Chamber of Comworse: Not a benign business supporting entity

Amid speculation that former House Speaker Paul Ryan will be tapped to lead the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, it’s worth remembering the longstanding association between the open borders group’s members and like-thinking Ryan.

In 2015, prior to becoming Speaker, but looking to advance the possibility, Ryan appointed the Chamber of Commerce’s lobbyist David Hoppe as his own chief of staff. Hoppe, like a serial sweetheart, got passed around. He previously worked for Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl and former senate minority leader, Trent Lott. Hoppe’s corporate clients have had significant business before congress.

The Last Refuge’s post, ”And Yet Again – U.S. Chamber of Commerce Announces Goal To Destroy Nationalists and Conservative Politicians…” provides the unsavory back story, which has likely only worsened since it was written. The post begins with these words:

”We spend a lot of time following Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce simply because if you trace any tentacle of globalist advancement from DC back to its origin you’ll find Donohue and the CofC at the nucleus.”

It was no secret that the Chamber of Commerce declared war on conservatives years ago. As Roll Call noted at the time, the chamber’s “top targets in 2016 will be right-wing, tea party candidates” and its ultimate goal is to reportedly win back “the soul of the Republican Party” for the GOP establishment by helping elect more moderate candidates “in contested primaries to strengthen their hand during policy debates on the Hill.” That year, the CofC promised to wage a $100 million dollar campaign against conservatives.

Locally Arizona has had disgraceful tool Glenn Hamer leading the Chamber. Read about him inGlenn Hamer: Heretic betrays GOP again.” Before taking up arms against the Republican Party, he was actually in its employ, as executive director, no less, where he negotiated for his new post while still being paid by the AZ GOP. Immediately after making the move, he endorsed far left Democrat Janet Napolitano over the Republican candidate for governor.  And what a surprise….Hamer previously honed his duplicitous skills toiling as a legislative assistant to Jon Kyl. Open borders RINO deceit forms a full circle.

American Thinker’s May 14, 2019 report, titled,MAGA vs. the U.S. Chamber of Commercedetails how the Chamber of Commerce and its president Thomas Donohue launched a battle against Donald Trump and his ‘America First’ platform very early on. For 18 months during the run-up to the 2016 election, the Chamber spared no effort to demonize Trump while carrying water for the Hillary Clinton campaign. The Chamber’s client base — opposing Donald Trump for his pro-America stance on illegal immigration, trade, and tariffs — have spent $100’s of millions to fight his agenda.

Paul Ryan currently sits on the board of Murdock’s new Fox Corp., a reconfigured stand-alone, publicly traded company, spun off as part of a $71.3 billion deal, controlled by Rupert Mudock’s liberal sons. Ryan, who as House Speaker double-talked on funding the border wall, would fit the CofC’s open border agenda like a kid glove.

10 Responses to Chamber of Comworse: Not a benign business supporting entity

  1. Mike says:

    I haven’t ever known a Chamber of Commerce, whether national or local, that was a friend of my wallet or my interests in general. Whenever there’s an issue on which I am otherwise undecided or lack sufficient information, but I can find a Chamber of Commerce opinion on it, I consider that opinion and then vote OPPOSITE.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      Your instincts are right, Mike. But there’s even more to consider. Let’s not forget that when he was House Speaker Paul Ryan spent two days in Tucson stumping for shifty Republicrat CD 2 congressional candidate Lea Marquez Peterson, former head of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

      Gov. Ducey recently appointed her to the Corporation Commission to fill out the unexpired term of career politician Andy Tobin who resigned so Ducey could appointed him to head the AZ Department of Administration. Lea Marquez Peterson’s appointment comes despite the fact that she took campaign donations for the very utility lobbyists whose corporations she’s supposed to impartially regulate.

      Marquez Peterson was a lousy candidate who lost to liberal Ann Kilpatrick by nearly 6 points. Kirkpatrick was previously voted out of congress after a disastrous single term in CD1, and then carpet bagged to run in CD2. The GOP Party apparatus refused to get behind Brandon Martin, the superior candidate, who was hampered by being a white male, and backed the less than mediocre Marquez Peterson, caught in repeated lies. This is what diversity politics gets us.

    • JAMES FERRIS says:

      This old adage applies to the CofC: Any institution left to chart its own direction will eventually be taken over by administrators with a left-leaning agenda.

  2. jake sez says:

    Now that the conservative movement has started to become a force unto its self, it is surprising how many forces have been working behind the scenes to defeat us. Once we started to make our views known and have begun to fight for our rightful place in the government, we see that many organizations that were thought to have been a part of the republican base were in fact hiding in the woodwork biding their time. They were waiting for the right moment to come forth and sabotage out efforts.

    just goes to show you, don’t fear the enemy that stands and fights, fear the friends that stab you in the back.

  3. Trevor says:

    I have never given money to the US Chamber and I never will they only care about money and no surprise Paul Ryan could lead it he is the perfect fit considering how much of a RINO he was.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Paul Ryan fits the CofC’s illegal labor profiteer’s agenda perfectly.

    These were U.S. Chamber’s Tom Donohue’s praiseful comments following Paul Ryan’s congressional retirement announcement:

  5. Seen It All says:

    AZ Chamber CEO Glenn Hamer has recently been named chair of one of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s key committees for a four-year term. The committee is billed as focusing on lobbying and outreach to promote ‘free-market policies’ around the nation. Sounds like he’ll be pushing even more strenuously for open borders, allowing the Chamber’s members freer access to cheaper, illegal labor.

    The construction industry is no longer incentivized to hire “Pete” or “Mike” when they can pay Pedro and Miguel less, with no complaints since Illegals can’t take a chance of rocking the boat and being deported. Instead, they displace American workers in what were traditional bread and butter jobs that supported middle class families.

  6. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Donohue has been the Chamber’s president since 1997 and is 81 years old. His skids have been greased. Paul Ryan is probably the one slathering them with lard.

  7. Ellsworth says:

    Speaking of lobbyists, Ryan’s wife Janna worked in DC as a corporate lobbyist. It’s incestuous….

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Recently saw a photo of Donohue. He looks like the guy who played the obtuse, self-obsessed character, Ted Baxter, on the old Mary Tyler Moore show.

    RE: Ryan.
    His real allegiance is not to the U.S.
    The wife and her family are not for us, either.

    Mitch McConnell and his cabinet-level wife both heavy into China.
    Pelosi’s husband and Feinstein & her husband, too.

    And that Congressman AMASH: His father and mother came here in the mid-1950’s from Palestine. Self-reported as Christians.
    What an American Success Story—–the congressman and his brother own a tool manufacturing corporation, which has their factories in China. AMASH was not triggered until the day
    President Trump announced the tariffs on China.

    It’s not about Russia.

    It’s always been about China, China, China.

    Please, if you are so inclined, pray to God for protection and
    good health for our great President; his family; his Loyal team, and our U.S. military.