How do Phx’ lower property taxes = higher tax rate?

Taxpayers get creative trickery, mathematical magic

There’s more than a bit of sleight of hand passing as news in the local disseminator of left-wing skew pretending it’s still a newspaper. On the auction block again, the failing Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic’s days are numbered. Reporters have been replaced by ASU Cronkite J school students. Actual journalists are a mere memory. Editors took a forced hike when layoffs turned what was once a newsroom into skeletal remains. The newspaper, now a homeless vagrant, was recently forced to sell its downtown building and parking garage.

An example of the bizarre reporting emanating from this mess is a mind-boggling gem, topped with the hope-inducing headline, “Phoenix council to lower property tax rate.”  Puzzled readers have to remind themselves that the minority majority city council districts, that were put in place for the sole purpose they now serve, (read the bold type portion under the link) have succeeded in making the capitol of red state Arizona, a deep blue. The Democrat majority including the newly elected Dem mayor Kate Gallego, are obviously disinclined to return to taxpayers any of their own money. There must be more behind the headline.


The 25-year-old reporter, lacking any historic memory and obviously hustling to turn out agendized “news” to curry favor with those still able to pay her salary, lets the cat outta the bag with this reality:

“The city is projecting a $55 million surplus in its $1.4 billion general fund budget — extra money beyond what is needed to maintain current city services.

The average Phoenix resident will see a 3% increase in property taxes. The city’s property tax rate is decreasing, but rising property values will result in a higher tax bill.

About 70% of the surplus will go toward city employee salary increases and other compensation, which was negotiated with the city’s unions earlier this year, leaving less than $20 million for other investments.”

Fiscal trickery is nothing new for the City of Phoenix. As an example, in December 2009 we wrote $14.3 million was paid in “retention bonuses” to nearly 14,000 employees. This, as the City Council cut $270 million, or 22 percent, from Phoenix’s general-fund budget, including $156 million from programs and services in order to balance the city budget.  In 2010, under Democrat Mayor Phil Gordon, Phoenix imposed a 2% tax on food.

In 2012, problem-plagued, then-City Manager David Cavazos was gifted with a 33% raise, which amounted to an extra $78,000 a year boosting his base salary to $315,000 a year plus a $600 monthly car allowance, $35,000 a year in deferred compensation, and a $4,000 “longevity” bonus.

Think you can effect change next election cycle and vote the Dems out? Unless droves of middle class Phoenix residents are willing to move into neighborhoods where English is not the primary language, the chances for turning this lopsided city council around are beyond remote — which was the whole point behind Democrat former Mayor Terry Goddard dividing the city into districts where ethnicity reigns supreme.

8 Responses to How do Phx’ lower property taxes = higher tax rate?

  1. Mike says:

    This sort of chicanery isn’t limited to Phoenix. Scottsdale has it too. We are told ad nauseum that the city needs more money for “infrastructure.” This of course includes repaving streets that are in perfect condition whether they need it or not. (Coming from Michigan where the weather is much worse I can tell you roads are bearable going MUCH longer without replacement than here). The Council has recently inflicted a hike in water / sewerage fees that is going to go into effect come this November. Yet they are also STILL going to come after the taxpayers with bond requests and surely another annual “override” request for the RedForEd whiners of Scottsdale Unified School District.

    The only answer to this is for taxpayers to consistently vote NO each and every time they are given the chance. There is NO valid excuse for EVER voting “yes” for a tax increase. They will ALWAYS find a way to pick your wallet with or without your consent. And don’t be fooled by “threats.” When was the last time you ever saw garbage or police cutbacks? When push comes to shove, cities are forced to cover the absolute essentials. It’s time for taxpayers to declare war and FORCE them back to a budget covering what is truly needed and not one red cent more.

    I have made it a solemn vow never under any circumstances to vote for a tax or bond again as long as I live.

    • Michael Schmitz says:

      When Commiefornia voters had commonsense back in the 70s, they passed Prop 13 which limited property taxes to be based on the value paid to combat skyrocketing property values that were literally taxing retirees and other fixed income workers out of their homes they had bought in 50s.

      Arizona voters need to do the same. There is no reason homeowners should pay property taxes on inflating values due to high demand as in Commiefornia where a 1500 sq ft bungalow they bought in the 70s for $40k sells for a million and up in some neighborhoods.

  2. Realist says:

    Democrats have always done a great job screwing Phoenix residents. We need a spectacular Republican, with conservative credentials and a following to take Phoenix back. What we are currently witnessing is Phoenix on it’s way to becoming Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. They all a failing under Democrat control.

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      Democrat LA Mayor Eric Garcetti takes a novel approach to shifting blame for the disgraceful conditions plaguing his rat infested city, including city hall which is inhabited by actual rodents as well as DemocRATS. He blames businesses rather than his loony liberal policies.

      Democrat London Breed is the new Mayor of San Francisco, once a vacation destination and now filled with homeless and feces piled on the streets. The city has not elected a Republican mayor since 1956.

      As of 2017, the mayor is paid an annual salary of $297,386,the highest mayoral salary in the United States. Nine city public employees earned higher salaries than the mayor, including the chief investment officer and the managing director of the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System, who oversee the city’s pension plan. They’ve hit pay dirt, while the residents are living among raw sewage.

    • Hometown Guy says:

      I’d vote for former congressman J.D. Hayworth in a heartbeat. He’s a smart-as-a-whip conservative, who I believe is the last hope for Phoenix. We are sinking fast with radical liberals on the council and in the mayor’s office.

  3. Casper says:

    This is a well written but troubling post. Phoenix residents are being taken to the cleaners as Democrats continue to decimate our city. Republicans are now a minority on the council and from all appearances the future doesn’t look any brighter that the bleak present. I was disappointed that Bill Gates gave up his council seat for the Board of Supervisors. He obviously has political aspirations that exceed being a councilman. He was replaced by a well funded left leaning woman who looks as if she has a floor mat on her head, when we had a solid Republican running at the time. Dems are obsessed with restructuring the city and are willing to finance the effort.