Newsweek surprisingly gets it right on leftist bias

Calls out anti-religious hate from “the left”

Left-leaning Newsweek magazine reports on Sunday’s ‘Fox & Friends,’ featuring a discussion on the escalation of horrific crimes at houses of worship, including Christian churches, mosques and synagogues. The panelists, Highland Park, Illinois, Rabbi Evan Moffic and Muslim scholar and physician Qanta Ahmed linked the vicious rhetoric of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her use of anti-Semitic stereotypes to a rise in anti-Jewish attacks in the U.S.

Moffic said, “I think we just simply have to be aware of these awful stereotypes about Jews. When Ilhan Omar said, “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” and she said Israel has “hypnotized the world,” she’s drawing on these stereotypes that have murdered millions of people in the Holocaust, which just happened 75 years ago…it’s exactly because of that rhetoric. He added, “Jews have never felt more vulnerable in the United States.”

Of particular interest is the panelists warned Americans that anti-religious persecution, particularly from “the left,” is on the rise.

This AP list of over a dozen murderous acts committed in houses of worship — which should be hallowed sanctuaries — dating from 2012.  It doesn’t include the senseless depravity that occurred at a San Diego-area synagogue on Saturday, the last day of Passover. One woman, standing to shield the rabbi, was murdered and the rabbi, along with an 8-year-old girl and her uncle, visiting from Israel, were wounded. 

The shooter John Earnest, 19, has also been linked to a recent arson blaze at a nearby mosque.

Saturday’s rampage could have been much worse. An off duty U.S. Border Patrol agent, providing security, is a member of the synagogue, and was attending the service when gunfire erupted. He was one of two men who rushed Earnest. They are being hailed as heroes for curtailing the attack.

5 Responses to Newsweek surprisingly gets it right on leftist bias

  1. Observer says:

    We are continually told it is the “far right” that is responsible for every atrocity that occurs in the civilized world, when in fact it is exactly the opposite. A study of history shows that Lenin, Marx and Trotsky were radical leftists. The full name of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party was the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Communism and Socialism are destructive forces of the LEFT. It is the far left media that has corrupted the terms. Oil rich and previously prosperous, Venezuela is in a downward spiral and the people are suffering thanks to Socialism.

    • Clementine says:

      This verbal manipulation and its ensuing ignorance is being force fed America’s students by their NEA and AFT leftwing union teachers, who are propagandizing in America’s public school classrooms each and every day. Jesuit run schools are no better. Notre Dame University, a highly acclaimed Catholic institution invited pro-abortion President Barack H. Obama to give the commencement address, despite student protests. When Obama was an Illinois state senator, he was the lone vote against providing care to a baby born alive during a late term abortion.
      The university, which claims it is known for inviting newly elected presidents to give the commencement address, did not accord the same honor to President Donald J. Trump. The liberals who run the school are obviously more political than they are faith based.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    In order for communism/socialism/Marxism to succeed, you MUST destroy religion.
    (not including muslims here, because they have an ideology, not a religion)

    The Left is trying to divide us on all levels.
    Divided, we are weak.

    Already, in France, Macron’s architects are calling for the “new” Notre Dame cathedral to be Diverse. Discussing putting the muslim minaret on the roof.
    If you want to get ahead of all the tragedies and false flags, all you have to do is read James Comey’s twitter page, and then compare them with others like HRC; J.Podesta; Obama, Brennan, Clapper, etc.
    Comey is the “handler” who activates.
    In every case, the person who has committed the atrocities, at least here in the US, has been under the “care”—under the thumb—of a Rx-writing psychiatrist.

    It started in Germany—in the late 1930’s—experimenting on the human brain to the point of being able to manipulate it.

    This program has Never stopped, just got a new address. They brought the diabolical scientists from Germany to Canada, but it has always been handled by the rogue See I Aa.

    This goes all the way down to hell.

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    I found this article on Drudge Report this morning, It shows a blatantly anti-Semitic editorial cartoon that was published over the weekend in the “venerable” New York Times. This depiction should cause a rash of cancellations and the loss of the title, “venerable”… which the leftist newspaper hasn’t been in decades.

    I was sickened by the depiction of a blind President Trump wearing a yarmulke and being led by a dog with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s face. The dog collar has a Jewish star on it.

    Since when did anti-Semitism become vogueously mainstream in America? My uncles fought in WWII and one, a 19-year-old, was among the troops liberating the Auschwitz death camp…one of many in Germany. He was unable to speak about the horrors he witnessed.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      The rise of anti-Semitism began its full-throated message with the recent elections of Democrat Muslim women in congress.

      Ilhan Omar is worse than David Duke and his KKK cohorts, who are mostly disbanded or dead. We routed them out of their sewers, but it will be more difficult to get rid of these Dems. They run from easily manipulated, far left districts populated by under educated, high immigrant constituencies rife with gang members and welfare recipients. They ran on an “us against them” platform, with “them” meaning mainstream Americans. Omar is a Somali-born Muslim who frequently spews hatred of Jews and receives no condemnation from Democrat leadership, who have waffled on even calling this bigotry what it is.