Pres. Trump’s inspiring 2019 Memorial Day message

We proudly join with President Donald Trump this Memorial Day as he issues an inspiring Proclamation on Prayer for Peace.

In recognizing “those who rest in the hallowed grounds of our country’s national cemeteries [and] laid their lives upon the altar of freedom,” he requests all Americans observe the National Moment of Remembrance beginning at 3:00 p.m. local time today…Memorial Day.

Additionally, the president asks ”the Governors of the United States and its Territories, and the appropriate officials of all units of government, to direct the flag be flown at half-staff until noon on this Memorial Day on all buildings, grounds, and naval vessels throughout the United States and in all areas under its jurisdiction and control.”

Too many Americans view Memorial Day as a time for sales and cookouts. It is so much more. We should never forget the debt of gratitude we owe so many who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could live in freedom.

6 Responses to Pres. Trump’s inspiring 2019 Memorial Day message

  1. Patriot Mom says:

    I’m so proud to have President Trump and First Lady Melania leading and representing the United States of America. What a change from their predecessors!!

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    The Dems are flailing about with 22 (at last count) candidates to challenge Pres. Trump. I hope they get 22 more! A hundred limp-wristed Dems would never be able to legitimately mount a challenge to his unrivaled successes.
    Having said that, we can’t afford to take the 2020 election for granted. We must all pitch in and keep our democracy. Dems are veering further left with each passing day. The majority of their candidates are either outright socialists or inching toward that failed political extreme that has brought so much destruction to the world..

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    You may know that Washington, D.C. was under the threat of tornadoes twice last week. Severe weather did show up, but thankfully no tornado.

    Meanwhile, at Arlington National Cemetery, at the Tomb of the Unknowns, the watchmen kept watch, as is their duty.

    You can see additional photos by accessing the twitter account of the Dept. of Defense (@DeptofDefense).
    Scroll down to May 25. 4 photos.

    Exercise Caution this week.

    Major elections across Europe revealing that people in many countries are rejecting the premise of the EU and globalism.
    The bad guys (worldwide) will Not go down without a massive fight.

    • Realist says:

      I found it shocking that so many European nations willingly surrendered their sovereignty to a global political leftwing commune known as the European Union. They even gave up their unique currency (Franc, Deutsche Mark, Pound, Lira, etc.} for the Euro, caving to a foolish federation on a shaky promise of unity=strength=power.

      Dubya Bush failed with uniting Mexico and Canada (British) with the U.S. and implementing a common currency known as the Amero. Fortunately, his pal Vicente Fox, then President of Mexico, gloatingly let the cat out of the bag and the atrocious scheme fell apart.

      Neither of the shrub/Bushes (Dubya and Jeb!) fell far from their father tree. Remember, he was the Ambassador to the United Nations and Communist China.

      • Dennis O'Brien says:

        You’ve been blessed with an excellent memory. Keep it honed! All Republicans are not alike. Any Arizonan who suffered under the RINOcrat John McCain, knows that all too well. He cared more about serving up amnesty to illegal aliens than he did about any Arizona citizen.

  4. Army Of One says:

    This is beyond “moving,” The chill you’ll feel is not from the snow.