AZ Republic once again on auction block

The phrasePotemkin Villagemight be unfamiliar, but it is the well chosen one used referring to the sad state of the newspaper industry in this article in NiemanLab. In essence it describes a façade.

We have frequently written about the emaciated local newspaper, the open borders, Hillary-endorsing, Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) which has shrunken in physical size, staff and content. Parent company Gannett, laid off Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Steve Benson in January, due to the inability to pay him. Contractual buyouts, followed by layoffs have left the newspaper in the hands of ASU Cronkite Journalism School students, working out of their cars, in dire need of editors.

Friday’s edition carried an article so telling of the grim fate of the newspaper, it was buried on page 13. Headlined, “Arizona Republic’s owner reportedly in merger talks,” it leaves little doubt that imminent change is on the horizon.

Gannett Co., which also publishes USA Today, recently participated in merger talks with GateHouse Media, possibly resulting in a deal that would keep the Arizona Republic afloat a while longer. Continually insulting readers with its leftist spew and irrational anti-Trump stance, has caused subscriptions to plunge. Today’s edition buries  a report of of the apprehension of 1,000 illegal aliens on Page 19. The newspaper deviously refers to them as “migrants.” 

Recently, Gannett barely survived a hostile takeover by Digital First Media.

In January we wrote,AZ Republic: homeless vagrant on borrowed time,” detailing that the 10-story building and parking garage the Republic once called home was sold for a reported $38 million. The plan is for the company to lease back space from ViaWest, the Phoenix-based real estate company that purchased the newspaper’s properties.

This is not a recipe for success, further evidenced by Gannett’s continually plummeting stock prices. The local newspaper would prefer to drop the hard copies altogether and go completely digital, cutting outlay even more, since costs incurred by production and delivery all contribute to the earlier demise of the newsosaur.  The major obstacle it faces, however, is its own leftist obstinacy, which powers the disconnect from the remaining readers. In 2016, Arizona gave all 11 of its electoral votes to Donald Trump. As much as it rankles those still running the newspaper, he remains immensely popular here, drawing massive crowds to his appearances.

11 Responses to AZ Republic once again on auction block

  1. Mike says:

    The final demise can’t come too soon, if it means the end of the kamikaze old lady deliverers that I have to dodge on my pre-dawn runs as they hurtle down every cul-de-sac in my neighborhood with random reckless abandon, flinging out one copy per block to the lone remaining holdout subscribers who presumably still need them as lining for their birdcages.

  2. Michael Schmitz says:

    Ed Montini mistakenly posts in today’s issue of the AZ Repulsive that Nevada passed the Popular Vote Law showing how totally misinformed he is. Nevada’s Democrat Governor Sisolak vetoed the bill last week in a rare display of Democrat common sense, apparently unknown to the blowhard Montini.

    Moron Montini writes:

    “Just about a week ago lawmakers in Nevada passed a bill meant to guarantee that ALL of the votes cast by its citizens in a presidential election actually … count.”

    This is how far the AZ Repulsive has fallen.

    • AZ GOP PC says:

      Thanks for this clarification of the lies that the so-called newspaper delivers. It’s all about agenda. Facts don’t matter to toady columnists who desperately try to cling to their jobs. Montini and Laurie Roberts are both shameless. When Robert Robb joined the pack of hyenas, we finally cancelled. Should have done it much sooner.

  3. terry dudas says:

    All senior management, such as it is, must go if this news outlet is to survive in any form. Currently, The Republic is DOA and worth nothing.

  4. Casper says:

    I delivered the Phoenix Gazette after school. It was the Republic’s afternoon editon. My dad thought he was up to date by getting both editions of the newspaper. Today we can access any news we want on the phone in our pocket. You can bet I don’t go to the fake news propaganda disseminator, the AZ Repukelick.

  5. Patriot Dad says:

    The fact is, the Arizona Republic has become an arm of the Democrat Party. It endorses Democrats, provides them cover regardless of what they do, and supported-the leftwing, unionized teachers striking against their own students leaving them high and dry for a week+. Three neighbor families took their children out of the neighborhood public schools after that disgusting display. They are all happy they did.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe they would sell more newspapers if they would cover stories like this:

    (from Friday. Nationally televised “The View” (a.k.a. The Angry)

    Meghan McCain: “…I will say, if you take this kill shot, Democrats, ya better not miss. (Co-host Joy Behar: “Yeah”) Ya better hit his jugular and if there’s even a finger still moving at the end of it you’re gonna ruin your chances in 2020. But you better do this well, if you’re gonna do it. And my faith in Democrats…”
    (wherein Whoopi jumped in to perform salvage duty)

    McCain claimed that’s just the way she talks, yet she raised her hand and waved a finger to illustrate her point about the need to be assured of killing President Trump by not leaving “a finger still moving.”

    Certainly, the new transplants from California; Oregon, and Washington might buy a paper, clip out the article, and put it on their refrigerator door to be held up by one of their “RESIST” magnets.

    Off Topic, But Please Consider:

    Rev. Franklin Graham has asked that we (if you are so inclined) offer up prayers to God in Heaven for safety and protection over President Trump; his family, and his team as they embark on their trip to Europe.

    We know that the unions in Britain (acting as a front) have arranged for luxury busses to take miscreants to every place that President Trump and the First Lady are scheduled to be.
    A State dinner is also on the schedule with the queen.

    President Trump will also be in France for the D-day memorial services. And there is at least one other country on the itinerary.

    We are in a battle between Good and Evil.

    A Spiritual War.
    You have no idea.

    • Clementine says:

      Growing up, I had a friend whose mother would describe people of means but who were lacking good judgement and manners. Her description “Money doesn’t care who has it,” fits MegaHag McCain like a glove.

    • Clementine says:

      BTW, Isn’t inciting murder a felony? There should be enhanced penalties when the crime entails shooting the President of the United States.

  7. Kathy says:

    I’m proud to say our household cancelled our Az Republic/Gazette subscription back in 1984 due to horrible, lying reporting and slander. In addition, our children have never subscribed to the lying paper as well. This was money well saved!!!

  8. jake sez says:

    If there is a new newspaper in town I will subscribe. If it is a good paper I will stay, if it is another rag I will cancel.