teacher’s salaries. A major premise of passing the Arizona Lottery in 1980 was that money from ticket sales would fund schools.

Falling prey to the teacher’s demands was foolishness personified. It’s like attempting to bribe a mobster. No amount will ever be enough.

*Center for Responsive Politics

8 Responses to AZ educrat Pres. Joe Thomas instructs in “Thugocracy”

  1. veraanderson41 says:

    No more dollars for education until a ful audit is completed on all school districts and money has been accounted where it is being spent.

  2. Realist says:

    The days when teachers actually taught are long gone. Most are indoctrinating America’s youth in liberalism day in and day out from K thru 12 and beyond. A college education is not complete unless radical leftist propagandizing infuses every topic. Why do you think so many are following Socialist Bernie Sanders, a man older than most of their Republican grandfathers? Bernie Sanders and his wife even honeymooned in the the Soviet Union (Russia).

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    The public education system was never really designed to teach reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic.

    The Commie/Marxist/Socialists just adroitly used that premise to insinuate themselves into our lives.

    Then, their “feminist” movement convinced Mom that “you’ve come a long way, baby, to get where you got to today. . .” and
    girls and boys became latchkey kids.

    And, just to keep it that way, they kept the economy in such disarray that both parents had to work to keep up with the neighbors.

    Obama was the anti-American who brought it all together for the ones who hate our way of life. He weaponized everything.

    Take a look, since we’re talking about schools and education:
    Here’s a tweet from Obama back in 2013, at a school. Look at his two word message, which is very relevant today.

    “I spy. . . “

    Like so many others from his group, he is drawn to kids in a very creepy way.

    (Hey, BO, what ever happened to the child Maggie Nixon?
    You should be worried. President Trump knows. . . . )

  4. Anthem Al says:

    These wizards are examples of supporters of Socialism. They obviously have too too busy to read history or follow the devastation in oil rich Venezuela or the destruction of once vibrant Cuba.

  5. Patriot Mom says:

    These under educated nitwits love Socialism….until it’s applied to their GPA.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Is there still a white collar crime/financial crimes unit at the AZ AG’s office?
    Or perhaps a Fed prosecutor needs to put a toe in the water.

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