Calif. Leftist billionaire Steyer targets AZ Republicans

First, a bit of background. During the 2016 election cycle Arizona saw the entrance of out-of-state money as Socialist multi-billionaire George Soros interjected himself into numerous campaigns. He targeted and spent millions in an effort to unseat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Bill Montgomery, both Republicans. Arpaio, who was elected to an unprecedented six 4-year terms lost to Soros-backed leftist Paul Penzone, who was the recipient of $3.2 million. Montgomery retained his seat despite being in the crosshairs of a Soros-funded PAC which spent over $1 million.

This seemingly inexhaustible spending has been Soros’ modus operandi throughout the United States as he has worked to liberalize criminal statutes and elect those who would do his bidding.

Shortly after Penzone, a onetime Phoenix police officer, previously noted for roughing up his former wife, was sworn in as sheriff, he warmly referred to illegal invaders who breach our southern border by the hundreds of thousands, as “guests.”

Globalist Soros is an ardent opponent of sovereign nations and national borders.

Unlike Hungarian-born Soros, Tom Steyer is a homegrown radical billionaire, but the two are on similar missions: Replacing Republican office holders with far-left Democrats. Steyer’s group spent more than $3 million to oust Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and three GOP state senators, batting zero. Ditto with the Democrats Steyer funded for the Arizona Corporation Commission. He also failed in 2018, while spending close to $100,000 trying to unseat AZ Gov. Doug Ducey. That was an intriguing effort, since John McCain was a longtime recipient of Soros’ wealth, and McCain recruited his friend Ducey to run — first for state treasurer and then for governor. Ducey’s first job when he arrived in Arizona to attend ASU was working for beer heiress Cindy Hensley McCain at Hensley & Co., the Anheuser-Busch beer wholesaler and distributor.

Steyer, who is considering a 2020 presidential run, is targeting two of President Trump’s congressional loyalists and leaders of the House Freedom Caucus: GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (OH) and Mark Meadows (NC). The ad money is supplied by Steyer’s “Need to Impeach PAC.This ad, (video) invokes an image of John McCain as displaying “courage” for his vile treatment of Trump.

Tom Steyer has many far-left irons in the fire. He is also insinuating himself into the battle opposing the Arizona Public Service rate increase, to curry favor with ratepayers, who have no choice in the utility from which they purchase power. The question to ask is why is this leftist Californian interested in Arizona utility rates, and how does he benefit? 

Both Steyer and Soros are frequently referred to as “philanthropists.” Giving vast sums to aid extremist Democrats and Republicrats is obviously the height of benevolence.

8 Responses to Calif. Leftist billionaire Steyer targets AZ Republicans

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Republicans need to stay alert. The radical billionaires are coming after us for the “unpardonable sin” of electing President Donald Trump…who has brought prosperity to the American people, placed excellent justices and judges on the courts and is committed to building a wall to stop the illegal invasion.

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    Since Sheriff Penzone regards those who break into our country as “guests,” I wonder if he’d feel the same if they broke into his home? Would he welcome them, fed them, offer them his favorite TV watching chair and give them a guest room?

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio is missed by many. We got used to his efforts to apply the law. Penzone honors lawlessness.

  3. MAGA Hat Man says:

    There’s a reason leftist billionaires are targeting Arizona. It’s not a mystery. We gave all of our electoral votes to Donald Trump and he continues to generate huge, supportive crowds here.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    They have to pretend to be “philanthropists” in order to hide their
    $$$ from President Trump’s E.O., here:

    There is an open arrest warrant in Hungary and Russia on Soros.
    Has been for awhile.

    RE: the mention of Sheriff Joe Arpaio:
    During Sheriff Joe’s trial, there were audio tapes released by Judge Snow. Information contained on those tapes should have been covered by the media.
    However, the time is now.
    It has been known for a few years, now, that a lot of American citizens were being spied on by the CIA. That is Illegal.
    What if you were a person who spoke to Donald Trump on the telephone, even pre-election?

    The CiA’s mission (and the FBI’s mission) is this:
    The CIA and FBI are both members of the U.S. Intelligence Community. The CIA, however, has no law enforcement function. Rather, it collects and analyzes information that is vital to the formation of U.S. policy, particularly in areas that impact the security of the nation. The CIA collects information only regarding foreign countries and their citizens. Unlike the FBI, it is prohibited from collecting information regarding “U.S. Persons,” a term that includes U.S. citizens, resident aliens, legal immigrants, and U.S. corporations, regardless of where they are located.

    You will soon learn about The Hammer. A super-secret super computer designed and operated by the CIA. The man responsible for designing software and programming for The Hammer is Dennis Montgomery, who gained whistleblower status back in 2017.
    He thought that he could trust the FBI when he went to them to report that the CIA was, in fact, spying on tens of millions of Americans living in the U.S. He turned over dozens of hard drives and other documents as proof. Your emails, your phone calls, your purchases, all of your habits have been swept up in this.
    To be used for leverage, for blackmail, for your silence.

    (Ret) General Thomas McInerney and (Ret) Admiral “Ace” Lyons (recently deceased)
    came forward in interviews to confirm the existence of The Hammer and that the CIA was illegally spying on Americans living in the U.S.

    You’ll be hearing about it, if you listen closely.
    The Hammer.

  5. Trevor says:

    Steyer dumped millions to try and get Socialist Andrew Gillum elected over former congressman Ron DeSantis who was one of Trump’s biggest allies in congress elected Florida Governor, thankfully DeSantis won.

  6. GOP PC says:

    If you wonder why we lost the Secretary of State, the Superintendent of Public instruction and state legislative seats, thank the liberal dues paying teachers who obsessively support leftwingers. They were so in the tank for Barack Obama, NEA convention members voted themselves a dues increase earmarked specifically for his first campaign. Pay attention. The teachers spend more time with American students than their parents do. Indoctrination is the name of their propagandizing game.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Teachers use their part time jobs to carry the left’s message of identity politics and redistribution of wealth. Socialist Bernie Sanders, who is old enough to be their grandfathers or great grandfathers, has the youth vote, thanks to teachers who don’t teach history but rather oppression and white guilt, rather than teaching that in America, anyone with the desire and willing to work to achieve their dreams, CAN. It was a lesson I was taught from childhood by my LEGAL immigrant grandparents.

      This excellent article is titled, “Why Socialism Always Fails.”

  7. jake sez says:

    See how much of this socialist money seems to go to republican RINO’s like McCain. Does that tell you where the RINO’s sympathy is located? Their hunger for the elected paycheck and power can be bought. They are loyal – once bought they stay bought.