Vile takedown of conservatives cloaked as news

 Appearance at “Patriotism over Socialism” rally becomes suspect

We’re as tired of writing about the far-left, Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic as you probably are of reading about it. But the dynamics have changed. Now it’s not only about differing opinions, but about outright lies, disseminated as truth. The rabid intolerance will only worsen as we near the 2020 elections.

The sole Republican the extremist newspaper had an affinity for was John McCain, who had to be “persuaded” to register as a Republican by members of the influential “Phoenix 40” at a hastily called arm-twisting session at the Phoenix Country Club. McCain, a Florida resident working in D.C., newly married to beer heiress Cindy Hensley, was repeatedly denigrated as a carpetbagger when he ran for the Arizona congressional seat being vacated by retiring House Minority Leader John J. Rhodes in 1982. A respected man of integrity, Rhodes initially defeated a longtime incumbent and became the first Republican elected to congress in the state’s history. A Harvard Law School graduate, he was easily re-elected in the conservative East Valley district for thirty years. McCain, a former POW, aided by his wealthy, well-connected, new father-in-law, served a couple of two-year terms before ditching the East Valley, moving to Phoenix and running for the senate. He cloaked his left-wing bent in western sounding “maverick” garb.

Yvonne Wingnut Sanchez, underling and now successor to retired hatemonger Linda Valdez, doesn’t let facts get in the way as she spews her anti-conservative venom. Her recent article titled, “How extremists are reasserting themselves in mainstream GOP politics in Arizona,“ topped with photos of AZ GOP Chairman and physician, Dr. Kelli Ward, former Senate President Russell Pierce and Congressman Andy Biggs, is a case in point.

Sanchez opened her column with these words: “Russell Pearce stepped up to a podium in Gilbert, one of the more affluent and educated communities in Arizona. He had bloodshed on his mind.” She then wrote he “had ties to extremism,” while linking him to a crazed, bigoted murderer who took his own life in a domestic violence crime that had nothing to do with Pearce. Does anyone remember her linking former First Lady Rosalyn Carter to mass murderer John Wayne Gacy?

She continues: “There was a time not so long ago when Arizona’s Republican leaders would have spurned a grassroots gathering such as this “Patriotism over Socialism” rally, put on by the Tea Party Community.” Sanchez refers to the patriotic groups who sponsored the rally as “hate groups,” using the ultimate hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center as her source. The SPLC deceptively lists faith-based organizations such as the Family Research Council as hate groups.

“At the “Patriotism over Socialism” gathering, Kelli Ward, the Arizona Republican Party chairwoman, took the stage ahead of Pearce and right-wing activist Laura Loomer, U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs, the Republican congressman who represents a deep-red East Valley district and is a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, spoke, too. “

“Their presence at this event — and at other gatherings attended by far-right Republicans — signals for some a legitimization of more extreme viewpoints into more mainstream GOP politics.”

In Sanchez’ skewed mind, preferring patriotism over socialism, signals political extremism.

Sanchez is either a practiced liar or too ignorant to know the difference between the words,purgeand “systematically worked to rebuild” as she writes, “ McCain’s fiercest efforts at the local party level came in 2014 shortly after party activists censured him in absentia for being too liberal, namely on immigration reform. McCain and his team systematically worked to rebuild the party by recruiting more moderate candidates to run for precinct committeeman.”

McCain was censured in absentia, because he never attended statutory state meetings, though the rest of the Republican delegation have always made it a point to address the elected delegates. He also lied about his extremist, open border and amnesty for illegals views when running for reelection, as seen in this campaign ad. Immediately after the votes were counted he went back to working with Democrats on what he fallaciously termed, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” — more appropriately known as amnesty.

Referring to conservatives as “nativists,“ a term crafted by leftist open border proponents, intended to denigrate Americans who resent having our country invaded by illegal foreign hordes — Sanchez’ article contains many more vicious references to conservatives and contrived lies.

Following her litany of incoherent spew were these pathetic words, as the dying newspaper pleads for paid readers to insult: “Support local journalism. Subscribe to today.”

In a related issue, Breitbart News reports on how DHS management teams under former Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen — and continuing under acting director Kevin McAleenan have deliberately sidetracked, stalled, and stopped immigration and border policies sought by President Donald Trump. This is a must read exposé.

8 Responses to Vile takedown of conservatives cloaked as news

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain and GHWBush
    Traitors and dead.

    Many, many other traitors.
    All made fortunes on under the table deals with China, China, China.
    And Ukraine. And Mexico. And Qutar; Saudi, etc.

    They all lined their own pockets while weakening the U.S.

    The President has released the Declass order, which he had signed many months ago. Members of Congress know EXACTLY what is contained in those documents that have been hidden from US.
    That is why they have fought so hard to impeach him.
    He knows Everything. Including the attempts to kill him.
    3, one with a missile. Remember Hawaii? Yep.


  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Seeing Red AZ,
    This is an excellent review of what we conservatives are up against. The local and national media revile Republicans, unless they are disguised leftist such as McCain and Jeff the Flake who had no allegiance to the GOP. but used the party apparatus to get elected and then stab us in the back. They despise conservatives even more. Thankfully both McCain and Flake gone, but the damage they did was overwhelming.

    The Breitbart link shows what President Trump has to deal with even within his own administration. He has been chastised for making a clean sweep in many of the cabinet level posts, but it’s easy to see why. He’s being undermined from within his own administration.

    As to the local newspaper, I know of no one who still subscribes. My friends and family are too smart to pay to have their intelligence insulted.

  3. jake sez says:

    Arizona has become a battle ground state because of people like McCain and his moderate friends. We not only have to hear the democrats tell one lie after another but we have to see and hear the RINO’s stand behind them and clap. All in the name of being bipartisan

    Until we rid the state of the McCain stain and vote out the RINO’s, we are destine to fight among ourselves. This is exactly what the democrats want. We fight among ourselves and the democrats run free.

    Vote carefully this next election. Vote out the democrats AND the moderates who go along to get along. Every great march starts with the first step. Lets make that first step in taking back our state before the flood of illegals get the vote.

    • Observer says:

      Many illegals are already voting and given cover by Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, who pulled some fast ones during the last election.

      Scaling down neighborhood polling places in favor of randomly placed voting stations with no oversight is a model for widespread corruption. Fontes ultimately wants to follow the model of ALL mail in ballots which guarantees zero oversight.

      Stephen Richer is the conservative running to replace Fontes. He’s sharp, does a masterful power point presentation and is well aware of “what we’re up against.”

  4. Patriot Mom says:

    Since when did supporting “Patriotism over Socialism” become a negative?

    We’ve recently seen the polls showing large numbers of young Americans support the failed system known as Socialism which has brought devastation to the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela and many eastern European bloc countries. For that we can thank the unionized teachers who have control of American students who they are able to both blatantly and subtly indoctrinate and propagandize. Teachers are overwhelmingly liberals and give their money to equally leftist unions. Check them out:

    As you scroll through this, pay attention to the graph titled, Party Split, which shows where their money goes. This should rattle the teeth of any patriotic parents.

  5. D.B. Cooper says:

    Why any sane person would waste money on the Arizona Repukelick is beyond me. Conservatives should definitely know better.

    It’s clear this poor excuse for a newspaper holds us in disrepute. I only know that from what I pick up here on SRAZ. I would never purchase an issue!

  6. LD 23 PC says:

    John McCain was a deceitful man who used the Arizona Republican Party until the elected state committeemen had their fill of him. The newspaper loved him because he was as far left as the editorial board is. The newspaper salivated over his every move and held a bizarre death watch as he was dying. He is the only AZ elected official who was ever covered by his own assigned reporter, who is obviously jobless without McCain to slobber over. McCain should have included the man he called “Danny” in his will.

  7. realnewz says:

    Those who wish to cover up who McCain was and what he did to Arizona and this nation are either complicit co-conspirators or are ignorant “useful idiots”.
    Can’t forget this! Also posted as comment here:

    Killed more Americans than Vietnamese?
    Forrestal Fire – eyewitnesses refute the official record which Admiral McCain ensured exonerated his son.
    McCain was individually rescued by a dinghy boat from his dad’s ship. Was he being rescued from his shipmates who were furious at him?