Phoenix City Council elections expose ethnic divide

Unity kicked to the curb in Phoenix, AZ as radical activists win council seats

The local newspaper recently heralded the newly elected city council members with a headline blasting, “Elections shake up City Hall.” It was followed with an Elvia Diaz wishful thinking opinion piece titled, “Expect fireworks with Garcia win,” describing the May 20 runoff election.

The City of Phoenix is comprised of 8 regional districts, (map), each electing its own council member. Districts 5 and 9 were at play. The newly elected District 8 councilman Carlos Garcia, is enthusiastically described  by Diaz as a “Mexican native, and an “uncompromisingly revolutionary, unwavering in his defense of undocumented immigrants.” Diaz neglects to mention Garcia is also known to lead chants, “chinga la migra” (f**k the Border Patrol).

She is so stoked by the prospect of seditious insurgents in city hall that she begins two adjacent paragraphs with the words, “It’ll be fascinating to watch….”

It’ll be fascinating to watch García navigate Phoenix city government, which oversees the police department that his organization Puente Arizona and others are suing for clearing out an anti-Trump protest last year.

It’ll be fascinating to watch what kind of councilman García will turn out to be. She asks, “Will he remain the same firebrand who led protesters to chain themselves to the doors of the state’s Capitol…?”

District 5, on Phoenix’ west side, was won by Betty Guardado, a union activist. Editorialist  Diaz, incapable of using the words ‘radical leftists,’ writes, “Like García and recently elected Mayor Kate Gallego, Guardado is a progressive,” making her sound like a reincarnated President Teddy Roosevelt, which she is definitely not. She’s the director of organizing and vice president of Unite Here Local 11 and UNITE HERE labor unions, promising during a campaign rally, “This state is going to turn blue!” Read the linked exposés of the $multimillion unions she leads provided by Influence Watch.  

We are told,”Phoenicians should expect fireworks from Carlos García, who made no qualms about why he sought the council seat in the first place, “to give a voice to the most marginalized.” Which brings us to a bit of history:

Phoenix was previously governed by what was known as “Charter Government,” a mayoral candidate and at-large council candidates, who represented various backgrounds and interests. They ran as a slate, and though they had occasional challengers, they usually won as a team. Most importantly, they did not represent specific districts. This encouraged interaction and working together to benefit city as a whole.

Leftist perennial candidate Samuel Pearson Goddard, III, opting for the chummier nickname, “Terry” (based on Trey for “the third”) — won as mayor, though repeatedly losing trying to replicate his father’s single gubernatorial term. Goddard should be held responsible for dividing the city by districts and eliminating party affiliation, labeling the mayor and council candidates “non-partisan,” as if that concealed their bent.

We can thank liberal elitist Terry Goddard for making ethnicity the sole determiner of representation and irreparably fractionalizing Phoenix.

10 Responses to Phoenix City Council elections expose ethnic divide

  1. Mike says:

    Fortunately Scottsdale has so far had the wisdom not to adopt such districting. Hopefully this Phoenician Disaster will serve as adequate warning for those who are still trying to inflict it on Scottsdale.

    • Maggie says:

      Scottsdale voters are obviously a lot smarter than the easily duped Phoenix voters.
      Thanks for the interesting article.

      • terry dudas says:

        Look to Tucson for the future of Phoenix.

      • Mike says:

        I only hope they are smart enough to dump tax-and-development lovers Milhaven and Korte in the next go-round. If Va. Korte is successful in her intended run for mayor, Scottsdale is FINISHED. Unfortunately both of them are the favorites of developers with deep pockets.

  2. Observer says:

    Elvia Diaz and her ilk at the increasing radical AZ Repukelic newspaper have a deeply ingrained pro-illegal agenda. Don’t expect it to abate. It only worsens. The good news, it won’t last much longer. It’s been on life support for quite a while and the oxygen will soon be permanently removed. Subscribers are the oxygen. If you still subscribe, save your money, lower your blood pressure. and have the satisfaction that you’ve helped kill off this anti-American, Trump-hating newsosaur.

  3. Braveheart says:

    The district that Garcia won traditionally elected a black candidate. Former council member Mike Johnson, a retired police detective, running again after having served 3 consecutive terms from 2002 to 2013, lost to Garcia in his old district. This highlights the fact that the black vote has become less potent with the influx of illegals. Many of their American born kids are now voting.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here’s what it’s All about, folks——–“Get the Power”.

    You’ve probably never heard of this guy, but he’s a mover and shaker in Hollywood and on Broadway.

    The word “diversity” is a dangerous word. It does not equal strength. It does not equal unity.
    As we see in places like Minnesota and London, “diversity” means let me bring you down to my level. Ground level. Where we dig a hole to use as our toilet.

    In case you missed it:
    Nevada State Assembly still trying to grab guns and citizens are organizing to recall their governor who is quoted as saying that he doesn’t give a $hit about people in rural NV because they didn’t vote for him.

    And the local government in Sunland Park, New Mexico is allegedly paid off by the cartels.

    Lastly, the cancer that is Cali State gov. is considering a bill that would outlaw Bibles. (Reason: Bibles are homophobic, according to somebody. You know, that pesky stuff about one man and one woman.)

    Please pray to God for protection over President Trump; his entire family; his Loyal team, and our U.S. military members.
    He will be embarking on a trip to Europe.

    Why did CNN/Politics website last Friday run a story about President Trump leaving for Japan which included a Huge photo of JFK and Jackie Kennedy arriving in Dallas, disembarking AF1, on that day that time stood still?

    We are at WAR.
    You have no idea.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Troubling information here, Sam

      Excellent fact filled overview, SRAZ. One addition is that it’s just a single ethnicity, Hispanic, that controls City Hall. Only Jim Waring, Sal DiCiccio and Thelda Williams are non-Hispanic and the only Republican council members.
      Don’t be fooled by the Polish sounding name Michael Nowakowski or Laura Pastor. They are also Hispanic. He’s a militant who worships Communist Cesar Chavez. And she’s the daughter of former Congressman Ed Pastor, also a liberal Democrat.
      Read about Chavez’ ties to radical Saul Alinsky here:

  5. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Nowakowski owns Radio Campesina, a network of 10 Spanish-language radio stations across the Southwest. The stations incited listeners to engage in a work stoppage during ‘A Day Without Mexicans,’ intended to close down businesses. Councilman Nowakowski was behind encouraging workers not to show up at work and students to ditch school, showing he’s obviously a concerned leader. It would be interesting to know how many of his own employees skipped work and if they suffered any consequences.

  6. Prescott Pete says:

    The two popular Prescott radio stations one, conservative talk radio (KYCA) and the other easy listening music (KAHM), were sold by the owner’s widow to Nowakowski’s Radio Campesina conglomerate for $millions. People here were horrified, but money talks and BS walks.
    When the sale was made public, it was stated that there would be no change in programming. How long does anyone believe that will last?? Nowakowski has a massive leftwing agenda. In our community this equates to Fox News selling out to CNN or MSNBC.

    This thread is titled KAHM sells out: