May Day: Significant day for teachers to abandon students

Last year, Arizona public school teachers, in violation of their contractual agreements, abandoned 840,000 students for a week — as they clamored for a 20% pay raise for their part-time employment.

In unison, they donned red t-shirts emblazoned with #RedforEd. Here at Seeing Red AZ, we dubbed their slogan #REDSforEd, in acknowledgement of the fact that, lemming-like, they followed a 24-year-old avowed Socialist and 2016 AZ Bernie Sanders campaign coordinator who had only a “provisional” teaching certificate having failed to complete the required history and government courses for certification. His mantra,“Teaching is political and silence is complicity,”is enough to send chills down the backs of any responsible parents.

It turns out we were more correct than we realized in using the term “REDS.” Today, May 1, is celebrated as May Day by Communists. And wouldn’t you know…it’s the day the predominantly left-leaning union members have chosen to take a unified national hike from their students and jobs.

In North Carolina, out-of-the-political-closet teachers, poised to strike today, have even adopted the communist symbol of a clenched fist as their emblem.

Arizona’s recently elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman’s ‘State of Education’ speech demanded additional teacher’s salary increases, as she thumbed her nose at the 20% raises foolishly given by Gov. Doug Ducey, who caved to the pressure. Educrat thugs responded by promising “Armageddon,” a catastrophic calamity of biblical proportions.

The formerly esteemed profession of teaching has veered off the rails into a leftist, youth propagandizing machine while running an ongoing  heist of taxpayer’s dollars.

When the PATCO union air traffic controllers threatened a nationwide walkout, President Ronald Reagan responded accordingly:

11 Responses to May Day: Significant day for teachers to abandon students

  1. Mike says:

    Reagan dealt with union thugs appropriately. Too bad he’s no longer here to deal with these RedForEducrats.

    • Braveheart says:

      How right you are! Ducey initially claimed he wouldn’t give in to their demands, but capitulated in short order. That had the effect of emboldening the educrats. Too few people acknowledge teachers hold part time jobs.

      My mother and sister both said they got into teaching so they would have the summer’s off and long holiday breaks with their kids. Salaries are commensurate with hours worked.

  2. Willy Wayne says:

    Also remember cost of living when comparing salaries between states. Housing costs between here and California. No comparison.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      What I use as a standard is student outcomes. I want to see evidence that they are learning the skills that will enable them to flourish. The lazy teachers in the district where I live have even stopped teaching cursive so unless parents teach the skill of handwriting, no one will have a signature. The so-called teachers might as well teach students to put an “X” on contracts.

      Most kids today, unless taught by example in their families, have no concept of opening a book and reading for enjoyment. They have no concept of current events and are unable to find (you name the country) on a map.

      We talk to our kids. We discuss current events with them. They are smarter and more up to date than many adults we know. none of this would be the case had we relied solely on public schools and union member teachers.

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    Interesting that the teachers who are indoctrinating our kids with far left liberalism would chose the symbol; of communism to identify their movement. I’m disgusted, but not surprised.

    We put our kids in a superb charter school after their teachers staged a walkout last year. Our kids have blossomed as they never did in public school. They are actually reading classics and enjoying them! Never happened before….

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Want to see the quick, 2 yr. result of socialism; communism, Marxism?

    This is very disturbing.

    Prayers for that young man.

  5. JCF says:

    Cannot bring up Calif. sex-ed article, but who are aware what Cave Creek district is trying to implement for their sex-ed instruction program for grade 4 and above???

  6. KG says:

    I suggest always go to https/
    This site will educate you what is really going on in our public schools. The only alternate to government run schools is, home schooling, charter, and christian base schools. Planned Parenthood is at the root of the sex curriculum… indoctrinating our young children.