Montini feigns ire when McSally is called out for disloyalty

Earlier this week SRAZ posted, “Memo to McSally: Thrashing Trump is key to failure,” calling out Sen. Martha McSally for her lack of fealty to our Republican President, Donald Trump.  We also reminded her of her loss to far-left Democrat Kyrsten Sinema necessitating her appointment to the seat she currently, albeit precariously, holds. Our post included these words:

Keep up your foolishness, Martha, and not only will you not get the Democrat or registered Independent votes you seek, you will lose the Trump-supporting Republican base you need.

The leftist local newspaper has already begun hammering you. It’s a cinch it will endorse open borders proponent Mr. Gabrielle Giffords, (Mark Kelly). You need us. But we don’t come easy and you can’t take us for granted. It’s time to retool your campaign to garner our support. Otherwise, you’ll lose again and your next appointment will be to the political graveyard.

Apparently our honesty doesn’t sit well with radical columnist E.J. Montini who, at retirement age, is as mentally and physically emaciated as the newspaper for which he still works. He wrote this op-ed column linking to our recent post and excoriating Seeing Red AZ and our readers for distrusting Martha McSally.

Don’t be fooled by this bogus chivalry embracing McSally. It’s all a scam intended to make the newspaper appear thoughtful and less in the tank for far-left, Obama pal, Mr. Giffords/Kelly, who hypocritically opposes Second Amendment rights for everyone but himself. The duplicitous, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic, previously endorsed Sinema over McSally. But hedging its bets in 2016, it gave the green light to a slippery McSally then running for the CD2 House seat, tucking her endorsement in among a load of Democrats including one who had previously been elected as a Republican.

In 2018 the schizophrenic editorial board gave McSally a pass for her comment about building a wall, actually writing, “McSally is just pulling a John McCain,” as it referenced his “build the dang fence campaign ad,” and acknowledged he was lying. Sucker-punching themselves repeatedly they extolled and bashed both of the candidates. But as anticipated, the General Election endorsement went to Sinema.

This time around we fully expect it to go to Soros-connected Mr. Giffords/Kelly. With subscriptions plummeting, endorsements no longer have any currency. If McSally is looking to survive and hang on to the Arizona senate seat it’s crucial she stop playing games. Running as a Republican, she needs to act like one. Support President Trump, and not as a whim or on occasion. 

Conservatives will be watching. We’re sick of being lied to and will sit on our hands rather than take another shiv in the ribs and say, “Thank You,” because we were stabbed by a Republican poser. We are also aware that our principles present a double edged sword, since this is exactly what the fake McSally protectors are hoping for, as they waffle again, but will end up endorsing Mr. Gabby Giffords, aka Mark Kelly.

That’s a prediction you can take to the bank.

10 Responses to Montini feigns ire when McSally is called out for disloyalty

  1. Mike says:

    Amen to that. After Juan McAnus, I will never, EVER vote for a RINO poser again.

    Give me a REAL, CONSERVATIVE Republican, or I’ll vote for the Dem that we have a better chance of eliminating after a term once the electorate finds out just how bad they are.

    Better that than a RINO who does just as much damage but is capable of clinging to their office longer than FDR thanks to Rove Establishment funding and voters who are stupid enough to believe they’re “Republican.”

    • Michael Schmitz says:

      Never vote for a D. No matter what. If you can’t support the R, then write in the name of whom you prefer.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      I fully agree with your assessment, Mike, except for voting for Dems. That’s a recipe for disaster and counterproductive.

      As a longtime elected precinct committeeman, who along with my dedicated PC wife, were taken out by the McCain/Kyk cabal, we are all too aware that the enemies from within are often worse than any liberal Dems, who never fought at the PRECINCT LEVEL, as our so called party leaders did. We donated years of work and a whole lot of cash and actually worked to get McCain and Kyl elected not fully comprehending that their surrogates were out gunning for conservatives.

      This article will give you an idea of what we were unknowingly up against.

      • just a thought says:

        “They also found a well of interest among Vietnamese-Americans, a small but politically active community which has long treated McCain, a Vietnam veteran who spent more than five years as a prisoner of war, as an ally; as a senator, he’s taken up the cause of the country’s refugees. More than 50 individuals of Vietnamese descent signed up to run for the precinct slots, and won.

        One of the victors was Kevin Dang, the president of the Vietnamese Community of Arizona. Vietnamese-Americans had been motivated to run, Dang said, because of the attacks against McCain, which the community regarded as “disgraceful and discreditable.”

        A quick check this morning for a Precinct Committeeman by the name of Kevin Dang returned ZERO response. I then CALLED Mr. Dang and had a long conversation with him. He indicated that he feels he can do more for America by working with the 30,000 ‘Viet Nam ethnicity’ residents of Arizona than by being a PC. Perhaps he can – maybe WE failed to make the most of his connection to those 30,000 residents – is it too late to do that? Could we assist in the acclimation of them with the goal of encouraging them to become active in CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN roles – like PC’s?

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    When they attack us, you know that we’re over the target.
    They are no longer able to defend their stance, so debate is off the table. (imagine Anyone from the Rag in a debate with J.D. Hayworth!)

    A book written by Evan Sayet, entitled “The Kinder Garden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks”, explains people like the Ragsters.

    He’s a guy from NYC, Jewish, and has worked in Hollywood.
    9-11 was his wake-up call.
    He’s looked at life from both sides now.

    Makes you wonder how so many of us missed the very important things he pointed out over a decade ago. (Andrew Breitbart was a fan).

    Also, a you tube video (of poor quality, sorry) of Mr. Sayet speaking at a Heritage Foundation event in 2007:

    Hope you take the time to listen to this.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Finding out that the Republicans I had supported were working to take out conservatives was beyond my level of acceptance. I never voted for fake Flake, phony “maverick” McCain or conniving Kyl again.

    None of them cared about the Arizona citizens who foolishly returned them to office (because they had R’s after their names), as much as they did about legalizing illegal aliens. Over the years, they colluded with Democrats from murderer Ted Kennedy to UpChuck Schumer on what they deceptively called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which was nothing less than straight up amnesty.

  4. Clementine says:

    Montini is a fool. He not only toes the loony party line but is the newspaper’s willing sycophant. He is so fearful of being the next one axed by the dying newspaper that he’s willing to sell his soul for a paycheck. Worse would be if he actually believes the biased garbage he produces.

  5. Matt DeGennaro says:

    We check in with Seeing Red AZ daily. Haven’t read the fish wrap masquerading as a disseminator of news in several years. The AZ Repukelick is an arm of the Democrat Party. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it is able to stay afloat through DNC subsidies.

  6. Attila The Hunny says:

    Martha McSally should definitely take the advice of leftwing loony EJ Montini. Look how well that worked out for Jeff Flake, who couldn’t veer far enough to the left. He finally had to drop his reelection plans after a single senate term due to the lowest polling numbers for an incumbent in state history. Even his relatives in the town of Snowflake, named in part after his great, grandfather, were unable to support him.