McCain & Co.: Too much is never enough

When it comes to the McCain family and the Arizona Republic, its personal publicist, too much is never enough.

John McCain, the man who obsessively carried the newspaper’s open border agenda grew larger in death than the Republicrat ever was in life. Every scintilla of contrivance relating to him exploded to disproportionate coverage, including his unprecedented three funerals.  When he behaved ignobly, as was his custom, readers of the local newspaper were kept in the dark. This phenomenon goes back decades. Coverage of his deep involvement in the Keating Five scandal was more accurately reported in the Phoenix New Times, a free tabloid. After seemingly endless coverage following McCain’s death, the Republic printed a glossy, full color magazine insert reviewing his life from its own glowing perspective. It bore little relationship to the low regard in which he was held by Republican Party activists who overwhelmingly voted to censure McCain. He retaliated by working to purge them as elected Precinct Committeemen — the backbone of the Republican Party election apparatus, with the help of Gregory Wendt, a San Francisco-based Obama donor and others of his ilk who hold conservatives in contempt.

Yvonne Wingnut Sanchez now performs as the McCain family toady, since John McCain’s assigned personal groveler, Dan Nowicki’s two-decade long career shoveling for the “maverick,” appears to have died along with McCain.

Widow Cindy Hensley McCain, the Anheuser-Busch beer heiress, has recently hired a Beverly Hills talent agency that will arrange global speaking engagements for a $multi-thousand fee. No doubt the demand to hear her speak will be great. One of her pet topics is human trafficking, which she has proven she is ready, willing and able to lie about witnessing. Stealing prescription narcotics from those she was supposedly providing philanthropic aid is another topic with which Cindy has more than passing interest.

The agency will need to book gigantic arenas to accommodate the massive crowds that undoubtedly will flock to hear Cindy Lou’s words of wisdom:

“As I focus on the next phase of my humanitarian endeavors, I’m thrilled to work with UTA to leverage my charitable passions to carry on my husband’s legacy by reaching new audiences and continuing to improve the lives of others.”

Recent AZ Republic McArticles carried these inane headlines:

Meghan McCain’s husband apologizes for homophobic ‘rage tweeting’ against Seth Meyers

Cindy McCain reveals new details about how John McCain’s dog Burma died

Meghan McCain’s raw grief: ‘I still can’t go back home to Arizona’

McCain’s son Jack helps open exclusive policy summit, the Sedona Forum

6 Responses to McCain & Co.: Too much is never enough

  1. Observer says:

    For the most part, the McCain’s are a self absorbed family who have their parents and in John’s case, even his grandparents, to thank for their powerful positions. He would never have gotten into the Naval Academy had it not been for the fact that both his father and grandfather were Naval Admirals. As it was, the party boy who crashed three jets, graduated at the bottom of his class. His son, also an Annapolis grad, has fared far better.

    Cindy’s vast wealth comes from her father who was known for unsavory connections. Since both of her parents were married previously, she has two half sisters (one from each parent) who she cut off all contact with. One, who has since died, was reported to be living in dire conditions, but heiress Cindy ignored her plight.

    During one of John McCain’s presidential campaigns a reporter asked him how many homes they had. His answer was, “I’ll have my staff get back to you on that.” He didn’t even know. Turns out it was EIGHT!

  2. Wilder Precinct PC says:

    Cindy recently sold their high rise penthouse in the Biltmore corridor and purchased a French chateau revival in north central Phoenix, not far from their previous home (before the penthouse). The previous link describes the McCain ranch as being in Sedona, It’s actually in Cornville, which is a lovely rural area, but not as high toned sounding.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The newspaper is brain dead if it thinks news of the McCain family is what anyone longs to read. No wonder the newspaper is on life support.

    We dropped our subscription when the newspaper endorsed Hillary Clinton. It felt/feels great!

  4. MacBeth says:

    John McCain is like Dracula. He never dies. He sucked our blood so long, his family and the local newspaper have confused Arizona citizens with Transylvanians.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Speaking of alcoholic beverage heiresses and their friends,
    you really should keep track of the criminal trial going on now regarding the NXIVM sex slave cult. Keith Raniere, the guy who benefitted from all the sex and keeping women in cages, is on trial.

    They had a compound in the State of NY (not in the City) and a compound in Mexico. The son of a former prez of Mexico is allegedly part of this.

    Who else? Clare Bronfman, heiress to the Seagrams mega fortune out of Canada.

    Guess who Clare Bronfman’s lawyer is?
    Out of all the lawyers in the entire world, her lawyer is none other than Dennis Burke (one of JNaps happy henchmen).

    Guess who is friends with the Bronfman’s?
    And who let the dog(s) out?

    Tomorrow, the much-increased tariffs on China kick in.

    Watch the U.S. Chamber of Commies and all the globalists
    soil themselves.

  6. Kimball says:

    The McCain’s are not newsworthy. They are self-serving elitists whose husband and father was a fraud, who initially ran as a Republican only after being convinced to do so in order to win an open east valley congressional seat. Once elected, he comported himself as a Democrat and became even more liberal in the US Senate. I never voted for this carpetbagger who moved to Arizona after dumping his wife and family for Cindy Hensley. Her well connected, wealthy father got him elected.